Breakfast - Table for three

Jun 8th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >... Things have been... interesting lately.
  3. >You've been spending more time with Hexferry.
  4. >You actually listen to what she says by choice; you even participate in conversations with her!
  5. >... Most of the time, they're one word answers, but those are still answers.
  6. >You're doing it.
  7. >You're actually interacting with someone.
  8. >She's teaching you a few things about interactions, too.
  9. >... Thinking about others is difficult, but you'll do it anyway.
  10. >"... It was a really big hit to his ego."
  11. >You still aren't sure who "Virgo" and "Actias" are, but something happened between them.
  12. >Virgo asked her out and she declined him.
  13. >... You don't really understand asking anyone out. Love is a concept out of your comprehension.
  14. >Whatever, you've gone this long without it.
  15. >... Actually, you've gone this long without interaction, and you're glad you have it now...
  16. >... Right.
  17. >"Hey, Shimmer?"
  18. >You look over to Hexferry.
  19. >"How... How are you holding up?"
  20. >... She asks you that from time to time.
  21. >Usually when the streets are almost empty and you're near home.
  22. >Like you are right now.
  23. >You look forward.
  24. >Your house is in sight.
  25. "... Fine."
  26. >That's the same answer you always give.
  27. >But it's true every time you say it.
  28. >Then she'll say something about how nice it is to talk and walk with you, and how you need to do it again soon.
  29. >"That's good."
  30. >Right, and...
  31. >"... Um..."
  32. >Wait, that sounds like a leading statement.
  33. >You look back at Hexferry.
  34. >She looks... pensive.
  35. >"How would..."
  36. >That sentence apparently didn't work.
  37. >She's trying again.
  38. >"Do you want to..."
  39. >She'll get whatever she wants to say.
  40. >Hopefully.
  41. >She sighs.
  42. >"... I hope you're fine with this, but... I want you meet more ponies."
  43. >... What?
  44. >You blink.
  45. >"What do you think?"
  46. >She looks very hopeful. She's trying to hide it, but she really wants you to be on board.
  47. >... Do you really want to be around anyone else?
  49. >You've had a lot of time to adapt to Hexferry, you're not sure you can do the same for anyone else.
  50. >... But Hexferry looks so pleading...
  51. "... Who?"
  52. >"Meisa."
  53. >She didn't hesitate for a second.
  54. >... Which one was she, again?
  55. >Was she the stagnant brown one? No, that's... um...
  56. >You still aren't able to match names to looks.
  57. >That's not your fault, Hexferry hasn't really been telling you what they look like.
  58. >Or maybe she did way back when you weren't listening to her.
  59. >... You're... not going to bring that up, and hope you won't mistake whoever she is when the time comes.
  60. >She was described as fancy and upright, from what you remember.
  61. >Maybe she's the regal one.
  62. >That makes sense.
  63. >She seems... tolerable.
  64. >At least she isn't Caramel, you've heard bad things about her.
  65. >... You wouldn't like her, you have little doubt about that.
  66. >She's a joker, a trickster who enjoys messing with others' heads. She only doesn't things for her own satisfaction.
  67. >... To your understanding.
  68. >Hexferry seems to like her.
  69. >... You've been staring at Hexferry for a while.
  70. >You didn't know you did that until she brought it up a few days ago.
  71. >You turn to look at the ground.
  72. "Sure."
  73. >She sounds overjoyed.
  74. >"Great! I'll tell her tomorrow and we'll set it up as soon as possible. Is there any time you can't have it?"
  75. >You shake your head.
  76. >Your schedule is usually pretty open.
  77. >"Okay. And... Shimmer?"
  78. >Your eyes meet hers.
  79. >"... Thank you... for giving all of this a try."
  80. >... Have you ever been thanked before?
  81. >Whatever.
  82. >Hexferry seems... happy.
  83. >You assume the light feeling in your chest is also happiness.
  84. >... It feels... nice.
  85. >"Well, I guess I'll see you again tomorrow."
  86. >Ah, it's that time already?
  87. >... You're actually starting to enjoy Hexferry's company...
  88. >She turns to her door and waves to you.
  89. >You just wave in return.
  90. >... It was another good day.
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