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  1. Ive put together a list of what I consider the IC justifications for this concept.
  3. 1) There is simply no way I can make a Christian PC without being drawn into this conflict as nearly every Christian PC is involved in it in some way.  The question becomes, at what point does a Christian growing angry that a defenlsess nun was executed by a universally reviled wizard cease to be metagaming and become a natural progression of events?  But just to emphasize, Galt is angry about Father Aurelius, Marcus and all the rest as well.
  5. 2) Sister Abby was fairly famous, especially among Christians so its not a stretch that any character I come up with would know of her.  Especially a local like Galt.
  7. 3) Galt has attended the Caerleon church for years.  As an old retired soldier plagued by skeletons in his closet from his years of war, its natural that a peaceful preacher such as Sister Abby would appeal to him and have been his favorite, so its reasonable that he would be fond of her.
  9. 4) He followed her to Lythan, being one of those chuch goers she had swayed.
  11. 5) Like many of Lythan's defenders who had followed her, he was upset by her death.  Its only reaonable.  He's not a suicide bomber, nor will I play him as a throw-away character, but its pretty reasonable that a man who was inspired enough to follow another to war would be upset by her death, given the circumstances.
  13. 6) He blames Cardiff for her death, not Corbyn specifically (though IC info has lead him closer to the truth).
  15. 7) He is his own man, and PCs can lead him away from, or closer too wanting retribution.  Tiberius and Dairwyn are both trying to persuade him in opposite directions... though even Dairwyn, only weakly as she seems angry as well.  Any Christian would be.
  17. 8) I as a player don't bare Valhalla in any hard feelings and ive never conciously meta-gamed or cheated at NWN.  Its not my style.  While my character will certainly have a pretty real passion for justice, so would Galt.  I would never use OOC info or motivations from one PC to the next, and will always keep this character as his own entity.
  19. I understand if the staff doesn't want me to make a character alighned like this for fear of OOC problems... but to be honest, im a very long way off of being able to make any sort of dent in anyone, let alone Corbyn if that was my ultimate goal.  By the time Galt has a fighting chance at any sort of conflict against Cardiff or anyone, Enough time would have passed for any PC I create to be drawn into a simliar conflict.  I don't really have an interest in RPing a Drywish character yet, I do prefer RPing Christians for the moment, and the Christian faction was just wiped out... so it probably doesn't hurt to bolster their ranks.
  21. So Ill leave it up to you.  Im enjoying playing Galt so far, and he seems to be fairly well recieved by other players, but he'll never be well liked or prominent like Abby was, so it won't break my heart to scrap him even if I don't have anything to replace him with at the moment.
  23. Let me know.
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