Talreed AT 1 Master+Ki Control T1

Wejkoo1 Apr 20th, 2019 83 Never
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  1. Key: Wejkoo4
  3. Character: Talreed
  5. Skill(or transformation): AT 1 Mastery+Ki Control T1[Priority; Mastery]
  7. Reasoning: Talreeds continued his training alongside trying to crack the mysteries of the energies that the Dragons used via poking questions and meditating with the statue located at Dragons Peak. He took it a step further as well, however by challenging some of the Dragons that he had found to matches, experiencing their strength and getting familiar with their energy first hand. Not to mention pushing himself as hard as he could in battle against them. Doing so, he'd found several glaring faults with himself. His lack of proper control over his energy and the fact that his transformation just put an even heavier weight on it and in all of the cases nearing the ends of the match, he'd find himself out of energy even when he wished to conserve himself as best as he could.
  9. They were faults he was going to have to fix, sooner or later and he strove to do so sooner as best as he could.
  11. Emulating the usage the Dragons had of their energy was a good start.
  13. What is the moment: N/A
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