Flesh Golem

Oct 5th, 2021 (edited)
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Flesh Golem

Family/Type: Golem/Undead
Habitat: None
Disposition: Various
Diet: Men's Spirit Energy

An artificial Undead raised through unknown means using the bodies of deceased human women. It is speculated that many times, they are brought to life as a final act of desperation from their still human lovers. Often times, they are reanimated before Demonic Energy can reshape their bodies into those similar to zombies, so they are seen as 'Incomplete beings'. Due to this, they will often assault the man who brought them back to life on the spot, wringing out his Spirit Energy in order to rejuvenate their bodies and reawaken memories from their previous life.

As a monster, it is easy for them to collect the semen of their human victim, despite their patchwork appearances. When making love, a Flesh Golem at first will prefer to be the 'attacker'. But as she awakens her memories and realizes the lengths to which her husband has gone to revive her, she may become self-conscious of her new appearance. Due to this, it will be quite easy for a man being ravished by the her to turn the tables and proceed to counter-attack on his own, dominating his monstrous lover. As their relationship grows and blossoms, sex with a Flesh Golem often times devolves into almost like viewing marital wrestling, as memories and feelings of being a monster will intermingle and overtake those of her human life.

Inevitably, escape from a Flesh Golem is impossible. Their bodies will seek the man who marked their wombs to the ends of the earth if he were to flee, like a moth guided by a flickering flame. One such incident involved a man who sought refuge in the blistering cold of a tundra, only to be hunted down. Those that witnessed the Flesh Golem noted she was statuesque and several heads taller than most humans, but carried with her the burden of a sad, lonely existence. One can only hope that she and her creator found happiness, and a peace many of us seek but never find.

Because of the varied methods of resurrecting a lover in the form of a Flesh Golem, be it alchemy, heathen magic, or even the power of nature itself there may be a diversity of appearance not seen in other monsters. Such instances would be clawed hands and feet, growth of various other monstrous appendages or features such as fur, horns, wings, etc. or even the appearance of Wight-like claws, made of crackling electricity-like energy as if the Flesh Golem were possessed by something more.

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