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  1. >whole thread is off topic meta shitposting that's against the rules
  2. >!Akemi is spamming and ban evading while trying to attack people
  3. >the only thing that Troid deletes are posts telling !Akemi he's a problem
  4. >this does literally nothing but make !Akemi act worse and worse
  5. How does it feel to know that this is your mod
  6. https://img.fireden.net/a/image/1445/75/1445755464164.png
  8. He literally only comes to this board to harass people he has a personal grudge with, and has self admitted he doesn't like /a/ and wants to ruin it.
  10. >>183579425
  11. >>183579432
  12. >>183577151
  13. >>183578177
  14. You are legit mentally ill, !Akemi. And you are the one who is actually evil here. There is something extremely wrong with you and your insane obsession with trying to attack people.
  16. You can never tell who "ack" is, you always just pretend anyone who is against your shitposting is the same person. And you also try to pretend that "ack" is the actual problem, when in reality everyone can see you're the one who always starts shit.
  18. >>183580460
  19. Because the mod, Troid, doesn't care about the the quality of the board. He uses the board as his personal tool to harass people he personally dislikes.
  20. https://img.fireden.net/a/image/1445/75/1445755464164.png
  21. https://img.fireden.net/a/image/1445/75/1445755464164.png
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