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  1. # Why do you want to be a staff member here, and how would you help or improve Hungry Games?
  2. #### Put simply, I've been enjoying the server and I would like to give back by donating my time to helping out. This extends past just moderation, as I believe that this network has a strong foundation that I would like to help expand upon, whether that be through community outreach or assisting with more of the backend management. I have a fairly extensive resume when it comes to assisting on Minecraft servers, and I wouldn't be applying unless I knew I would be an asset. In that same line of thinking, if there is someone more qualified, I fully endorse them for a staff position over myself, as I would truly like to see this server succeed. In terms of improvements to the server, I will be the first to say I'm not a developer. I'm good at making suggestions, but where I succeed the best is through player engagement and community building. I would try and focus on making myself as accessible as possible to players so they feel they have a reliant way of communicating with the staff team. In addition to that, I enjoy moderating, so I intend on being in the game as much as possible to ensure fair play, and to help keep the server as clean as possible.
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