Cold Edge Anon Part 14

May 12th, 2014
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  1. > Dreaming again, you note.
  2. > You are in your old room, on your old bed, under your new wife.
  3. "Say, dear, would you mind getting off of me? Not that I don't enjoy this, but I probably should report to Luna."
  4. > Frozen gets more comfortable.
  5. "I told you, beloved. I am always the dominant one. Always."
  6. > Time passes enjoyably, then someone knocks on the door.
  7. > Frozen calls out in her soft voice,
  8. "Come in."
  9. > Luna opens the door, takes one look at you and Frozen, then shuts it.
  10. > She then speaks, muffled by the door.
  11. "We would appreciate it of thou wouldst compose thyself more modestly for our audience, Anonymous."
  12. > You are about to reply when Frozen puts a hoof on your mouth.
  13. "Princess Luna, surely thou hast seen many such scenes as this. Wilt thou not enter, and conduct thy business?"
  14. > There is a long pause.
  15. "Knowest thou not that I am the ruler of Dreaming?"
  16. "My beloved is but single branded. I knoweth of the excesses of royalty."
  17. > The door opens suddenly, revealing an angry Luna.
  18. "I do not care for thy implications, Schneegeist. Thy husband hath obligations to Equestria, and no brazen display shall impede their observance!"
  19. > Frozen takes her hoof off of your mouth.
  20. "We are in agreement. Give thy report, beloved, for there are things I desire of thee afterward."
  21. > Luna looks like she wants to say something, but decides against it.
  22. > You shrug helplessly.
  23. "As Celestia may have told you, Sombra had learned some humility. He also secured the services of a rock specialist, and I do believe he will start planting his first crop tomorrow."
  24. > Luna nods abruptly, then leaves.
  25. > You raise your eyebrows at Frozen.
  26. "What was that all about?"
  27. > She smiles smugly.
  28. "Marking territory."
  29. > You sigh.
  30. "Was there something you wanted to show me, or am I to spend the entire dream pinned to my bed?"
  31. > Frozen gets up leisurely.
  32. "I do have one or two things of interest."
  33. > You follow her into the library of your mind. A thought occurs to you.
  34. "If these are my memories, why doesn't Luna just lick the recent books?"
  35. > Unless she just wants to talk to you? You're not sure how you feel about that.
  36. > Frozen points upward.
  37. > Pages slowly float down from the ceiling, sorting themselves by section, you think.
  38. "Your recent memories."
  39. > What would happen if you thought of one of your recent memories?
  40. > Certain activities come to mind, and one of the many pages glows a pale blue on its descent into... yes, the porn section.
  41. > ... There is something you have to check.
  43. > You set off towards the porn section, Frozen bemusedly trailing behind.
  44. > You aren't totally surprised at what you find, but it still is disturbing.
  45. "She /was/ spying on my sexytimes!"
  46. > Frozen pats your shoulder comfortingly.
  47. "You forget my nature. She may have been checking that I wasn't corrupting you while rutting."
  48. > She's taking this surprisingly well, considering how she reacted to Maud.
  49. "You... don't mind Luna spying on us?"
  50. > Frozen nods.
  51. "She is acceptable, and it was done with good reason. Now come, I truly have something to show you."
  52. > You follow her up several staircases and across a walkway over a vat of ink.
  53. > As you go higher, a distinct arboreal theme emerges, and soon a trapdoor opens out onto a forested roof.
  54. > She leads you to the edge, and you rest your forehooves on the crenelations.
  55. > Beyond the grounds of the library is a sheer drop off. Far below, lights and shadows roil and congregate, parting way only for indistinct grey giants.
  56. "This is your subconscious mind. There is a vast potential there, and in time I will show you how to tap it. For now, look up."
  57. > You do so, and see the night sky, full of stars.
  58. > Then you see the stars move, and lines in the voids between, and at once the sky resolves into a writhing mass of tentacle, claw, bone, eye, maw, and endless fractals to mark the boundaries.
  59. "Those are they who dwell outside, and are kept from interfering."
  60. > A star falls, a small beacon surrounded by a writhing mass.
  61. > One of the grey giants in your subconscious plucks it out of the air and eats it.
  62. > You turn to Frozen, worried.
  63. "And what just happened?"
  64. "An elder dropped some inspiration for you. This is not the source of all ideas you have, but a good number of the strange ones begin like this, and rise as your mind digests them."
  65. > This... This is a little too much.
  66. "Can we go inside, now?"
  67. > Frozen stares at you questioningly, but nods.
  68. > You feel better after closing the trapdoor.
  69. "That was intense."
  70. > Frozen's eyes widen in understanding, and she hugs you reassuringly.
  71. "Know that you will always be safe, as long as I am with you."
  72. > You hold onto her, rocking gently.
  73. > In time, you wake up.
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