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Jun 20th, 2020
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  1. fpc0:
  2. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hostname: EX2300-5FOA248
  4. Model: ex2300-48t
  5. Junos: 18.1R3.3
  6. JUNOS OS Kernel 32-bit  [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
  7. JUNOS OS libs [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
  8. JUNOS OS runtime [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
  9. JUNOS OS time zone information [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
  10. JUNOS py extensions [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  11. JUNOS py base [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  12. JUNOS OS crypto [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
  13. JUNOS network stack and utilities [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  14. JUNOS libs [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  15. JUNOS runtime [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  16. JUNOS Web Management Platform Package [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  17. JUNOS ex libs [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  18. JUNOS ex runtime [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  19. JUNOS ex platform support [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  20. JUNOS dcp network modules [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  21. JUNOS modules [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  22. JUNOS ex modules [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  23. JUNOS ex Data Plane Crypto Support [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  24. JUNOS daemons [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  25. JUNOS SDN Software Suite [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  26. JUNOS Extension Toolkit [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  27. JUNOS Packet Forwarding Engine Support (EX34XX) [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  28. JUNOS jdocs ex [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
  29. JUNOS jail runtime [20180816.8630ec5_builder_stable_11]
  30. JUNOS FIPS mode utilities [20180830.023824_builder_junos_181_r3]
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