Leons Fitness Help Guide

Nov 5th, 2016
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  1. *************************************************************************************************************
  2. Guide for Working out by Leon.
  3. Note:
  4. I am not a doctor, I am not your guardian, If you shouldn't be doing or taking things thats on you.
  5. Pay attention to your body and your own safety. You can get seriously hurt, I.E I have passed out
  6. taking caffine pills when Knowingly I can't have caffine like that.
  8. Note: I may be wrong with some of the scientific reasons on things and this guide may not be perfect.
  9. I am not making this to be some scientist or fitness guru. I am making it to provide a little information that
  10. I have in my head and success that I have got in order to try to help people so they dont go through some of the
  11. bull shit I struggled with when i wanted to lose my weight.
  13. Note: This guide is made from a male perspective and mostly caters to that. If you are a female I can try to help
  14. you but please understand that our bodies are different and Im not a professional or anything so there may be
  15. someone else you would want to talk to before me. Maybe the cardio and leg section may be useful in addition to the
  16. diet one.
  18. Note: THIS WAS WROTE IN A TEXT FILE IT MAY LOOK LIKE SHIT HERE. This was all written by me , Derek or known as Leon to some people.
  19. *************************************************************************************************************
  20. Section Menu
  22. Prologue:
  23. My story:
  24. Terms:
  26. 1. Supplements / Protein
  27. 2. Food Source / Eating Times
  28. 3. Diet / Lifestyle / Body Types
  29. 4. Workout Days / Muscle Groups
  30. 5. Cardio
  31. 6. Muscles
  32. 6. continued - Muscles will be explained in detail on things such as reps / sets / workouts + explanations / Which workouts
  33. give what results and why.
  34. 7. Ending
  36. *************************************************************************************************************
  38. Prologue:
  40. My Story:
  42. I used to weigh 298 pounds and was deemed obese. I decided I didn't want to look like that and got a gym membership
  43. and learned how to play basketball. After figuring out what workouts work and what things give the best results for me
  44. I was able to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off 8 years later. I have trained 11 people in total and was working
  45. as a personal trainer for a little while. One thing you should always realize is that each workout effects each person
  46. a little differently. We can't all do every workout perfectly and sometimes its because of that reason that it isn't good
  47. for us. You will find the ones that work best for you and combine them into a nice little work out.
  49. Terms:
  51. Sets - Refers to a group of reps that you do. Typically you do a number of reps and when completion is reached that is
  52. one set. You do 3-5 sets for most workouts.
  54. Reps - One completion of a movement for a workout. Typically do 10-15 reps for a workout unless you are going heavy
  55. or reaching the last set then you aim for roughly 6.
  57. Preworkout - Basically some form of energy source that is usually a lot cleaner then that energy drink shit or stuff
  58. with useless sugar.
  60. Protein - Powder that essentially contains protein specifically made with stronger amino acids (The things that repair your muscles)
  61. because when you work out you tear your muscle and its these proteins and building blocks that repair them quicker for faster results
  63. Cardio - Exercise pertaining to increases your heart rate level and causing you to increase your body heat and sweat. Typically
  64. you shouldn't do more then 15 mins of cardio a day or you will start to cut into losing muscle if you are actively working out.
  65. If you are like me and you eat like shit you will keep around 15 mins of working out to balance out that shitty diet, but remember
  66. even things like sports you burn more fat off of your arms and other muscle groups then you do your stomach. This may sound like
  67. it doesn't matter but all that fat on your arms is turned into muscle eventually with a proper workout routine.
  69. Matabolism - The rate at which you burn fat inherently bascially. Its kind of like your bodies cheat code to get rid of fat and food
  70. you eat without gaining weight. A lot of times skinny people have great metabolisms. You can reset yours by drinking plenty of water
  71. , eating plenty of clean food, and having a proper healthy lifestyle.
  74. plateu'd - When you reach the best you can get for numbers in weights / kind of like maxing out your potential for the time being.
  75. ******************************************************************************************************************
  78. 1. Supplements / Protein
  80. As far as supplements go I really dont beleive in them. Unless you are trying to be some perfect instagram model
  81. you dont need to take some crazy shit thats usually expensive anyways. I do however recommend some kind of CLEAN NOT
  82. EXPENSIVE preworkout and you NEED PROTEIN. Ill go into more detail here with each of them and why.
  84. Preworkout - Why? It basically for the most part gives you the energy to actually do what you want to do. Some of them even
  85. heighten your body's levels to sweat and get really into your workout. They come in all sorts of forms and if you are like me and
  86. you have problems with caffine stay away from the pills ESPECIALLY WEIGHT LOSS PILLS. I use some lower caliber Preworkout I bought
  87. from the Hodge Twins. Its nothing special but it really changes the feeling when you feel like shit and need to work out. It gives me
  88. full energy and focus but theres one down side. It tastes horrible. It will also keep you awake so if you work out at night it may not be for you.
  90. Protein - Why? If you take protein compaired to a guy who doesn't and do the same workouts and the same efficiency and you have the same genes, you will
  91. gain 6 months of results in 4 months, while he will gain 4. Protein elevates the rate of recovery for your muscles allowing you to really get the most out of your workouts
  92. that should be completed twice a week if you REALLY want those results and changes in your life. You should be buying a protein with atleast 24g of protein per scoop.
  93. Preferably get something with chocolate or it will taste like shit. I beleive everyone can afford protein they have all sorts everywhere for all various prices. If you
  94. can't afford it you should work on getting some cheap sources like peanut butter. Dont buy the expensive arnold fucking bull shit they try to sell you. Standard Gold Whey Protein
  95. Take protein according to how much you weigh. I weigh 235 so two scoops (48g i usually top them off so its more like 52g) + 12 ounces of milk (like 6g) gets me roughly near 60g of protein.
  96. You can only take like 1g per 1lb a day if im not mistaken and you have meals to eat. You will literally piss out the protein if you take too much. Also remember that protein shake gets roughly
  97. near 1k calories so if your a big guy trying to lose weight and its getting near bed time maybe skip the shake save the late night calories. If you also are going light on a day or doing only
  98. one muscle I only usually take 1 scoop to save money, but if you have the money then two really wouldn;t hurt but be aware you may be wasting it depending on your weight or not getting
  99. enough in contrast.
  101. **********************************************************************************************************************
  103. 2. Food Source / Eating Times:
  105. Eating Times:
  106. You should and WILL NOT touch food / Sugar / anything but water and toothpaste after 9 pm. This will change your life style and diet needs amazingly.
  107. Late night eating / drinking shit is what ruins your body and really lays into that weight gain. It goes to almost pure fat regardless what you eat at night. Reason
  108. why is your body shuts down the cycles that digest food properly. It causes the food you eat to be partially digested and instead of being divided into proper nuitrients
  109. it is pretty much laid to waste. Your body has a clock cycle that stops digesting around 6 pm properly, however were fucking normal people and its not the 1800's so no one
  110. stops eating at 6pm. 9pm is a wonderful goal and if you are trying to be an instagram model then you can go for the 6pm cycle. You also want the LONGEST FASTING TIME POSSIBLE
  111. from the time you go to bed till the time you wake up you want an empty stomach. This will help you burn a lot of fat in your daily routines and with proper water drinkage will
  112. help keep a good matabolism.
  114. Food Source:
  115. I dont beleive in a hardcore diet. I dont beleive that if you under eat or are miserable you will get anywhere in life. You shouldnt starve your self or you will get sick.
  116. You also shouldnt eat only one thing or you will get sick. I have been very sick from both and its not fucking worth it. I will give you the Do's and Dont;s here for it
  118. Do's:
  120. Eat what you can afford. I prefer Tuna, PeanutButter, White Rice, Lunch meat, and Hotpockets. This is what I can afford, most of it isn't too bad for me and provides me wonderful sources of protein,
  121. and it has been what I have been eating for awhile. The frozen hotpockets and chicken I eat is what I end up paying for with extra cardio. You can change it and eat clean things like
  122. chicken without the skin + tuna + fish + turkey + low fat sources of protein.
  124. Only Drink water period. You can treat your self to other things but regardless what you think juice isnt good for you, Soda will kill you (not really but its going to hurt you so much), and drinks add up quick.
  126. Be happy. Eat what ever you need to , the most important part is getting to the gym. If you can stick to drinking water and not eating late that alone will get you going.
  127. You really should cut out the soda and dog shit snacks and preferably any bad food habbits , but were not perfect and it can still be acomplished - just in longer time and harder workouts.
  129. Dont's:
  130. Dont eat anything Hostess , cake, sugar bull shit, MUSCLE MILK BULL SHIT, or any of that shit that you know you shouldn't eat like fucking frozen mozzerella sticks.
  131. Stay away from pasta, shit with a lot of bread, all that garbage. Pasta contains tons of carbs and if you really aren't going to burn all that stuff off its going to hurt you.
  132. Obviously you can have w.e you want when you earn it but be realistic. You are doing this to lose weight it doesnt mean you earned a feast and 10 snacks. You need to be smart about it.
  135. Stay in your budget and be smart. Fix what goes in you before you even start working out. Thats more important and will help you KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF which is the hardest part.
  137. *******************************************************************************************************************************************
  138. 3. Diet / Lifestyle / Body Types
  140. Diet:
  141. I spoke most of this in the section above but like I said , You need to change your diet or else you wouldnt be here. If you need more calories get more, and get it with the proper foods.
  142. You want clean fat and clean protein. If you are a skinnier fella Peanut Butter has some nice fats and protein in it. If you are aa heavier fella you may want to avoid
  143. things with too too much fat but I ate a lot of peanut butter sandwhiches when I was a big guy and it worked lovely with good workouts. Improve your lifestyle without making your self
  144. miserable. You need to be motivated and refreshed to work out, if you are miserable its going to effect everything.
  146. Lifestyle:
  147. Everyones life is hectic. Thats not an excuse to eat late or eat shit. You dont want to be 35 and cant run around with your kids, or 25 with destroyed knee's because you have lost weight and gained
  148. weight so quickly in a viscous cycle. Please take care of your self and improve your life for the whole duration. Dont be that guy, make your self happy and stick to the shit you should be doing.
  150. Body Types:
  151. Everyones body is different. Not everythign will work for you. Use your own head and try the workouts and adjust them / weight to you. Same goes for cardio, you may not even need cardio
  152. I dont know you or your type. YOU DO, personally I need cardio , i gain weight fast and eat like shit. I need that mile every workout to keep me in check. It all depends on you. You need
  153. to figure out your type and go with it. Same goes for what kind of body you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to be lean and cut ? are you trying to build bulk? Do you want a mix of both?
  154. My guide is basic you will take this knowledge and go out and learn more and become a fucking monster that you were meant to be. Im not smart in the world of fitness compaired to some of the
  155. gods out there. This will get you in a good place where you can improve on your own.
  157. ********************************************************************************************************************************************
  159. 4. Workout Days / Muscle Groups
  161. Workout Days:
  162. I really REALLY REALLLLLLLLLLLLY recommend you do each muscle twice a week. Thats where you will change your life and gain your best results. Each muscle needs like 48 hours to chill for proper recovery
  163. though there are facts that this isn't true scientifically but as a normal fucking being fuck off you need 48 hours to not be in pain.
  165. Your week Should be divided like this:
  166. Mon - Cardio + Muscle 1 / Muscle 2. If you dont do cardio then you can do Muscle 1 / Muscle 2 / Muscle 3.
  167. Tues - Cardio + Muscle 3 / Muscle 4. If you dont do cardio then you can do Muscle 4 / Muscle 5 / Muscle 6.
  168. Wed - Supplemental Muscles - Things like Legs (Back for me cause I dont really do a lot of back) , forearms, traps, extra cardio if your a big fella and need it, streching, extra abs, glutes idk.
  169. Thurs - Repeat monday
  170. friday - repeat Tuesday
  172. Saturday + sunday - rest. You can do more cardio if you feel the need but you can rest. I did this schedule as a teen when i had tons of energy I currently workout a lot less because im a lazy adult.
  173. My current workout schedule
  175. Mon - Same for cardio format
  176. Tues - Same for Cardio format
  177. Wed - Nothing rest day
  178. Thurs - Nothign shitty school day
  179. Fri- Same for Thursdayt schedule
  180. Sat- Same for Friday Schedule
  181. Sun- Rest day.
  183. I dont really do the supplimental muscles anymore because I dont have that much time and im lazy. My goals have been reached YOURS however aren't dont skip shit.
  186. Muscle Groups:
  187. There are plenty of guides out there but my recommendations are you group things that dont overwork muscles and hurt you:
  188. I.e
  190. Dont pair chest with triceps. Chest uses triceps and you wont gain much when you have already tore the muscle and you are over workings it.
  191. Same goes for Biceps and back.
  192. I also wouldn't pair abs with legs because they both affect your core and it sucks ass.
  194. I group the following
  196. Chest + Back
  197. Biceps + triceps
  198. Shoulders + legs
  199. Abs should be done in a small manor often during breaks between sets. If you like forarems or traps you can add those into supplemental days.
  201. High end working out without a lot of cardio ; what I did when I was at my best.
  202. Mon: Chest + back + legs
  203. Tues: Biceps + Triceps + shoulders
  204. Wed: Forearms + traps + a little extra ab focus
  205. thurs - mon
  206. friday - tues.
  209. Ideal set for normal people would be
  210. Mon: Chest + Back
  211. Tues: Biceps + triceps
  212. wed: Shoulders + legs
  213. Thurs: Mon
  214. Friday; Tues
  215. Abs everyday inbetween sets small amount of abs. Mon Leg raises, Tues decline sit ups, wed none, thurs planks, fri oblique turns.
  218. I currently do this:
  219. Mon: Chest + Shoulders
  220. Tues: Biceps + triceps
  221. Wed: Skip
  222. Thurs: skip
  223. Friday: legs + abs.
  226. I only get one of each muscle per week nowadays because of time and cardio. If I dont do cardio then its easy to get in two of each muscle group a week.
  227. To me the most importannt muscles have always been like the main 5.
  228. Biceps , Triceps, Shoulders, Chest, abs.
  229. Legs for me have been super important because I play basketball but for a normal person its up to you weather you need them or not. Running helps your legs alot and for the most part
  230. unless you are training for self protection you wont need a lot of extra leg training. Especially if you are going for appearance gains in the gym you will see more from skipping
  231. back and leg day and focusing on the appearance muscles. I dont exactly recommend it but its your life bro.
  233. ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  235. 5. Cardio
  237. Over the years Ive figured out a lot about cardio. A lot of people over do it. I used to run 13 miles when I played college basketball. My little brother motivated me to push my self to the limit.
  238. This in addition to a lot of things is why I had to bust my ass at the gym to keep what I had and plateu'd. One thing we tend to forget is cardio burns fat everywhere, but less on the area's we want
  239. it to. You should do your cardio with that in mind. I really have found that 10-15 mins of cardio a day is the best. Anymore then that is burning your muscle.
  241. With the following info you need to check your self and see how it applies to you:
  243. I recmmend 1 mile every day if you can. This really isn't that possible for most people so ideally do 1 mile four times a week on the days you workout, or do it like 3 times a week
  244. on the days you dont workout.
  246. If you are going for straight muscle mass avoid cardio and add more muscle groups into your days and max the fuck out of your workouts and sets and rest really good on your off days.
  247. Me I need the cardio becaasue of my shitty metabolism.
  249. Cardio Routines:
  250. STRETCH BEFORE ALL CARDIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  252. Running outside is the best cardio you can get. However If you live in a shitty city, unsafe environment, or have generically bad knee's or anxiety about people seeing you / your weight this
  253. wont work for you.
  254. You can do it on the treadmill too! However keep in mind if you are dragging your feet on the treadmill you aren't helping your self. You need to get those feet up and jog for real.
  256. You can do all sorts on the treadmill, I recommend the following for your cardio:
  257. Speed walking: 15 min - 20 min of speed walking if you cant handle jogging. Y
  259. Jogging: 12 mins of jogging, 1 minute walk + 10 minutes on 6 speed jogging + 1 minute rest. Great Great way to lose some fat. Not too long where you start burning arm fat but not to short where
  260. you aren't sweating or raising your heart level. you can increase it to 2m or faster speeds.
  263. Sprints: These are really hard to say cause everyone has different limits but you should aim for 3-4 sprints and 4-5 rests.
  264. your sprints should be twice as long as your rests at minimum. I.e 1 min warmup + 2 min sprint + 1min walk + 1min sprint + 30 second walk + 1min sprint + 30 second walk ... i.e
  267. Be smart with your cardio. If you need it DO it and dont skip it. If you dont then avoid it. Dont over due it and do shitty workouts because your tired or hurt or be lazy and try
  268. to cop out and give up because you are starting to get out of breathe. Push your self in a safe manor.
  270. *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
  272. 6. Muscles
  274. This is probably the meat of the whole guide. I am a true beleiver of looking things up on youtube and adding them to your arsenal of workouts. There are millions of people out there with
  275. information for you. You really should look up a video on each of them.
  277. I will list the muscle group and some good workouts for each one. The ones with a * name * are the ones I currently do.
  279. ****************
  281. Chest:
  283. * Flat Bench Press * : Its your normal typical bench press. Its a wonderful chest exercise for building pecs. If you want a flatter chest try to do pushups and lesser weight bench press with more reps.
  284. Otherwise its not a bad thing to build some muscle on your chest since you will lose some from a good diet. Aim for something like this
  285. Set 1: A set where you can do something like 10-15 reps I know its hard starting off.
  286. for me I put 135 on and do 15 reps nice and slow with good form. Look up the proper benchpress form so you are engaging your triceps to help you with your lift.
  287. Set 2: Add on minimum like 5-10 on each side , I usually add on 25 on each side and raise it up to 185 for this.
  288. Try to aim for something like 6-11 reps, I usually get about 11 here.
  289. Set 3: Add a functional difficult weight. For me this is 225, where I can get about 5 reps in solidly at this point. Dont be afraid to ask for a spotter, no one cares how much you lift honestly but they
  290. will be glad to help you if you ask politely. I dont use a spotter because im an idiot and ive been doing this for years so I know what I can and cant do.
  291. You can stop here if you are feeling it, but for me I push further and do. Aim for 3 sets really, 3 good sets that you feel it. Id rather see you do 3 sets of lesser weight and get a bad ass workout in then 1 rep of heavy and be tired.
  292. 2 reps at 245 my next weight level
  293. 2 reps at 255 my next weight level
  294. 1 rep at 265 my next weight level
  295. 1 rep at 275 my next weight level
  296. and at 285 I get a spotter and get about 3/4 of the rep currently. I do aim to max out but you really shouldnt there isnt any need. When I first started bench pressing I just put on
  297. 135 and did 3-5 sets of as many reps as I could with a workout partner. I found this flattened my chest and gave me what I wanted. This is probably what you are looking for
  298. Aim to reach 1.25 times your weight in your life time, start off small though and dont get hurt. This is a dangerous exercise please be safe.
  300. * Decline bench press *: This is the bench that your legs are raised and your head is closer to the ground. You should be able to do more then your normal bench NORMALLY, however if you did bench press first then
  301. you will be tired naturally. Aim for something like 1x your body weight in your life time for this as a workout after flat bench. Your triceps will be more engaged here not exactly sure 100% why but
  302. be aware of that. Numbers for things on bench really are hard to say there something you just have to try. I would start out with a flat bar and no weight and go from there to figure out your sweet spots.
  303. Get a spotter if you can so you can explore your body and limits. Aim for 3 sets
  305. * Incline bench press * : hardest one of the three. Dont expect to do a lot of weight, focus on your form and becareful not to hurt your shoulders. Its the bench press that you are basically sitting leaning back slightly.
  306. This is a fucking hard exercise and feel free to skip it as a beginner. I sure as fuck did. Come back to it eventually though because it really helps you fill out your chest properly.
  307. Aim for like 2 sets because you will be tired if you did the other benches.
  309. *Flys* - You can do this with a machine, cables, or dumb bells - but it is the motion when you are basically going from a position with your arms stretched out and closing them in on the center of your chest also known as your sternum.
  310. This is a great , easy workout that you should add in once you get the meat done (benches or pushups). Aim for like 3 sets.
  312. Pushups- You should know how to do a pushup if not look up PROPER MILITARY PUSHUPS, that is the key. Numbers dont mean shit with bad form because you will build off balance muscles. Pushups are amazing, they not only give you a
  313. great chest workout but are great for helping to lose weight due to the intensity of body weight exercises. Aim for 3 sets of 20, but realistically you will probably get sometrhing like 20 , 15, 10. which is fine. do YOUR BEST
  314. there was a time where I could bang out three sets of 40 , only you know you.
  316. Dumbell Press - This is a fantastic way to ease your self into bench pressing. Here you can use smaller dumb bells and get an idea of the motion / what you can handle. I really recommend you do this before benching if
  317. you are a beginner. You also can do this safely without a spotter thats the best part! Aim for 3 sets, the weight with dumbells are harder then bench press so in a life time goal aim for 1x your body weight
  319. There are many others but these are the core workouts I recommend for you. Pick 3 that work the best for you, I do the 3 bench presses and a machine cable fly. Its four but I dont count machine flys as a full workout since my
  320. incline bench usually is shitty but something is better then nothing!
  323. ********************
  326. Back: I am not an expert on back in any shape or form. You really should look up back and take this portion with a grain of salt.
  328. I do the following three workouts;::
  330. Lateral Pull downs - 3 sets, 100 pounds - you should aim for 3 sets with like 1/3 - 1/2 your body weight. Its the machine with a really wide bar on the suspension machine where people lean back and pull it to there
  331. chest.
  333. Overhead pull downs - 3 sets, 100-150 pounds. Aim for 1/3 - 3/4 your body weight. Same machine except you lean forward then back and pull it down to your traps.
  335. rows - 3 sets - aim for 1/2 - 1x your body weight. On the suspension machien theres a long bench that you can sit on and grab a triangle looking bar like structure handle that you grab and pull back till
  336. your elbows each your ribs. This is called a row, and its a great exercise with weight.
  338. There are so many more workouts like the God Tier dead lifts. I dont have time to give a shit too much about back but maybe you do! Research it and becareful
  340. **********************
  343. Biceps: My worst muscle
  345. 3 sets for everything
  347. *Preacher Curls &* - they are the curls in which you lean over some structure similar to like a tilted table with fabric. I prefer to use a curling bar and aim for 3 sets with 15 , 11, 11 reps in each set while
  348. increasing weight. This workout is great for building bulk in your biceps.
  350. *Standard Curls * - Typical curls, you can do them sitting with isolation , standing with a twist at the end for more of a cannon ball look, or laying down on a bench for shoulder isolation.
  351. Anyway you choose to do it, you need to decide between more bulk or more definition. If definition is your case go for 10 on each arm while taking your time doing it and aim for form. If you are going
  352. for bulk aim for heavy 6 rep sets.
  354. *Hammer Curcls* - Hard as fuck to do so the weight wont be much but basically its the curl where you are literally bringing the top "Hammer Head" of the dumbell straight up to your biceps. Bend your elbow
  355. and dont move your shoulder please. Its a bad ass workout for building the longer head of your bicep if im not mistaken. You can also replace this with Rope Pulls]
  356. *Rope Pulls* - hard to explain but its bascially when you take the rope used for triceps - place iot on the lower section of the suspension machine and pull up into a double curl. It hits it just like
  357. hammer curls except its easier for those who cant do them, but at the cost of a shittier workout.
  359. Pullups- God tier workout, not good for me because It really digs into my hands without gloves and for awhile my jumpshot paid for college and I couldn't be having that. For YOU THOUGH! it is an awesome
  360. exercise and you should start off by doing negative pull ups to get into it. Negative pulls ups are when you take a chair jump up and slowly let your self come down while controlling it. It gives you the work out of a pull up
  361. but in reverse for those who cant do it! Eventually you will be able to do them and it gets better and better. I started off being able to do 1/2 and finished doing sets of 15. Eventually you want to switch the grip
  362. from a chip up to a real military style marine pull up where its over handed.
  364. Suspension machine - you can do anything for biceps here and theres tons of workouts so im not going to go into it but remember it will cut them up and make them tight and vacular but you wont really get BIGGER biceps this
  365. way. For me I already had big arms of fat so it helped so much by just shaping the fuck out of that. Look up some or watch others. There is NO shame in learning at the gym bro.
  367. Standing Curls - Similar to the single ones with dumbbells but done with a curling bar and a medium weight. This can be done in so many ways incuding "21"s look it up for more info. You can do them in serts of 10 standing
  368. up for an awesome workout as well. You can even do them reverse grip for a hammer curl style workout! becareful of forearm pain with this one though.
  370. There are tons of workouts find the 3 that work for you. Biceps suck and its important to find the 3 that work and just get it over with :D
  372. *************************
  374. Triceps: My best muscle
  375. 3-5 sets for all. You can push your self hard with triceps on the suspension machine so dont be afraid.
  377. * Pull downs * - You can do this with a rope or with a triangle handle. Just pull down and twist out at the end to extend out those triceps. Dont be an idiot trying to max out the stack with shit form dont be bending
  378. your back to pull it down.
  380. * Bar pulls * - This isnt the name for it but who the fuck actually knows the name. Its when you take one of the bar attatchments and you pull it down with both hand grips to effect two different tricep heads.
  381. You want a handgrip underhanded to get the back of your triceps and an overhanded one for the front. These are AWESOME if you do it slow and with good form. The underhanded one is much harder.
  383. * Rope extenntions * - again who the fk knows the name, but basically take that rope you used for pull downs, pull it so its one long rope instead of being divided into that U shape it was and pull down with one hand
  384. and bend your wrist out. It is basically the motion of flexing your tricep. It really brings out that horseu shape that pops out when people flex it. Its the front most tricep head that pops out on your arm.
  386. Tricep pushups / bench - Its a close grip bench or a diamond style pushup. Very hard to do and very good results with these. Take your time before heading for thees
  388. Skull Crushers- Look them up when you get into working out. For now take it easy and do the suspension machiene triceps. If you must know its when you lay on a bench bring a bar to your head and exteend it out.
  390. Dumbbell kickbacks - You can look it up if you feel the need but I think there kind of shitty. Its when you lean over and extend your tricep or arm backwards.
  392. Dips - that motion when people hand and push them selves back up. You workout your chest more thgen your triceps in a standard dip but there are a lot of ways where you can isolate them such as machines
  393. or puttiung your feet up on another bench and just using your arms (two benches sit on one legs extended on the other) with a weight on your lap. Look it up for more info
  396. ************************************
  398. Legs:
  400. I really dont have 100% info for form for you and you should look it up so im just going to give you the names of the workouts
  401. Keep in mind if you do squats dont do leg presses. Leg presses are an easier version of squats and you will get hurt over doing it.
  402. Do 1 calf exercise, 1 squat or leg press, and either lunge / dead lift / leg raise + leg decline. judge how you feel when you do them
  403. 3 sets for all and please look them up so you can do them proprerly without injury.
  405. *Squats*
  407. *Calf Raises* - God tier workout for making your life easier. Will take pain off your knee's , will make running easier, going up the stairs easier, and jump higher slightly till you platue.
  409. Lunges
  411. Dead Lifts
  413. * Leg raises *
  415. * Leg Declines *
  417. Leg Press - got started with these because I had bad knee's for squats. Fucking love these.
  419. **********************************
  421. Shoulders:
  423. Ill break them up into two gigantic routines I do , keep in mind there are a million shoulder workouts
  425. Routine 1:
  426. 21's.
  427. 3-5 sets of the following while sitting on a bench preferably with the back raised up.
  428. You take two 20lb dumb bells, do 7 straight raises for each arm, 7 side raises at the same time for each arm, and 7 shoulder presses preferably arnold style.
  429. thats 1 set, NO BREAKS inbetween any of that. Aim for 3 sets with full reps starting off and work your way to 5.
  430. 20 maybe too much or too little for you. For me ive always done 20 and I cant really get past 22.5 lb for shoulders with this
  432. Routine 2:
  433. Basically the same shoulder workout for front raise except with a cable for a nice isolation 20-30 lbs for me idk about you
  434. Basically same shoulder workout for side raises except lean back a little in your chair and really isolate the shit out of it. You should feel a tingle on your lats it you do it 15-20 lbs for me
  435. properly from trying to stabalize your shoulders.
  436. Shoulder press - There are some gyms with a nice sitting press for it, some with machines, or you can do dumb bells / military style press. just basically an upward press for your shoulders.
  437. Arnold is the best form for dumbbells if you choose dumbbells. i start off with 95, 115, 135 and use a benchpress bar with weights for an overhead press whilst on a benchpress with a back raised at
  438. a proper shoulder press station.
  441. ***************************************************
  442. Abs
  444. Theres absoultely a ridiculous amount of workouts but i recommend you do the ones I mentioned earlier with your workouts as suppliment in between set workouts.
  446. Leg Raises- You basically do a set of 20, 10 with knee's lifting, 10 with legs straight out lifting. 3 sets
  448. Planks - 1-2 minutes, 3 sets
  450. Deline situps - situps on a decline 10 reps x 3
  452. Oblique turns - Machine or with medicine ball turn your body with a weight and you should feel it. Usually done while sitting and only moving your torso
  454. These are my three above, the ones below work great too.
  457. Leg extensions - when you hand your legs 6 inchyes off the ground and hold
  459. lower ab crunches - when you hold a benchh and move your legs out extended and back in. Works the lower abs
  461. Bicycles - biycle motion on your back 1min x 3
  463. Rope crunches / machine crunches - never worked for me but a lot of people do it. Up to you
  465. Good ole sit ups - least effective but if you have nothing you do what you gotta do.
  468. *************************************************
  470. Forearms + traps + Groin / Hip Flexors
  472. All supplementary muscles and dont have a ton of workouts for them
  474. Forearms - the typical rope wind up and control down or similar motion with a dumbbel twist up or away.
  476. Traps - Shrugs preferably with a machine. There are ways to do front and back shrugs for different effects with machine otherwise use heavy dumbells.
  478. Groins - Groin machine period. One that goes in with leg squeeze for groin, one that goes out for hip flexor. Be careful not to overwork either of these.
  479. Your hip flexers help with jumping for the record.
  482. ***************************************************************************
  484. 7. Ending
  486. I really hope any of this helps someone. Ive changed my life and use it to change a lot of the people I care about and people that I volunteered at the YMCA to help them. I dont want anything in return
  487. and im not claiming to be an expert. All this is for is strictly to give some people with not a lot of knowledge maybe a thing or two to help them. If this guide helps you I would love to hear it and for
  488. now until I get a website up with this info you can contact me in a private message on the Asylum Gaming forums if you need any more personal help / advice/ or anything really. One day Ill make this
  489. into a website and hopefully help people out there who dont need the Fucking Bull shit that people try to sell them. Its all a lie there are no magic products or short cuts. There are however smart
  490. decisions that will speed up the process and hardwork that wil be done to complete it. Good luck and have a wonderful life.
  493. I dont feel like listing my real name but this guide was Made by Derek or Known as Leon to some people.
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