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  1. Flexible Wallpaper by Daniel Meek doesn't function.
  3. On an official 2017 update of the Android firmware (not to be specified) the app would not have any impact on any of the three ways to set wallpaper. So not from the Gallery view of an image, the menu on the home screen, or the option in the Display Settings area. No method of changing the wallpaper engages the program.
  5. Unfortunately the documentation is very poor for this app also. The developer cannot be contacted because he had neglected to include an email address.
  7. Similarly, Gitlab is not Tor friendly either. It uses Google's recaptcha (robot driving trainer), and Cloudflare to deny access to privacy conscious web users.
  9. At the time of writing it has not been updated for two years either. If you want to know of an alternative app to fix the low resolution wallpaper cropping problem, search "Alternative to Flexible Wallpaper". If I find one in future I will post about it using that phrase.
  11. Don't bother with this software.
  13. So long.
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