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Oct 21st, 2017 (edited)
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As many games are only available in their home language of Japanese you may or may not have trouble getting through them without some sort of guidance. That's where the following programs will assist.

Programs marked with a * require usage of hook codes. Despite build-in text thread detection, some games make grabbing text from them more difficult than others due to the way they've been coded and that's where these mythical hook codes help programs get them right. You can find some of these in relevant pastebins, or just googling for something like "gamename agth ith h-code". The agthDB is dead now

Offline Translators

This archive contains both Atlas and LEC. Follow directions for setting up your offline translators, link them with your translation environment, and never rely on Google or Bing again. Make sure to set your date back before 2009 to install the trial
/hgg/ Machine Translation Guide:

RPG maker MV games require you to patch with the MV patch in order to MTL
New wolfRPG games require an individual hook code to MTL

Chiitrans lite

Patch for Google Translate:!Qm4hBDiS!dIkD17EOpxgjNk0q-OiVnsWUVUCinuex3i-j_bp6G_0
Replace translators.js and in "{Install location}\Chiitrans Lite\www\js" with the files in the zip to enable google translate. Once installed, Open chiitrans lite and click "Options" Make sure "Capture text from Clipboard" is checked and then click on translation. Choose whether you want to see source only (Japanese), translations only (English)[recommended] or both at the same time. Click on additional translators and choose the ones you want to use (recommended Google and/or Atlas). Click OK, then OK again to save your settings. While the game is running, choose the process from the dropdown (usually game.exe), open the .exe file using the folder button or select the window with the window button and click connect. The game should now be translated in the translation window as you play.

If you are getting a blank box when hooking with chiitrans lite, then use ITH VNR as a workaround:

Visual Novel Reader


This program is not suggested if you doubt your computers performance or are concerned about space
Development on VNR has ceased, No longer recommended since it's obsolete bloatware now.

Translation Aggregator*

Download with a portable version of LEC pre-installed with the Edict file from 21/10/2017:!8mxhTKAB!lsK_a1a5euggBW9VhC5d72nyYMZUKY_SpN60_tvEYQc
Download for version with working Google Translator:
Make sure to uncheck "Translate windows menus with Atlas" in "Additional Options" when hooking or else you will get an error.

Latest Jparser Edict File

Place edict2.gz in Translation Aggregator's dictionaries folder and delete any other edict files that were in there.

Interactive Text Hooker*


Anime Games Text Hooker*




Original Guide by /hgg2d/
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