Ricochet, An Analysis

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  1. The complex reality which we inhabit is masterfully distilled into its most fundamental, yet indispensable, elements.  Though the dark aether into which we are transported appears lacking, its unobtrusive emptiness is testament to its function as the space for our interactions; for what other purpose does our excessive and often inordinate environment serve other than to act as the agar to cultivate an active society?
  3. We assume perspective of the Self and are equipped with physical manifestations of our means of interacting with the Other.  This deceptively simple concept is the wonderfully diminutive key by which we as individuals have joined one another to construct relationships that give way to communities and ultimately civilization.
  5. The very word “ricochet” perfectly encapsulates the nature of our interactions as the Self struggles to stand firmly with its dignity intact amidst the chaotic buffeting that is a bustling society.  Should it choose to approach the Other, by what means will the Self initiate engagement? There are a variety of methods: does it powerfully push with a bold assertion, will it freeze with an unexpected declaration, can a fast rapport catch it unawares, or could a triple-layered statement cause disarray? And indeed, should the Self be approached, it must face the same realities as we do: does it deftly sidestep a remark and become wiser in the process, will it receive forceful instruction but survive stronger than before, is it suddenly decapitated by a scathing remark, or is it simply unable to keep pace and subsequently flung into the gaping Abyss below?
  7. The Abyss is the conclusion of an interaction, but is also the provider of fresh opportunities as impetus for future interactions.  The Self is provided a brief respite of self-reflection in the Abyss to reconsider its previous decisions and reactions as we emerge from our past reciprocities with new insights.  From there, we, and the Self, begin anew the life cycle around which we revolve, always learning, and forever interacting.
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