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Dadonequus Discord Part 268

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  1. >It took a moment, but then you all could hear that glamorous voice from behind the door. "Hm? I wonder who that could be. Surely they realize my door is open. It is a boutique after all"
  2. >Rarity opened the door, and upon seeing Twilight's face, she smiled, happy to see her good friend. "Twilight, what a surprise! What brings you here today? Perhaps wanting to try on some Princess attire for once, hmm?"
  3. >Twilight giggled and shook her head "No, actually. I was wondering what you're doing at the moment. There's something important I want to talk to you about"
  4. >"Important? hrn...hmm?" Rarity turned her head ever so slightly to spot Fluttershy, and then you. "Fluttershy! Hello, oh? And Anon too? Ohhh Twilight, is it about Anon's clothes for that adorable sleepover he's having?" Rarity felt in awe that Twilight and Fluttershy were here for this. She wasn't aware they knew. "Really you two, it's all much too flattering to be here just for something like this. It's marvelous, yes. But it's only because the order was very specific. Oh!" Rarity looked to Starlight and smiled at her "And what a pleasant surprise! You even brought Starlight Glimmer, isn't that...." Rarity's eyes went wide when she realized what she just said. And promptly slammed the door shut on Twilight then slowly opened it as she whispered loudly to Twilight, pointing to Starlight, Starlight giving her an awkward glare as a reaction "Twilight! Are you aware that Starlight Glimmer is right behind you? At this very moment?!"
  5. >Twilight nodded, concerned already from Rarity's reaction "Yes I do actually. That's why we came to talk to you."
  6. >"You came to talk to me...about her?" Rarity shifted her eyes a few times as she hid her head more from the door's threshold. "Twilight, could you turn just a bit please? I just want to take a look at your flank"
  7. >Twilight sighed, but tried to stay pleasant "I still have my cutie mark Rarity. What's wrong? You don't usually act like this"
  9. >"I'm usually not looking directly at a pony who pilfered our cutie marks, plotted on world domination, and who would have ended all tasteful and unique fashion sense AS WE KNOW IT! I surely hope you don't expect me to let her in here." Rarity gave Twilight a serious look, she did not want to let this happen.
  10. >"Rarity, I'm asking you to trust me. She is Anon's friend. And I think Anon is her best friend at this point. If we we're in any danger. I'm sure Anon would have warned us by now. Right?"
  11. >Rarity didn't answer, but instead shifted her eyes towards you and asked you directly, despite Starlight standing right there "Anon, sweetie, in your honest opinion. Would you say we could trust Starlight?"
  12. >duh
  13. >You nod with a smile
  14. "Oh yes Miss Rarity, Starlight is super cool."
  15. >"Thank you.." Rarity then darted her eyes back to Twilight "He's clearly been brainwashed."
  16. >Twilight raised an eyebrow at her "Really? Rarity, I'm asking you..please. Let us all in so we can talk. Starlight, she came here so she can put her mind at ease. She feels really bad for what she did..to us, and to the ponies she was supposed to care about. Will you at least listen to her?"
  17. >Rarity stayed silent for a moment, then opened the door wide. "Alright, but this doesn't mean anything yet.Besides, I do have business with Anon. I can't let him sit out there when he is in fact, a client at this moment"
  18. >Rarity stepped aside to let you all inside. Keeping a very close eye on Starlight as she reluctantly steps in last. Rarity then slowly closes the door behind her.
  20. >"Rarity, can't you just give Starlight an itty bitty little chance? I know what I told you back at the spa was a little scary to think about. But Starlight is really putting in an effort. She's just very scared right now about a few things, and she needs our support" Fluttershy tried to appeal to Rarity's good senses.
  21. >Rarity would not give in so easily. She walked over to a raised platform with mirrors around it and started adjusting them as she acted aloof about Starlight "Fluttershy, if I recall, you were the one who mentioned that you were afraid that she may have done something to Anon. Isn't that right? Considering I have my own sister to care for, risking her livelihood on a guess that she's sorry is a wager one such as myself will simply NOT take..Anon" Rarity pointed to the platform, her voice sounding much more gentle and pleasant as she addressed you "Would you please stand here for just a moment. And do relax, look into the mirror, and if you want it to be a surprise. Close your eyes." Rarity started to feel a little giddy "In fact, Fluttershy. Would you be a dear and close your eyes as well? I'm sure you'll simply die when you see your little nephew in the outfit I made for him. It's simply divine."
  22. >But you don't really move. She was clearly ignoring Starlight. Who was doing her best to be silent and not speak out of turn.
  23. "Miss Rarity. Please, won't you give Starlight a chance? I may have not been there when she took your cutie marks. But I remember when she tried to use me when we first met. And you know what? I'm glad that she tried, because that set off the chain of events that brought her here. She doesn't want to make the world equal in the way she views it anymore. Pwetty pweeease Miss Rarity..for meeee?"
  24. >You give her the most adorable sad face you could muster.
  26. >Rarity stopped, and very silently groaned. It was clear her friends really wanted her to try. And it seemed you were going to be difficult until she actually attempted to speak with her.
  27. >Rarity debated with herself if it was a good idea. But this was Twilight and Fluttershy telling her to try. And then there was you. You still had your cutie mark, and you did seem to be well acquainted with her. And then she looked to Starlight's face. It wasn't the plotting and devious face she remembered. It was one of hurt, and yearning of friendship. She'd know, she's been around her friends long enough to see it many times....but still.
  28. >"It would be rude, I suppose, if I didn't tend to a guest in my home and establishment." Rarity sighed, and walked towards Starlight and looked towards her, forcing at least a smile out of herself "Welcome Starlight, to the Carousel Boutique. And...ahrm. Well, we should just skip the rest and move onto why you came here in the first place. Alright, I'm listening" Rarity used her magic to pull up a very comfortable looking sofa right behind herself and plopped down on it. Sitting up.
  29. >Was.....was there a need for that?
  30. >Starlight hesitated as she collected her thoughts. She plopped down onto the floor, sitting up aswell. She looked up at Rarity's eyes and spoke. "Rarity...no..Miss Rarity. I am trying to make amends with everypony I hurt. All I really have left is you,Pinkie Pie, and Rainbow Dash. I know what you're thinking. You probably think I'm just trying to get everypony's apologies in just so I'd be left alone on some sort of crazy revenge plan..."
  31. >"I wasn't, but that could be a good reason" Rarity replies, Making Starlight feel stupid that she said it like that.
  33. "Relax Starlight, you got this! Just relax, and get it out"
  34. >"Remember Starlight, even if worse comes to worst, we'll still stand by your side" Twilight reminds her
  35. >"So don't feel bad...oh..and don't hold it against Rarity really...It's mostly my fault this happened." Fluttershy meekly says, blaming herself for this.
  36. >Rarity heard her friends words. It pierced her heart...or did it? You couldn't tell. But she looked like she was struggling.
  37. >Starlight took another breath, and tried again. "What I meant to say is. I only want to try to make more friends, new friends, and to leave that past behind me. But for me to do that, I need to at least make amends with those I hurt. I think I can manage if you don't accept my apology, but I'd really appreciate it if you accepted it and we could be friends. I...." Starlight began to get a little nervous on her next words, as she was about to reveal something she hadn't said yet "I can't function how things are now. Everypony in town still loves me, even after what I did. It doesn't feel real to me, even if it is. I want to try making friends with you all, you all who only knew me as a terrible stranger. I want to know that it isn't just being given to me just because. I'd be willing to come and visit every now and again when I have the time. We can all hang out together. In fact, I'd actually like to learn a little more about your craft. Looking around, you do very beautiful work"
  38. >..Starlight....probably not the best words. But that was heart warming to you to say the least. She was really trying.
  40. >You thought for sure Rarity would give in this time.
  41. >But, she just gave hard stare. Looking bored. "Is that all you have to say?"
  42. >WHAT?!
  43. >But you weren't the only one caught offguard. Twilight and Fluttershy were too. Was this the same Rarity you knew? From the show?...the hell?!
  44. >"...Y-yes..erm...unless you'd like to talk about something else" Starlight chuckled nervously.
  45. >"Funny you mention that, I do have an idea on how you can make it up to me. Considering how you forced my friends and I to suffer in that ghastly little shack." Rarity's horn glowed as a tacky,ugly,disgusting outfit came out from behind a curtain and dropped right infront of Starlight. "I'd like you to put this one, and parade yourself around town as a fool who clucks and talks about corn falling from the sky"
  47. >"Rarity?! What's gotten into you!" Twilight says as she stomps over to her couch "This isn't like you at all! What's going on?"
  48. >Rarity just raises her head in dismissal "Hmph, she's the one who wants to make it up to me. It is a simple task, isn't it? If she was really sorry, she should be able to do it without a problem."
  49. "Woah..woah..hold on."
  50. >This was messed up
  51. "Miss Rarity, you can't do this to her. Why would you even?! This isn't ladylike at all. Aren't you the element of generosity? You can't just give her a chance?"
  52. >Rarity nodded in a matter of factly sort of way "Can't you see that I am? It's her choice if she wa-"
  53. >But she is cut off as Starlight already begins to put on the suit. It's some tacked on, chaotic mesh of colors with a spiky ballerina skirt and a goofy cape on the back with wooden buttons to hold it together. It looked..like something Discord would make....Was Rarity Discord?....Why?
  54. >"I'll do it, I'll go all around town and act like a total idiot. If it means you'll forgive me. And we can be friends...then this will be easy" Starlight states. She looked goddamn hideous.
  56. "Starlight...don't..mnn.."Miss" Rarity, where did you even get an outfit like this?"
  57. >"I made it for a client who was VERY ungrateful with the final product. Despite painstakingly going detail by detail of what he wanted. It looked exactly like the picture he gave me. But after putting it together, he informed me that the picture he gave me was offcolor and that I should have known that. The nerve of that pony. It may be an ugly dress for his daughter, but it still bears the effort I put into it. And I can say this, I ALWAYS put maximum effort into everything I do." Rarity said as she closed her eyes and pointed to herself, acting high and mighty of herself.
  58. >You couldn't just blurt out she was Discord. You needed proof. So instead, to spoke to Starlight again.
  59. "Starlight, think about it. This will be super humiliating. Nopony is going to look at you with a straight face if you do this."
  60. >"...Please Starlight, listen to Anon..." Fluttershy said in a low and hurt voice, so surprised by how Rarity was acting. "You really...really...really...don't need to do this"
  61. >But Starlight ignored you all as she walked towards the door. Determined to make this work. But as brave a face as she was putting on. She was internally crying. You could even see her eyes start to water up. "....I can do this..." She mutters to herself.
  62. >And as Starlight reached the door and opened it, before she can even step out, it slammed shut.
  63. >She opened it again, but again..it slammed shut.
  64. >You could see a magical aura around the door. At first you thought it was Twilight.
  65. >But the aura was blue, like Rarity's eyes...Rarity's eyes.
  66. >....Rarity was closing the door on her?
  68. >"Ok darling, you can stop now." Rarity giggles as she steps off from her couch "The ominous dramatics are over. You've made your point. Really..." Rarity turned to face you and the others "..Did you all expect me to let her step out looking so atrocious? Nopony deserves to have their reputation dragged through the mud because of the way they look. Twilight, I'm especially surprised at you. You know me, since when does a lady act so cruelly? Hmm?" Rarity then looks to Starlight "And Starlight, I do apologize about making you think of even stepping out looking so tacky and tasteless. Your words, and the words of my dear dear friends. Well, they pierced this pony's heart. But even then, I couldn't simply just accept an apology unless I knew it to be true. The fact you were willing to step out looking like that more than proves to me that you are honestly apologetic about what you've done. If you'd like, I would be honored to accept a hug. In fact, I'd like to be the one to say you're my friend instead of the otHMMMMM!" Starlight started to tear up as she latched onto Rarity and began to hug her tightly. She didn't care about being bamboozled. She felt she understood the suspicion.
  69. >Rarity was in pain though. The wooden buttons from the dress were pretty big and poky. They were poking right at her chest. But she pressed on, a lady knew when to hold it in. "T-THISISV-V-VERYNICE"
  70. >When Starlight let her go. She couldn't help but smile and thank her for the acceptance. "Miss Rarity" She even did a small bow "Thank you so so so much. And don't worry about that trick. I guess it kind of taught me how you all felt when I sprung that ambush on you. Ahrm...but uhh...moving on." She chuckled sheepishly, then calmed down. "I..just...thank you"
  72. >Rarity gave her chest to a rub to make sure she wasn't punctured. dramatic, but she was fine. She then smiled at Starlight and then tapped her mane with her hoof. "It really was no trouble. Really, I only had to say "I forgive you". No, the most important thing right now, I think...is this mane. Starlight, I'd say you'd have a more positive outlook on things if you got a new mane style for yourself. This one is well, a little too....familiar."
  73. >"Mane style?...umm..I guess?" Starlight didn't know what to say to that.
  74. >But Twilight, Fluttershy, and even yourself gave a relieved chuckle now that you all could take a breather from that. And the fact that it would be classic Rarity to give a shit about how one looks.
  76. >"Now then, now that the false cloak and dagger routine is finished.." Rarity points back to the platform and smiles at you "Anon , would you please stand upon this platform, and close your eyes while I work my magic?" Then Rarity gets an idea, and looks back to the rest of the ponies as you go to stand on the platform "Girls, I just had a marvelous idea! Wouldn't it be simply marvelous if you were all surprised to see Anon in his new attire? I promise on the word of a master fashionista that I shall transform him into the most proper and elegant looking colt you'll ever seen. Dare I say it...I do. His regal look could be mistaken as the very child of Celestia or Luna"
  77. >You poke your eye open..Wut? Why did that bother you?
  78. "..Uhh...Nah, I'd actually kinda not. Besides, I happen to think Aunt Fluttershy looks nicer than the princesses. I think she's perfect mom material. If anything, I'd want Aunt Fluttershy to be Fluttermom."
  79. >Fluttershy blushed at the thought and stayed silent. That she found very heartwarming. Twilight and Rarity thought it was the cutest thing. both going "Awwwww". Starlight? She had to fake it, because there was a quick moment of visible cringe. She didn't know how you truly felt on that. But she knew you did care about her.
  80. >"That is the cutest thing I've ever heard. Fluttermom, it has a charming ring to it. It rolls right off the tongue. And there would certainly be no issues with that, your very talent happens to be perfect for taking care of Anon full time. Despite what we know he's done, It's never been because of anything malicious. No, just look at Starlight. a terrible enemy reformed into a newfound friend. A feat that astounding proves to me that not only is Anon truly the Hero Colt that our fellow townsponies believe him to be. But he is deserving of one capable of being such a wonderful mother. Wouldn't you all agree?" Rarity asked. You felt she was overdoing it a little.
  82. >But...it would be nice to have Fluttershy as your mother. The cuddle times would be legendary as Discord would be ultra cucked. Hehehe
  83. >Fluttershy shook her head and smiled however, she thought it was a nice idea but... "It's a nice thought Rarity. And Anon, I'm happy just being able to help raise you as your aunt. But I could never be your mother. It's not the responsibility, or the title, or anything like that. no, if I was your mother then I feel I'd never be able to live up to the expectations expected of me as a mother. Raising a foal is very different from helping animals. And then there is the fact that your father could get very needy if I focus on you for a long period of time. But, don't worry. I'll always be your aunt and you can always come to me for anything you need. I'll never turn you away...and then..some day." Fluttershy sat for a moment and gave a wondrously sunny smile "I'll be a great aunt. And I could be there for your foals in case they ever need me. And still be there for you too without ever being a burden on you, my friends, or your father."
  84. >...Well goddamn. so basically it was. "I don't want Discord to feel ultra cucked". That was thoughtful of her. Still a funny thought though.
  85. >"Indeed, It keeps slipping my mind that Discord can be rather...juvenile about your time." Rarity was conflicted on saying something more harsh. She didn't like Discord all that much. But you and Fluttershy was in the same room so. She kept it as clean as she could. "Twilight, what are your thoughts on the matter?"
  86. >Twilight nodded in agreeance with Fluttershy "I think Fluttershy's opinion is dead on. Being "Fluttermom" would well..." Twilight gave a snarky smirk, she didn't mind ragging on Discord just a little. "Just means she'd have to take care of two foals instead of one"
  89. >Rarity snickered at that. then coughed and regained her composure. Starlight hid her snicker, knowing what she met. And seeing Discord for herself? she could confirm it. Fluttershy was confused "Two? But Discord only has Anon...OHHHH." Fluttershy giggled "You must mean Nymous, Well. I suppose I'd be her aunt too at this point. She seems very sweet. I'm glad Anon can have a sister like her to rely on"
  90. >Starlight, you could see, was a little frightened by that comment. She knew the truth. And that already indicated that everyone else really was fooled.
  91. >"Oh!" Rarity found herself remembering who exactly made this "special order" in the first place "Funny you should mention her. She and her small filly companion were the one to place and pay for this order. And I was certainly surprised by how independent and remarkable she truly was. I admit, I was skeptical when I first heard of her. But meeting her face to face, well." Rarity's tone started to feel overwhelmed "She was simply breathtaking. Both in her look and her manners. She was polite, kind, respectful, Beautiful even, almost like that of royalty. so much so that I offered her a job as a model for my boutique back in Canterlot. But then I learned that she is also very very modest. She declined my offer, feeling she wasn't as captivating as I said and that she had a little brother to take care of. It made me shed a tear on how much she truly cared about Anon despite not seeing him in years." A few tears ran down her tears as she thought about it "An inspiration to sisters everywhere"
  92. >oh c'mon Rarity...fuck. Chrysalis must have pulled her act together to be able to make Rarity feel like this.
  94. >"Oh Nymous? I can agree on that. I met her during breakfast with Princess Celestia just the other day. And let me tell you, even Princess Celestia found her great. I was worried that there was going to be something shady about her. But I'm so glad I was wrong about that" Twilight comments..oh god..GOD..GOD you wanted to slam your hoof into your face so damn hard upon hearing all this. Even Twilight got super fooled this time. Chrysalis really did up her game. It scared you, could she take over everything if given the chance with her new skills? Well, she could if she had her magic...thank god for Discord.
  95. >You could see Starlight getting nervous on the whole thing. And you could tell she wanted to say SOMETHING. So you opted to change the subject.
  96. "Yep, she's pretty neat. Umm..but uh. Can we see what this is already? I don't mean to rush you Miss Rarity, but Starlight is probably getting anxious right now. She still has two apologies to go"
  97. >"Oh, how rude of me!" Rarity was surprised at herself "I do apologize Starlight. I didn't mean to hold you. But still, if you all could close your eyes...."
  98. >Starlight followed along and closed her eyes, but she didn't feel like she wanted to be the one to rush her "O-oh, Don't worry too much about me. I'm sure it'll be fine"
  99. >"If you're sure darling...alright. I think we've all waited long enough. Anon..if you don't mind." Rarity said as her horned glowed...not like you could see it. But she took charge in telling you to lift your forelegs and move to her words as she slipped something on you and put something on your head. But it didn't end there, she then mentioned she just had to make a few adjustments. You stood still. almost frightened when you heard the sounds of snipping and sewing. And yet, like a true pro. anything sharp never even came close to touching you.
  101. >"And....there...we...are" Rarity says as she lays on the final touches and nearly squees "Oh my, it looks better than I could have ever hoped. Just one look at Anon and you'd all swear that he was a prince of a far off land. I have no doubt that when his little marefriend sees him in this that her heart will be unable to stop itself from thumping so heart. It's romantic really, to see one's prince step towards them in the bask of a moonlit night"
  102. >Wut?....
  103. >"Ummm, Rarity, we do have to open our eyes to see it. Can we do that now?" Twilight suggests, still waiting on
  104. >Rarity blushed in embarrassment as she tittered in amusement "Oh, yes of course you can. Silly me, I got caught up in my own work. You all can open your eyes now as gaze upon the visage of..Prince Anon!"
  105. >...prince?
  106. >You open your eyes AND DEAR GOD NO!
  107. >You looked into the mirror and could see a beautiful crown on your head made of pure gold. Lined with a poofy red velvet top witht he chaos symbol jutting out of it's center. The shirt you worse was made of high quality cloth that looked like it reflected off the light. It was a vibrant red with gold lining. Held together by gemstone buttons with the chaos symbol etched into each. The gems turning into a different color depending on the level of light that hit them. A blue sash went around the shirt. And those golden shoulder things with the tiny ropes were on the top of both your forelegs. Your Mane was fixed up to look as clean and princeley as possible. and...oh wait a sec.
  108. >You raise your hoof to your side to poke at a....sheath? OH MAN..AND THERE WAS A...
  109. >But before you could ask anything. There was a big "D'AAAWWWW" Around the room. even Starlight couldn't hold it in on how adorable you looked.
  111. >"Wow Rarity! I have to admit, you did a good job at making Anon look like royalty. He looks just as good as my brother does" Twilight was truly impressed.
  112. >"I know, awwww. Anon. I want to hug you so much right now! But I can't, I don't want to ruin your suit. Besides, I'm sure your little marefriend will do enough hugging for the both of us." Fluttershy found it troubling to resist the urge to just hold and nuzzle into you. You were so damn cute to her.
  113. >"I gotta admit. You look pretty cute Anon. You want to give us a spin?" Starlight wanted to see the whole package from all around. She was impressed with Rarity's talent, so much so that she was now internally realizing how much she screwed things up. But she didn't falter, oh no. She's come too far for that. It just drove her to improve upon her own talents while taking in and experiencing everyone elses.
  114. >You blushed in embarrassment. Goddammit...Knowing Chrysalis. She probably was hoping for this reaction. The cuter you were, the more love there would be. Still...
  115. >As you gave a slow spin and looked back at the mirror. That sword...
  116. >You pulled it out and woah! was it real?! The metal sure looks real and sharp. It's coolness melted away your embarrassment as you gave it a few swings.
  117. "Hey..cool! I got a sword! Looks like this charming prince is also ready to slice down some badguys. Haha!"
  118. >You make a few more swings then put the sharp end down like a cane as you rest your hoof on the hilt of the sword.and smirk in the mirror.
  119. "Now that's one cool prince"
  120. >Oh yeah..this sword made everything better.
  121. >"A sword?! Rarity! Why would you give him a sword! That's dangerous!" Fluttershy reacted a she stomped towards the platform to take your sword from you.
  123. >"Relax dear. It's just a prop sword" Rarity steps in front of Fluttershy to stop her, urging her with hoof motions to slow down and stop "It only looks like a sword because of the expensive plastic I used. It may shimmer and shine like a new blade, but it can't even cut butter. Fluttershy please, you know I'd never give a foal a real sword. That's just irresponsible"
  124. >"Oh..." Fluttershy stopped, if it was a toy then she saw no reason to take it away..but still "I suppose that's ok then. but Anon, you know that you shouldn't REALLY use a real sword to hurt anypony right? If you have to face down another pony, you should use words and courtesy to try to win them over."
  125. >...that's gay. But it's something you'd expect from Fluttershy. Not wanting to argue with her, you just nod and agree as you sheath the sword.
  126. "Yes Aunt Fluttershy..."
  127. >"But what if he gets into a fight he can't win with words, what then? Do you just want him to get beat up?" Starlight asks, what the fuck? Why did it matter to her? What is she doing?
  128. >She knew what she was doing. Starlight wanted to know what she expected him to do in a fighting situation. Not out of correcting her or imparting knowledge on you. She was just curious, considering talking it out in a dire situation seemed stupid to her. In fact, she herself was a good example of not being able to talk it out with when it came to the mane 6. she told the town to can it and ran after all. Hell, she wondered what would have happened if her endgame ever took off. She doubted Twilight would have just sat there and talked.
  129. >"Oh,..." Fluttershy tapped at her hooves. "Ummm.."
  130. >"Starlight, what kind of question is that? Fluttershy is right, violence is never an answer to a problem unless it's absolutely necessary" Twilight answered for Fluttershy, finding her question a little unsettling and rude.
  132. >"I know that, but then that's why I'm asking. what would you expect him to do if that has to be his last resort?"
  133. >Twilight was about to speak again to say "Well that situation should never pop up for him." But Fluttershy speaks first. And what she has to say is surprising.
  134. >"I-if it ever came down to Anon having to fight. And there was no other way. T-t-then..." Fluttershy sighed, but as she looked up. It was a face of soft determination "Then whatever reason he has to fight. Whether it be protecting his friends or his own life. I expect him to try his best to never lose. But to also be very smart about it. I know Anon is smarter than the average foal, and he has a horn that would help him have an edge in a fight. After what happened with the chimera, I'd rather Anon fight with all his tools and might than to just sit there and be hurt....or worse. I think if he had his horn on that day, things wouldn't have been so dire. My little Anon is the hero colt after all. We know that he can do amazing things on his own if we let him. So if he has to fight, then I expect him to win. But Anon, even though I'm saying this. Please...Please" Fluttershy began to simmer down as she looked at you with earnest care and worry "Pleeease, if you ever have to fight again. It has to be a last resort. I know you're the hero colt...but please never let that get into your head. ok? please? I'd still rather you never have to fight if you don't need to"
  135. >You turned to Fluttershy and made a promise to her to ease her nerves. She believed in you, you could feel it. She just hated you having to fight at all.
  136. "I promise Aunt Fluttershy, I'll never ever fight unless I really need to."
  137. >"thank you..." Fluttershy felt relieved, she felt she could believe in that promise.
  139. >Rarity had to wipe a tear from her eye "Such a beautiful moment.....Oh!" Rarity did realize just this moment that Starlight was probably on a schedule "But as heartwarming as a moment this is. There is a schedule to keep. So, Anon" Rarity was ready to hear your words of praise about her work. "What do you think of your princely attire?"
  140. "oh..ummm"
  141. >You look it over in the mirror again, and do a pose. that raised hoof, charming pose you used back on the date. You did look rather dashing. You gave yourself a grin and man, with your mane all styled up. You looked pretty damn intimidating...well you would be if you were stallion sized.
  142. "Y'know, I thought it was a little too much at first. But with my mane slicked back and this crown. woo, y'know. it's pretty stylish. I like it!"
  143. >"Splendid! Then I'm sure you'll make quite the impression when you show it off this evening. But for now, if you'll slip it off carefully..."
  144. >Rarity has you make a few movements so she can slip the outfit off of you with her magic. She folds the clothes carefully and places the crown and sword sheath on top. Then carefully puts it in a small but bulky suitcase with a strap and laid it down next to you "Keep it in here until you're ready Anon. Wouldn't want to get it dirty or ruined walking around now would you?"
  145. >You shake your head as you attach the suitcase to you..hrn. bulky but light. You just had to watch your step.
  146. "Nope, Thanks Miss Rarity. You did a good job"
  147. >"Of course I did darling. Now, I suppose you'll all be leaving then, am I correct?" Rarity asked, knowing full well you are all on an apology tour.
  148. >Twilight nodded "Mhmm, we still need to see Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. And since Rainbow Dash might be a little disagreeable about Starlight. We'll be seeing Pinkie first."
  150. >"Well then, I wish you all luck. Oh, and Starlight" Rarity's horn glowed as a drawer opened from a cabinet behind her. A small bag of bits flew across the room towards Starlight and stopped right in front of her. "Will you be a dear and take this with you?"
  151. >"Umm, sure? But why are you giving me money?" Starlight didn't understand. But she used her own magic to hold it in place as Rarity's magic ended. She opened the bag to look into it. Definitely bits.
  152. >"For the spa of course. Tell them Rarity sent you. And also ask if they can stylize that mane of yours. Trust me, they do divine work. You'll feel like a new mare by the time they are through with you."
  153. >"O-ok...but, I don't think I can do that today...." Starlight just wanted to go home after all this. That's how she felt. It's not that she just wanted to bolt. But she felt she was going to be exhausted after all this.
  154. >"Of course, do it whenever you can dear. You needn't rush. And Anon, remember that you will be charming a young lady tonight. Do be sure not to break her heart." Rarity reminds you
  155. "Oh Miss Rarity, trust me. I got this"
  156. >Fluttershy giggled "Rarity, it's not that serious. It's just a crush between two foals"
  157. >"Even so, a gentlecolt should always know how to handle himself around a young mare. It'll be good practice for when he grows to become an elegant stallion" Rarity sure seemed to have a lot of faith in you. Then again, you couldn't think of anyone else in the show who called her Miss Rarity unless it was some snobbish pone.
  159. >Not much more went on after that. You all bid your farewell to Rarity as you took your clothes and the group went off to find Pinkie. Starting at Sugarcube corner.
  160. >Twilight and Fluttershy went on a little ways ahead with flight to even see if Pinkie was there. While Starlight took the opportunity to speak to you.
  161. >"Anon, are you sure you're not taking this relationship thing too seriously?" Starlight was worried. She saw the way you posed, you seemed to have gotten really into it.
  162. "What? pffft, it's fine. It's not like i'm taking it too seriously. Like I said, she's a filly. I'm not going to do stallion things to her"
  163. >"That's the thing. I'm not even worried about that, I'm worried that she's going to grow up to a teenager and try to put those moves on you. And you'd just let her. She's super into you right now, right?" Starlight was trying to be helpful. She felt this was very off, especially since Chrysalis was involved
  164. >Putting the moves on you?...ha!
  165. "Yeah, she thinks I'm the best thing ever. But, are you serious that she'd be able to put the moves on me when I'm older? Nah, I got a lot of self control. Besides, she wants to be a princess. Princesses don't do stuff like that."
  166. >"Except she's probably not going to be a princess. And then there's the fact that you know EXACTLY what you're doing to make her fall more and more in love with you. What's a crush now could become a scary kind of love when you get older. She'd never want to be away from you." Starlight tries to warn you that you might be playing with fire, but again. you dismiss her.
  167. "C'mooooon. Like I said, I have this handled. She's just a little naive thats all. Besides, what makes you an authority on this?"
  168. >"I've read novels" Starlight uses as fact
  169. >....novels...sure ok
  170. "Starlight, That doesn't mean anything. I'm telling you things will be fine"
  172. >"Will they? Because it seems your "sister" is trying to manipulate the situation. I don't know why, but she definitely has her hooves in it. What do you plan to do about her?" Starlight didn't know what Chrysalis was up to. but it couldn't be anything good at all.
  173. >You shrug
  174. "I can handle her, I have been since she came to live with me."
  175. >"But that was usually a one on one deal right? It's not about her manipulating you. It's about her manipulating your marefriend and the situation. You don't think it'd be smart to take a little precaution before your "sleepover"?" Starlight was trying to urge you to be more careful.
  176. >But you really did feel you had this.
  177. "Look, Starlight. I appreciate the concern. But I can handle a situation like this, I've prepared myself many a time back in my world."
  178. >"huh? How so?" Starlight narrowed her eyes at you, she had major doubt about this.
  179. "I played a lot of visual novels"
  180. >"...novels?! NOVELS!" Starlight just yells at you, publicly, as a few ponies stare both your way "YOU JUST SAID THAT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!"
  181. >You step back, not due to fright, but just getting startled. You then get a little annoyed with her and turn away. Sigh, then try to explain it to her.
  182. "Not novels, visual novels. They are a sort of game that has you go through scenarios like dating or monster handling or some stuff like that. I've played enough to know what to do on any given situation. Chrysalis has nothing on me"
  183. >Starlight let's out an exhaustive groan upon hearing that "A game? A game from another world isn't going to prepare you for this Anon. Please take this a little more seriously and listen to me. I've done a lot of reading and study on the creatures and ongoings of Equestria. And changelings are no joke. The only reason you've had an advantage over her is because of Discord, don't let her get an edge on you over something as silly as a sleepover"
  185. >Dammit, you were sure you had this. Chrysalis hasn't been able to pull too much of a fast one on you so far. It's been pretty even. In your opinion anyway.
  186. "It'll be fine. She'll get caught if she does anything too outrageous. All I have to do is keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't slink off anywhere. But if you want, if it'll make you feel better, I'll keep my guard up and question anything she does."
  187. >"..And get Discord if things get out of control" Starlight adds, even if Discord was an ass. There's no way he'd let her do whatever she pleases.
  188. >You rolled your eyes
  189. "Fine, I'll get Discord too...."
  190. >"Anon, you don't need to act like that. I'm only trying to make sure that you'll be ok." Starlight frowned, she didn't like the way you were acting. You were being high and mighty.
  191. >you sigh, if thats how she felt. Then maybe you should calm down. But goddammit, she should know that you have this.
  192. "Sorry, but look. I'll agree to getting Discord if things get hairy. But only as a last resort. Chrysalis isn't going to respect me if I have to go running to him."
  193. >Starlight wondered if she had any respect for you at all. But she kept that to herself. "I guess, Anon. Just promise me ok? Promise me to not let yourself get in over your head."
  194. >.....fine...
  195. "Ok I promise, but I'm telling you it'll be ok. The worst she'll do is probably tease me and embarrass me. I can handle it, Diamond isn't going to think any less of me because of her and the night will go smoothly"
  196. >"I hope so..." Starlight was now debating about going home, or sneakily trying to watch the sleepover somewhere where she wouldn't be noticed. She'd have to make that choice before the final train leaves.
  197. >Just then, Fluttershy came back into view and pointed ahead "Oh..Anon,Starlight. Pinkie Pie just happens to be ahead giving some free candy to all the foals."
  199. >...awwww, now that just sounded cute.
  200. >"Alright, we're coming! We'll be there in a second" Starlight calls out.
  201. >and as Fluttershy goes back ahead. Starlight looks back at you with uncertainty. "Anon, I know you have experience with her. But you also said she was doing her best to get you to see things in her perspective the same way you are trying for her to see things in yours. And like the two sides of a bit. She has experience with not only you, but through her past conquests, Don't let yourself or your friends be her puppet Anon..." Starlight stopped herself there, Even she had experience in that regard. And she hated it.
  202. >she was being pretty insistent. And even though you knew all this already. Maybe it'd be good to go a little beyond your promise and just make Chrysalis more of a priority than DT. You were sure you could balance it. But Chrysalis's own reasoning to arrange this sleepover could be more than she's letting on.
  203. "I won't, if you feel that Chrysalis is really planning something. Then I'll focus on her and make sure she isn't doing anything shady"
  204. >"thank you Anon, thats all I ask. I don't want to lose my best friend just because he got in over his head." Starlight started to feel relieved now that she felt that she got through to you.
  205. "No problem, I got this. I promise"
  206. >Though, you yourself were annoyed that she couldn't just trust you. You felt you had this. Hell, you'd have the horn if anything really went wrong. But fine, it was time for Ponk anyway, Plenty of time to think on this later.
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