Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 2

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  1. [13:24:43] <@sophos> As the thunder dies, an old gramophone begins to scratch a needle on a spinning vinyl. The music it plays is appropriately spooky and a bit intense, like the rest of the manor. The robot decides to remain silent at one end of the table, as the party discusses its next move.
  2. [13:26:45] Mayhem moves closer to the gramophone, examining the intricate work.
  3. [13:28:28] Mistress_D Ears perk at the sudden bit of music playing inbetween and follows the alluring sound down the hall past the relics of the past, she can appreciate the owners tastes. The least she can do is introduce herself after all this was an invite only party no? she thinks as she turns the corner and walks into the dinner hall
  4. [13:28:30] <PrettyWreck> Pretty turns his head at the source of the music, but was quite certain that the robot didn't move. Automatic gramophone perhaps? Hopefully. The grim look on his face tells that he's less than thrilled to be here, the spooky atmosphere seeping into his skin and making him shiver slightly. "...Should we just sit down?" To be honest, he had been feeling parched for a while now.
  5. [13:28:47] <@sophos> The vinyl disk is flipped by tiny, mechanical pincers and the needle begins scratching away at a new song.
  6. [13:30:03] <VioletReverie> Violet tilts her head at the scratchy music, and frowns disapprovingly. "So... what are we supposed to do at fancy parties?"
  7. [13:30:25] <Stellar_Ascent_> "What an... atmospheric tune indeed..." Stellar more or less murmurred, trying to hide his displeasure out of courtesy.
  8. [13:32:18] Mayhem rubs her chin, staring at the gramophone. "How...unusual..."
  9. [13:32:55] <Stellar_Ascent_> Turning his head towards Pretty, he could only shrug. "As much as I hate insinuating things... we already got a taste of the owner's sense of humor. So perhabs... not?" Ascent suggested not to sit down for now.
  10. [13:33:20] PrettyWreck gives VioletReverie a half-hearted shrug; "Beats me. I'm not the type to spend time in fancy parties. Not even by crashing one."
  11. [13:33:25] <@sophos> "Parched, you say?" the robot asks PrettyWreck. "I would alert the cook, but they shut down years ago. Not that the unit was any good-- never listened to a word I'd say. Unfortunately, I haven't heard word from the baroness in many years as well. But she never missus a party."
  12. [13:35:03] PrettyWreck turns his gaze back at the robot at the one corner of the table with a displeased look. The news, while not entirely surprising, weren't exactly pleasant either. "...Right."
  13. [13:35:16] <VioletReverie> Violet smiles and returns the hug. "I dont think I've ever been in one before. S' not really a lotta options. And yeah, no sitting. My butt still stings from that doorbell." She blinks at the butler. "Not even food? Yeesh, fancy parties suck."
  14. [13:35:48] Mistress_D in the Doorway stands a tall, thin, and beautiful mare with with the coat and mane color of a newborn ghost. The only thing preventing the dim light from boucing of off her is her cloud mantle & thick cloak daped regal purple metal armor, and shoes. her face partially covered by a masquerade mask without eye holes but white film to still see out off. Her mane long and flowing almost as if wind is gently blowing it and she look
  15. [13:37:31] <@sophos> The robot hovers towards the door and says, "Excuse me, is someone there? Or did someone leave the dining room?"
  16. [13:37:50] Mistress_D Bows
  17. [13:38:13] Mayhem turns to the newcomer and raises an eyebrow. "Is that a pegasus or a cloud?"
  18. [13:38:41] <Stellar_Ascent_> Ascent takes a slightly startled step backwards. "How... mysterious..."
  19. [13:39:28] <Mistress_D> "Please excuse my rudeness, I am was informed that there would be a party held at this establishment. So I hope you don't mind I let myself in."
  20. [13:39:35] Mistress_D lifts from her bow
  21. [13:39:58] <VioletReverie> Violet frowns and mutters something under her breath, resembling "Showoff" and other unmentionable things.
  22. [13:40:30] <@sophos> "Would you please present your invitation?"
  23. [13:40:36] PrettyWreck gives a quiet whistle and a slow look-over at the pony in the doorway: "No worries babe, more the merrier"
  24. [13:41:08] Mistress_D digs in her Cloud mantle and pulls out a letter "Would this be it dear Servant?'
  25. [13:43:11] <@sophos> The robot hovers for a moment, and then lets out a ping. "Welcome, esteemed guest," it says. "My name is Benson..." there's a strange popping sound, "mum."
  26. [13:43:11] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar Ascent bows out of courtesy as well. "I am certain such a polite miss will be forgiven; after all, we have entered this local by ourselves as well."
  27. [13:43:54] <Mistress_D> "Pleasure to meet you Servant."
  28. [13:44:45] Mistress_D turns heel to look to the others in the party "Same to all of you."
  29. [13:45:23] <VioletReverie> Violet nods jerkily, standing uncomfortably close to PrettyWreck.
  30. [13:45:27] <Stellar_Ascent_> "A pleasure to meet you, madame."
  31. [13:46:50] Mayhem just nods. She doesn't quite know what to make of this fluff ball, yet.
  32. [13:46:54] Kiwi_Cider chews on a bobby pin, taking in all the surroundings. His earts twitch at the new mare's statment. "So, are you calling us servants?" he asks. "Cuz' my name is Ace Moonlight."
  33. [13:47:04] PrettyWreck makes a beeline at Mistress_D, ignoring VioletReverie in the progress; "So, does a cutie like you have a name? I'm PrettyWreck or "coltfriend" works too."
  34. [13:47:17] <Mistress_D> "Like wise my fair stallion. May I have have the honor." *extends hoof to the stallion before*
  35. [13:48:50] Mistress_D Turns politely to the new stallion in view and offers her hoof. "Why yes I do, Sir?"
  36. [13:49:17] <Mistress_D> "Excuse me Sir Colt-Friend was it?'
  37. [13:50:23] PrettyWreck smirks, the previous uneasiness trampled by flirtatious confidence: "Don't mind if I do~ Though Pretty is just fine."
  38. [13:51:15] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar gladly takes the hoof and gives the polite miss another bow. "Such manners are indeed a rarity in these... simpler times. Perhabs this shall be a delightful night after all."
  39. [13:52:11] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Stellar Ascent is my name. My I ask your name?"
  40. [13:52:27] <PrettyWreck> "With such a pretty face, surely."
  41. [13:53:18] <Mistress_D> "Sir Pretty then." *states as she shakes Stellars hoof. and looks to answer the one who chews pins before answering the question of Stellar. She seems to have been through this before as she adresses everone equally and with grace.
  42. [13:54:25] <Mistress_D> "And I was refering to the robot my dear, but if you wish to be my Servant~ all you have to do is ask."
  43. [13:54:40] <VioletReverie> Violet leans against the nearby wall, watching the events unfold with a cool gaze, eyeing the newcomer like a mark.
  44. [13:56:24] Kiwi_Cider lets out sensible chuckle.
  45. [13:56:33] PrettyWreck chuckles slightly as well.
  46. [13:56:48] Mayhem steps next to VioletReverie, leaning down and whispering into her ear: "Don't like her, eh?"
  47. [13:57:49] <VioletReverie> Violet nods and murmurs back. "Not only is she tryin' to steal my stallion, her flashy display tells me she's up to somethin'."
  48. [13:58:40] Mistress_D releases the hooves as she looks at Kiwi_Cider "But regardless, its a pleasure to meet you.'
  49. [13:58:55] <Mistress_D> "Sir Moonlight'
  50. [13:59:59] <Stellar_Ascent_> Ascent turns to the robot butler. "Now where the introductions seem to have occured... what would the next steps of this special occasion be?"
  51. [14:00:10] Mayhem nods. "Yeah, something about her seems...cloudy..."
  52. [14:01:53] PrettyWreck looks at Benson, waiting for some sort of confirmation to why they're there.
  53. [14:04:11] Mistress_D *Notices the large minotaur leaning to whisper and finds it humerous* "Quite the party, even a minotaur is here, my its been years since I saw another.'
  54. [14:04:34] <@sophos> "As I understand it, this is a Nightmare Night celebration and a test for you guests-- the world's greatest sleuths," says the robot. "No one can leave until the Baroness' murderer is discovered and the shield is deactivated."
  55. [14:05:54] <@sophos> Lightning flashes, and thunder follows.
  56. [14:06:16] <VioletReverie> "What."
  57. [14:06:18] Mistress_D ears flick "Hmm, O dear~"
  58. [14:06:29] <Mayhem> "The fuck is a sleuth?!"
  59. [14:07:13] <VioletReverie> "I think water goes through it?"
  60. [14:07:39] <@sophos> "A catch-all term for detectives and crime-solvers," says the robot.
  61. [14:08:17] <Mistress_D> "Or searching like one, no rank is official needed."
  62. [14:08:30] <Mistress_D> *officially*
  63. [14:08:47] <VioletReverie> Violet coughs. "So, Pretty, while I love that you brought me here, what's with the murder n' stuff?"
  64. [14:09:59] Mistress_D walks to the edge of the dinning room to get a better look pass the ponies
  65. [14:11:19] PrettyWreck looks at the others: "Well, I think at this point we can be sure that the old bat is probably dead as dust anyway." Pretty gives a shrug "Hey, I'm not exactly a gumshoe material myself. Thought this place might have had something worth it." The stallion fluffs the collar of his leather jacket, uneasily walking back to VioletReverie.
  66. [14:12:07] <VioletReverie> Violet snickers. "Well, it does have that car. And my offer still stands."
  67. [14:12:55] <@sophos> "The Baroness is very committed. Many of the puzzles and traps in this manor would prove deadly to any but the sleuthiest individuals. In two centuries, no one has uncovered the mystery laid out by the Baroness. I wish you all the best of luck."
  68. [14:13:00] <Mayhem> "Enough rare crafting materials around here as well, I'm pretty sure."
  69. [14:13:54] <VioletReverie> Violet backs her ears. "I think I wanna leave."
  70. [14:14:19] <Mistress_D> "Seems the Baroness was a fairly intelligent women, though didn't stop her from being murdered."
  71. [14:14:33] Kiwi_Cider eyes light up at the robot's speech.
  72. [14:15:44] <@sophos> "The murder was part of her plan, Mistress_D," says the robot. "She was always a step ahead."
  73. [14:16:15] PrettyWreck has a grim look on his face, self-preservation taking top priority: "I think I'm just gonna start that motorwagon and we'll be off... I assume we're free to leave? Right?" The stallion's voice falters a little, hoping for a good answer.
  74. [14:16:35] <Mistress_D> "Clearly." looks to the robot sophos "So will dinner be served before or after the games are done."
  75. [14:16:35] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Why would she construct this trap though?" Ascent ponders. What were her intentions?
  76. [14:17:06] <Mayhem> "That's a pretty extravagant way to commit suicide."
  77. [14:17:53] <VioletReverie> "Drama queen."
  78. [14:18:19] <Mistress_D> "I approve."
  79. [14:19:52] <@sophos> The robot does its best to answer everyone in order, "There's is no escape apart from deactivating the shield, the dinner wont be served at all, I'm not sure, and everything the Baroness did was extravagant."
  80. [14:21:13] Mistress_D ears lower with a sigh "Well I have performed under worst conditions." before they perk up again and waits for the first instruction
  81. [14:22:29] Kiwi_Cider can't help but smile at the situation, despite his better judgement. "So," he says, "should we split up and look for clues?"
  82. [14:23:13] <Stellar_Ascent_> "I've never been good in puzzel games... so I remain silent and stick with the general consensus." Ascent more or less responded to Ace's suggestion.
  83. [14:23:20] PrettyWreck looks at the robot with panic: "So you're just going to keep us in here until we solve some stupid fucking puzzle or die trying?!" The stallion lights a cigarette, the flicker of the flame of his lighter briefly illuminating his face: "Yeah how about no, Scoobs. I'm not splitting up and getting killed in here!" Pretty gives an irritated glare at Kiwi_Cider
  84. [14:23:24] <VioletReverie> "If I die here I will haunt you all."
  85. [14:24:07] <Mistress_D> "You can't haunt us if we are all dead dear."
  86. [14:24:15] <VioletReverie> "Watch me."
  87. [14:24:32] <Mistress_D> "Fiesty~"
  88. [14:25:11] <VioletReverie> Violet blinks at Mistress D, then slowly backs away and behind Mayhem.
  89. [14:25:31] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Please; I don't believe in such superstitions like ghosts." He gave Violet a slightly disapproving gaze.
  90. [14:26:28] <VioletReverie> Violet quips back, "Yeah, and a spooky zebra told me they're real!"
  91. [14:26:42] <@sophos> "Splitting up is a viable strategem," says the robot. "You only have 11 hours and 19 minutes to solve the mystery, and I am not programmed for sleuthing even if I am at your service."
  92. [14:27:00] <Mayhem> "You don't make fun of that. I may not be a shaman, but I know a lot of minotaurs who are."
  93. [14:27:47] <Mistress_D> "Ah free form from start to finish. Grand I like to go at my own pace."
  94. [14:28:23] <Stellar_Ascent_> Ascent raises an eyebrow when Ace mentioned that stuff about zebras, and the minotaur the stuff about shamanism. Shaking his head, he turned towards the robot. "Near 11 hours. Wait. What would happen if we were to fail?"
  95. [14:30:09] <PrettyWreck> Pretty frowns, his brows furrowing in anger: "I can take a guess."
  96. [14:31:13] <VioletReverie> "We end up face down in the river?"
  97. [14:31:49] <Mistress_D> "And become the new ghosties." gives an amused chuckle
  98. [14:32:02] <@sophos> The robot responds to Stellar_Ascent_ "The shield will stay active for another century."
  99. [14:33:06] <Stellar_Ascent_> "So lack of nutrition was the answer after all. No reason to be so pessimistic. I am certain that we can manage this." He tried to boost the moral of the grumpy group.
  100. [14:33:43] Mistress_D is Fairly amused
  101. [14:33:44] <PrettyWreck> Pretty blows out some smoke from his cigarette: "So we'll starve to death. This better damn well be worth it. Hey, robot, Benson whatever! If we manage to solve this, what will there be in for us?"
  102. [14:34:47] <@sophos> "A... mystery prize," says the robot.
  103. [14:36:22] <Kiwi_Cider> "Okay, I'm too young and have gotten too far to spend the rest of my life in here," says Kiwi_Cider. "Lets get started already."
  104. [14:36:23] Mistress_D smiles a bit "Though that sounds lovely, we should get a move on we do only have 11 hours."
  105. [14:38:28] <PrettyWreck> "Well, first of all. Where did the old bat-- Baroness whatshername die exactly, and how?" Pretty looks at Mistress_D; "You sound like you're enjoying yourself."
  106. [14:40:44] <Mistress_D> "You have to appeciate the effort she's putting in to kill us, from beyond the grave no less. I beats the regular ol raider with a pipe rifle anyday in my book.'
  107. [14:41:27] <Mistress_D> "Not please'd with the situation, but I can make light of it.'
  108. [14:41:36] <VioletReverie> Violet snorts. "I dont gotta appreaciate anythin'!"
  109. [14:41:59] <Mistress_D> "Your choice."
  110. [14:42:28] <@sophos> "Unfortunately," says the robot, "my programming forced me to clean up the Baroness' corpse the next day. But there were some journals left behind. I put them in a cabinet in the upstairs guest rooms."
  111. [14:42:51] <Mistress_D> "Is she buried on site?"
  112. [14:42:57] <Stellar_Ascent_> "You certainly have a unique taste for adventure, Madame." He responded to the mistress D. He then turned to the Mr. Hoofy "Would you kindly... bring us these journals?"
  113. [14:44:27] <PrettyWreck> "The old bat could just try to rest in her grave and not bother the living with this sort of bullshit." Pretty mutters to himself. "We could of course check the room ourselves. We have to check this place out anyway."
  114. [14:44:39] Mistress_D looks to Stellar_Ascent_ as she puffs her mane "It keeps me young."
  115. [14:45:27] <@sophos> "I'm sorry, I haven't ventured upstairs since my map of the area became corrupted," says the robot. "And all bodies were cremated and scattered in the courtyard."
  116. [14:45:29] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Fair point, Pretty."
  117. [14:45:50] Mistress_D nods
  118. [14:46:01] <Mayhem> "Hmmpf, guess we will have to go up there ourselves."
  119. [14:46:24] <Mistress_D> "Very well, if there is nothing else Servant, would you allow us to be off?"
  120. [14:46:52] Kiwi_Cider tosses Mayhem a two-way radio and say, "Catch, partner. Let me know when and where you need me."
  121. [14:47:32] Kiwi_Cider asks the robot, "Is there any other clues you can tell us?"
  122. [14:48:07] PrettyWreck shrugs: "We probably shouldn't split just yet though. Let's get the main facts down first."
  123. [14:48:44] <Stellar_Ascent_> "If anyone has weaponry on them, I recommend readying it." Ascent turned towards the group, not trying to be bossy or anything. "Who knows if certain contraptions involve... unpleasant figures."
  124. [14:49:05] Mayhem nearly drops the radio, but still manages to catch it. "Thanks, will do."
  125. [14:49:09] <Mistress_D> "Unfortunatly I am unarmed."
  126. [14:49:36] <VioletReverie> "Seriously?"
  127. [14:49:43] <Mistress_D> "I will try my best to stay out of the way of any outgoing fire."
  128. [14:50:10] PrettyWreck nudges his switchknife and nods.
  129. [14:50:29] <Stellar_Ascent_> "I hope it won't come to this. But my! Is this a two-way radio? The amount of technology in this place is pleasant indeed."
  130. [14:50:36] <@sophos> The robot turns toward a door and hovers into it with a thud. "Ah, yes," it says to Kiwi. "This is the Library, it leads to the Den. The door in the corner is to the courtyard, which is locked. And the other corner door is to the kitchen."
  131. [14:51:33] Mistress_D walks around the room doing a quick scan.
  132. [14:53:51] <@sophos> The room is gaudy; covered in the mounted heads of beasts, decorative swords, and a large self-portait of the Baroness.
  133. [14:55:16] Mistress_D wonders if the artist of that portait was turned into a ghoul, so she could commision a work of such quailty.
  134. [14:56:27] <Stellar_Ascent_> Ascent too pokes into the room, amazed by the library
  135. [14:56:34] Mayhem examines if the swords are sharpened.
  136. [14:56:53] VioletReverie ambles over to the table and surveys it.
  137. [14:58:57] Mistress_D looks to the Robot Butler "Servant, would you mind if I removed this piece from the wall?" says pointing at the portait
  138. [14:59:20] <@sophos> The swords are blunt.
  139. [14:59:37] <PrettyWreck> "Hey Benson, where's the stairs to second floor?" Pretty asks, still smoking his cig with slightly less irritation in his voice.
  140. [15:00:15] Mayhem traces a finger along one edge and makes a disappointed sound.
  141. [15:01:25] <@sophos> "The main stairwell, sir," says the robot. "The way I brought you up from the basement. And to whoever else was speaking to me, which piece are you referring to?"
  142. [15:02:00] Mistress_D Points to the Portait
  143. [15:04:37] <Mayhem> "So shall we head upstairs?"
  144. [15:05:06] <@sophos> The robot hovers a moment and says, "I hope you're not pointing at something. I would hope a sleuth of your calibur could determine my eyes are non-functional."
  145. [15:05:54] <Mistress_D> "My Apologizes, I didn't wish to assume, I speak of the portait of your Baroness, can I remove it from the wall."
  146. [15:06:03] <VioletReverie> "Ooh, sassy robot. I like. Can we take him home with us, Pretty?"
  147. [15:06:31] <@sophos> "I am incapable of stopping you, miss," says the robot.
  148. [15:06:55] <Stellar_Ascent_> Ascent is definetly fascinated if something will come out of this...
  149. [15:07:14] Mayhem just shrugs at not getting an answer and heads to the main gallery.
  150. [15:07:36] <PrettyWreck> "Violet I honestly don't care at the moment. Lets think about it later. Mayhem, I'm coming with you, I need a change of scenery anyway..." Pretty follows Mayhem, putting out the cigarette butt.
  151. [15:08:14] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Good luck." He wished Ace and Mayhem.
  152. [15:08:21] Mistress_D removes the portait from the wall
  153. [15:08:42] <@sophos> There is a large, wall mounted safe.
  154. [15:08:50] VioletReverie salutes and follows the two into the gallery.
  155. [15:09:08] <Mistress_D> "Hello lovely."
  156. [15:10:43] <Stellar_Ascent_> "A hidden treasure? Should we attempt to open it?"
  157. [15:10:57] <Mistress_D> "Go ahead if it suits your fancy."
  158. [15:11:13] <Mistress_D> "I have no lock with lucks."
  159. [15:11:39] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Very well madame." Stellar examines the safe to see if it could be picked.
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  169. [15:15:09] PrettyWreck walks after Mayhem and after a moment of silence, uses the timing to ask: "So, what's between you and Scoobs over there?"
  170. [15:16:54] <Mayhem> "He is just some guy out of my town. A local sleuth."
  171. [15:17:49] <VioletReverie> Violet pops up behind the two. "So, he finds stuff for the town?"
  172. [15:18:14] <Mayhem> "He's freelance. He finds stuff for whoever pays him."
  173. [15:19:04] <VioletReverie> "Huh. Sounds kinda like what I do, except he dont get shot at for it."
  174. [15:20:01] <PrettyWreck> "Huh. So it makes sense why he was sent an invitation. Still have no clue why I got it. A sick joke, maybe? Like I said, I'm not a gumshoe."
  175. [15:21:01] <Mayhem> "Oh he wasn't sent one. We found it under some other old papers in our shop."
  176. [15:22:10] <VioletReverie> "Weird."
  177. [15:22:44] <PrettyWreck> "So the one pony who COULD get an invitation gets it by accident. There's something funny about that."
  178. [15:23:37] <Mayhem> "So my master decided I should be the one to retrieve materials potentially found here. The pipsqueak only happened by the shop at that moment by chance and we figured we might need someone, who knows how to pick a lock, so I took him along.""
  179. [15:24:43] <VioletReverie> "Psh, lockpicks. Still, this aint addin' up. Why all of us? Well, I wasn't invited, I just didnt like Pretty out on his own in a creepy setup like this."
  180. [15:25:26] <Mayhem> "Well how did you two get to know each other then?" While talking, she heads up the staircase.
  181. [15:26:03] <VioletReverie> Violet giggles. "Ooh, that's an embarrassing one."
  182. [15:29:20] <PrettyWreck> "Your master?" Pretty looks at the minotaur with a confused look: "You know, that can mean a lotta of things." Pretty frowns a little: "This pipsqueak appeared in my gang's doorstep some time ago. Her cousin's a member. Decent fellow. Still gonna punch his fucking lights out later for this. Anyway, for whatever reason this brat is infatuated with me. That's my side of the story anyway."
  183. [15:30:47] <Mayhem> "I'm a craftsman apprentice, that kind of master." She mutters under her breath: "Perv..."
  184. [15:31:10] <VioletReverie> "What can I say? Love is love, and I'll prove I'm worth it someday!"
  185. [15:31:42] <Mayhem> Mayhem, PrettyWreck and VioletReverie emerge out of the second floor exit of the staircase.
  186. [15:34:01] <PrettyWreck> "euuch, tone down on the creepy, Violet." Pretty gives an annoyed glare at her and then looks at Mayhem: "You know, I admit that. But I was thinking of slavers rather than bondage. The first one is unfortunately a lot more common than the latter."
  187. [15:34:32] <@sophos> The second floor hall looks a lot like the first floor, but has no turns. There are three doors spaced evenly enough on the left and one door halfway down on the right.
  188. [15:36:12] Mayhem has a look in the first door on the left "Fair enough"
  189. [15:37:09] PrettyWreck shrugs and looks at the middle door on the left.
  190. [15:38:35] PrettyWreck tries the handle of the door.
  191. [15:38:43] <Mayhem> "Eh just a toilet. Let's have a look at the next room."
  192. [15:39:15] Mayhem joins PrettyWreck "Got anything?"
  193. [15:39:57] VioletReverie glances at the other two and checks out the other side of the hall
  194. [15:40:01] <PrettyWreck> "We're about to find out."
  195. [15:42:54] PrettyWreck opens the creaking door slowly, trying to be on the look-out of any sort of firing mechanisms going off or for any tripwires.
  196. [15:49:16] PrettyWreck satisfied that no explosives or machine gun turrets go off the moment he creaked the door open, he walks in the room, looking at it.
  197. [15:50:47] Mayhem glances in behind him.
  198. [15:51:31] PrettyWreck examines the table in the left corner of the room, next to the door.
  199. [15:53:45] <@sophos> Its a bookshelf, full of casual reading materials.
  200. [15:56:58] PrettyWreck takes a closer look at the bookself for any interesting books, even though Pretty admits that he's not the most enthusiastic reader in the Wasteland.
  201. [15:57:10] Mayhem checks the nightstand
  202. [16:15:55] <VioletReverie> Violet grumps. "Well that door was a waste...." Continuing her grumbling about useless doors and crazy old ladies, she ambles down the hall in search of another door.
  203. [16:17:40] <@sophos> The nightstand is a actually a broken chest. There's a mess of bobby pins crammed in the lock.
  204. [16:19:05] Mayhem carefully tries to pull the bobby pins out of the lock.
  205. [16:20:47] PrettyWreck moves on to examine the large dresser/cabinet in the right side of the room.
  206. [16:29:51] <@sophos> The dresser is actually a fireplace framed with cabinets. One of the cabinets contains a few jounal pages.
  207. [16:31:38] VioletReverie trots back down the hall and pokes her head into the room. "Find anything good, you two?"
  208. [16:31:57] PrettyWreck takes the journal pages and turns to Violet: "I think I found a few pages of the journal..."
  209. [16:32:39] <VioletReverie> Violet blinks. "Journal pages? Why are they in here, and not yknow, in her journal?"
  210. [16:33:24] <PrettyWreck> "Perhaps they were ripped out." Pretty sits down and reads the first journal page he found.
  211. [16:34:14] <@sophos> Mayhem snaps all the bobby pins in half.
  212. [16:35:24] <VioletReverie> Violet murmurs to herself, "Wonder who put them there..."
  213. [16:36:41] <PrettyWreck> "Didn't the robot say he put some journals here? And if there's been some guys trying to solve this, maybe those assholes decided to rip it to pieces in spite?"
  214. [16:36:55] Mayhem curses like a sailor. And loudly.
  215. [16:37:40] Mayhem moves over and joins the other two.
  216. [16:38:56] <VioletReverie> Violet tilts her head."What's up, Mayhem?"
  217. [16:41:08] <Mayhem> "Broke the fucking bobby pins in that lock over there. Guess it's jammed now." Thinks a moment. "Do you guys think it would be worth trying to break it open? I mean it's just wood after all."
  218. [16:42:25] <PrettyWreck> Pretty gives a slow nod: "Huh... sure. Why not?"
  219. [16:43:00] Mayhem shrugs and goes back. "Worth a try I guess." She tries to pry it open by hand.
  220. [16:43:12] <VioletReverie> Violet breaks into a wide smile like it's her birthday. "Oh, no no no. You dont need to break it! This is my specialty!"
  221. [16:43:49] Mayhem stops in the middle of her movement and looks over her shoulder. "Really now?"
  222. [16:44:24] <VioletReverie> Violet smiles. "Yup! Just ask Pretty, I'm real good at getting into places I shouldnt!"
  223. [16:44:49] <Mayhem> "Give it a try then. And take your time."
  224. [16:45:00] <@sophos> Somewhere high, a bell tolls throgh the manor.
  225. [16:46:10] VioletReverie jumps and squeaks, then settles down in front of the lock, examining it's shape and housings.
  226. [16:46:14] PrettyWreck raises his gaze from the papers: "I think the first hour has passed?"
  227. [16:52:05] <@sophos> The first journal entry reads: So the Inspector just dropped dead in the middle of my accusing him of the murder. So it probably wasn’t him that did it, especially since he looks like he died of the same causes as the Baroness. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention it earlier, but Flora's diagnosis was that Grimmane died of respiratory failure similar to the kind caused by a barbed sea clam's poison. She also took a candlestick to the back of her head, but I think that's either a smoke screen or just plain impatience-- or maybe Grimmane's idea of a joke.
  228. [16:53:25] <@sophos> ack of her head, but I think that's either a smoke screen or just plain impatience-- or maybe Grimmane's idea of a joke.
  229. [16:54:32] <PrettyWreck> "...okay, that tells at least something." Pretty turns to the others and clears his throat, then relaying the information to Mayhem and VioletReverie.
  230. [16:55:09] VioletReverie grumbles at her horn and rubs the disobedient thing. "So, fifty fifty chance she was poisoned or clubbed. Fun."
  231. [16:56:27] <PrettyWreck> "Yeah, super fun. Can you see how much I'm having fun here?" There's a sarcastic tone in the stallion's voice as he puts the first entry under the second one.
  232. [16:56:33] PrettyWreck reads the second entry
  233. [16:56:42] <Mayhem> "Does it say who wrote those?"
  234. [16:58:51] <@sophos> The second entry reads:
  235. [16:58:53] <@sophos> So now we have a dead host and we're trapped like rats under a magic bucket. And now we've split up– such a classic move– like I'm sure Grimmane meant us to do right about now. I also don't trust that robo-butler. The thing tried to give me some voice-box and I delivered some lead to one of its eyes. It started yelling and that got Tess yelling at me. How was I supposed to know its other two eyes were broke? Whole situation has my IBS acting up.
  236. [16:59:26] <@sophos> as my IBS acting up.
  237. [16:59:44] <@sophos> At least Tess got me enough dirt on everyone for when the accusations start flying. Speaking of which, from what Tess has dug up I'm positive the Inspector from Prance is the culprit. I'll know for sure if he shows back up to the dining room without the Minister's sister.
  238. [16:59:59] <@sophos> They got paired up since neither of them brought a friend to the party. Glad I have Tess, but I can't let her know it. I don't have enough in the bank to give her a raise, so I don't want her getting the idea that she deserves one. In fact, I better complain to her about something once I'm off of this toilet.
  239. [17:03:07] <@sophos> The journal entries are numbered; the first being 7, then 4, and the last being 1. They share the same handwriting, and at the top of the last entry is the name Sample Diamond; you can just barely make it out.
  240. [17:05:04] PrettyWreck squints his eyes to make out the name: "Sample Diamond...also, the entries are numbered, nice." Pretty puts them in order.
  241. [17:06:31] <VioletReverie> Violet rummages in her bag for a second and slides out a little box of Mintals. She pops one of the minty fresh doses and turns back to the stupid lock.
  242. [17:07:37] <@sophos> The third/first journal entry reads:
  243. [17:07:42] <@sophos> The architect had plenty to say, but I'd heard most of it before from my usual informants. What was really interesting was what that Flora character had to ask of her. I think I'll hold my tongue about it and see if she decides to share notes with the rest of the class. Would be awfully suspicious if she kept it to herself.
  244. [17:07:58] <@sophos> The same goes for Inspector Mornen, though it seems like he was more interested in what Flora had asked. He's playing my same game but, ya know, not as well as I'm playing it. From what Tess has gathered about the other guests, they all seem to have something to hide. Everyone but the Minister's sister– but maybe she just has a better hiding spot.
  245. [17:10:31] PrettyWreck gives a quiet sigh and relays the information to the other two before putting the journal pages safely into his saddlebag
  246. [17:12:50] <VioletReverie> Violet sighs as the Mintals course through her system, giving her new clarity about the lock. Realizing her original error in her spell, she re-casts it properly, and smirks as the lock shimmers, phasing out of solidity. She tugs the chest open.
  247. [17:18:44] PrettyWreck makes his way to Violet, curious about the chest.
  248. [17:23:45] Mayhem peeks over VioletReverie's shoulder.
  249. [17:32:14] <VioletReverie> "So, if you hadn't figured it out by now, I'm a thief."
  250. [17:32:55] <Mayhem> "You better not steal from me..." She lightly pats the baseball bat on VioletReverie's withers.
  251. [17:34:19] <VioletReverie> Violet snorts. "You know, s' not very nice to threaten someone you may need to rely on. Also, why would I steal from you? You're not a box."
  252. [17:35:18] <PrettyWreck> PrettyWreck chuckles: "Don't worry, she's completely without codes... Most of the time."
  253. [17:35:34] <@sophos> Inside the chest is an expensive, blue sequence dress and a couple bottles of tranquilizers.
  254. [17:35:46] Mayhem puts the bat back away. "I'm just being careful. I simply like to establish quickly where I stand with others."
  255. [17:36:00] <VioletReverie> Violet's eyes widen at the dress. "Oooooh....."
  256. [17:36:19] <PrettyWreck> Pretty backs away from Violet: "Don't you even think about it!"
  257. [17:36:24] <VioletReverie> "I will fight you for this dress."
  258. [17:36:50] <Mayhem> "Who? Me? I don't even fit in that thing."
  259. [17:39:09] <VioletReverie> Violet gently floats out the dress and drugs, tucking the latter into her saddlebags. "I hope you guys dont mind if I hold on to those. Never know when they'll be useful. As for this dress... I think I need to go put it on."
  260. [17:39:45] <PrettyWreck> "...Maybe I should take the tranquilizers? Just in case." Pretty sputters as Violet takes the entire stash. "Right. Remind me to keep a close eye on my drink, then."
  261. [17:40:55] <VioletReverie> Violet looks over her shoulder and smiles, floating one of the bottles over. "Since you still dont trust me, we'll be balanced. Though I'd /never/ do that to you."
  262. [17:43:00] <PrettyWreck> The sound that escapes Pretty's mouth is something between a groan and unsure sigh. He accepts the second tranquilizer though. "Maybe Mayhem should have the other? Since you get the dress?" Pretty is desperately trying to come up with ANY excuse for Violet to hold anything that can cause loss of consciousness.
  263. [17:44:04] <VioletReverie> Violet sighs as she stands. "Oh alright. Here ya go, Mayhem. Just... please dont use them on me, okay? Getting tranq'd is not fun." With a swish of her tail, Violet steps into the hallway and slips into her new dress.
  264. [17:44:31] <VioletReverie> A small bottle of pills floats through the door and drops in front of the minotaur.
  265. [17:47:48] <@sophos> A wail can be heard from downstairs.
  266. [17:49:31] PrettyWreck runs to the hallway: "What the f...!!"
  267. [17:50:43] <VioletReverie> Violet freezes and stares up at PrettyWreck, the sparkling gown halfway on. She lets out a short squeak, her cheeks reddening. "Pretty! What the hell?!"
  268. [17:52:04] PrettyWreck completely ignores the filly, focusing on the staircase: "Get your ass in that dress, sounds like shit is about to go down!"
  269. [17:53:44] Mayhem grabs the bottle of pills in front of her and rushes down the stairs.
  270. [17:54:51] <VioletReverie> Violet hurriedly finishes dressing and darts down after Pretty
  272. ****************
  274. [15:13:45] Kiwi_Cider saunters up to the safe and says, "This looks like my department. Just give me a sec." He produces another bobby pin and sets to work on the safe.
  275. [15:14:28] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Proficient in the art of lockpicking? Be my guest, Mr. Ace." He allowed Ace the first attempt.
  276. [15:14:39] Mistress_D cheers
  277. [15:16:30] <@sophos> Kiwi_Cider'
  278. [15:16:40] <@sophos> s bobby pin snaps.
  279. [15:17:09] <Kiwi_Cider> "Well, that's embarrassing," he says.
  280. [15:17:47] <Stellar_Ascent_> "No worries, young Mr. Ace. Everypony needs a warm-up from time to time. You wish to try again?" He tried to encourage the young colt to give it another try.
  281. [15:17:59] <Mistress_D> "Aw, that's fine dear, it's normal to have trouble preforming under stress~"
  282. [15:19:09] Kiwi_Cider tries again with a fresh bobby pin.
  283. [15:20:21] <@sophos> The safe clicks and its door swings open.
  284. [15:20:28] <Mistress_D> "Good show."
  285. [15:20:40] Mistress_D claps her hooves
  286. [15:21:19] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Splendid. Let's see its contents then, shall we? Unlockers openers." He congratulated him, wanting Ace to of course open the safe since he unlocked it.
  287. [15:21:55] sophos smiles and examines the contents of the safe
  288. [15:22:23] Kiwi_Cider smiles and examines the contents of the safe
  289. [15:25:05] <Stellar_Ascent_> "And, what is inside, lad?" He asked Ace eagerly.
  290. [15:25:16] <@sophos> The safe contains five-thousand bits, and a few papers written in a strange code. One legible journal page is-- mistakenly it seems-- mixed in with the rest.
  291. [15:26:24] Mistress_D whistles
  292. [15:26:46] <Stellar_Ascent_> "That is... a lot of dough."
  293. [15:28:18] <Kiwi_Cider> "Yeah, if anyone uses bits anymore," says Kiwi. "But what's with these papers? Are they a clue?"
  294. [15:29:04] <Mistress_D> "She was a Baroness, though shame it has little value to merchants these days. and yes they might be Sir Stellar would you like to take a look, also would either of you like any of these bits?"
  295. [15:29:50] <Stellar_Ascent_> "They still have material value. But... yes... let us investigate those papers. I of course will have a look, and... perhabs a handful."
  296. [15:29:59] Kiwi_Cider reads the legible note out loud.
  297. [15:30:37] <@sophos> The note reads: All I have to do is follow in Sample's footsteps. That's what I've been telling myself, but I don't even know if she made it out. I'm positive these old detectives had a better idea of what to do here, and they haven't steered me wrong yet. We're such idiots. I'll have to follow, like a lost sheep, until I can think of a better option.
  298. [15:30:40] Mistress_D will let them take what they want from the bit pile for she will take the rest
  299. [15:30:54] <@sophos> We need the key to the courtyard. I dropped the specific journal entry and ruined it, but Sample mentioned the den and leaving with plenty of chips to spare. At least I don't have to decipher that code again, and we've made the library something of a safe room.
  300. [15:33:45] Mistress_D makes a mental note
  301. [15:34:28] <Mistress_D> "Then we know where are next destination is." *ching ching* and so close too."
  302. [15:35:29] <Stellar_Ascent_> "That would be?" He asked the Mistress.
  303. [15:35:51] <Mistress_D> "The library of course my dear Stallion."
  304. [15:36:38] <@sophos> The robot says, "Well, I think I'll take my leave then. Good luck again, esteemed guests." The robot leaves the room.
  305. [15:37:24] Mistress_D nods to the robot as the games truly begin
  306. [15:37:59] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Oh, of course. And thank you, dear robot."
  307. [15:38:57] <Stellar_Ascent_> Ascent examines the papers written in strange code
  308. [15:39:41] Kiwi_Cider snatches a pouch of one-thousand bits and sits with a conflicted look on his face. His eyes go from the door to the library to the hall, where Benson left from, his brow twisting each time.
  309. [15:40:45] <@sophos> The code is a series of numbers and a single letter, seperated by spaces.
  310. [15:42:34] Mistress_D scoops the rest "Codes and saferooms...."
  311. [15:43:18] <Stellar_Ascent_> "A series of numbers and a letter..." Examines what this litter is.
  312. [15:43:20] Mistress_D taps her chin "Huh, it seems the use of weapons might happen, or else there would be no reason to make a safe room."
  313. [15:44:28] <Kiwi_Cider> "Listen, I gotta follow that robot," says Kiwi. "I'll be back. I just have to check something out."
  314. [15:45:56] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Sure, seen you soon, Ace."
  315. [15:46:19] <Mistress_D> "Be safe."
  316. [15:46:31] Kiwi_Cider heads out the door. "Go on to the library without me," he calls over a shoulder.
  317. [15:47:06] Mistress_D heads to the library, there is no time to waste. "Lets go."
  318. [15:47:43] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Yes, mam!" Taking the remaining pieces of paper and 1000 bits, he follows the mistress.
  319. [15:52:03] <@sophos> The Library is narrow with rows of bookshelves on one side. It's rather plain compared to the rest of the manor. Just beside the door is a desk with an old journal on it.
  320. [15:53:24] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Aha! Perhabs the journal is where this page belongs to." Examines the journal.
  321. [15:53:38] <Mistress_D> "Read it out loud."
  322. [15:54:10] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar opens the journal and tries to read stuff out loud.
  323. [15:54:21] Mistress_D scans the room to get a feel of the place and to see how the previous ponies did things.
  324. [15:55:50] <@sophos> The journal is mostly blank and missing a page. On the page before the missing one is a riddle: "A beast past its prime will divide power amongst their years. A beast before its prime make up every difference with power."
  325. [16:00:40] <Mistress_D> "Interesting maybe this back corner was the safe could be defended fairly easily."
  326. [16:01:26] <Mistress_D> "Or maybe just behind these shelves and tables." she runs a hoof along them checking for dust
  327. [16:02:04] <Stellar_Ascent_> Reads the riddle out loud. "What could that mean..."
  328. [16:03:47] <Mistress_D> "It means the old stay in power through wisdom and experience, the young do it by being stronger and fitter."
  329. [16:05:09] <Mistress_D> "Though I don't have it's context."
  330. [16:07:00] <Stellar_Ascent_> "That would make sense indeed."
  331. [16:07:29] Mistress_D would flip through a random book to see how messed up the pages are
  332. [16:08:32] <@sophos> The shelves are well dusted. And the books are all in the same code as before.
  333. [16:09:11] <Mistress_D> "If you want to look around some more be my guest, but the books are no help without a cypher."
  334. [16:09:25] <Mistress_D> "I'll be in the kitchen."
  335. [16:09:42] Mistress_D puts the book back where she found it
  336. [16:12:07] Mistress_D makes her way out of the room and goes next door to the kitchen
  337. [16:18:41] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Yes madame."
  338. [16:19:18] <Stellar_Ascent_> Follows Mistress into the kitchen area.
  339. [16:22:31] <Mistress_D> "Awfully dark in here."
  340. [16:22:58] <Stellar_Ascent_> He activates his helmet light. "Better, madame?"
  341. [16:23:04] <@sophos> The kitchen is dark and flooded. The floor slopes with the weight of the water pooling at the far corner. Giant barrels, a shelf of seasonings, and a sink stay moderately dry at the edges of the room; a massive chain of oven/stove combinations protrude like islands along the far wall.
  342. [16:24:59] <Mistress_D> "A bit dear...and...o I don't believe it."
  343. [16:25:07] Mistress_D rushes inside
  344. [16:25:45] <Stellar_Ascent_> "What is the matter?" He calles from behind her.
  345. [16:26:15] Mistress_D lifts the seasonings sounding exstatic
  346. [16:26:25] <Mistress_D> "She has REAL seasonings."
  347. [16:26:29] Mistress_D loots
  348. [16:26:33] Mistress_D loots it all
  349. [16:26:42] <Stellar_Ascent_> "You are a cook?"
  350. [16:26:47] <Mistress_D> 'No"
  351. [16:27:06] <Mistress_D> "Not a professional one anyway.'
  352. [16:27:41] <Stellar_Ascent_> "I would like to judge that for myself." He suggested her cooking something for them one day.
  353. [16:28:30] <Mistress_D> "I could make something that will knock you dead- but thats for another time."
  354. [16:29:01] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Oh... I see..." He said sort of disappointed. So she was 'that kind of cook'.
  355. [16:29:48] Mistress_D takes to the air in a gentle hover avoiding the water as she goes deep looking at the barrels testing to see if power still flows even with the flooding that is comeing from somewhere
  356. [16:30:51] <Stellar_Ascent_> Examines what is on the tables beside him.
  357. [16:31:53] <Stellar_Ascent_> Change that: Examines the huge splurt of blood on that table.
  358. [16:32:15] <@sophos> The sink counter has a cutting board and a large, strange blade with two handle on each end.
  359. [16:32:36] <@sophos> They are both stained red.
  360. [16:32:40] <Stellar_Ascent_> "That thing looks like something a cannibal would use..."
  361. [16:32:54] <Mistress_D> "Or a minotaur." she says looking back
  362. [16:33:22] Mistress_D test to see if the gas is on in the stoves
  363. [16:33:35] <Stellar_Ascent_> "In which sense?" He asks the mistress.
  364. [16:34:27] <Mistress_D> "It's a big blade. So either two ponies used it or something strong to cut meat."
  365. [16:35:15] <@sophos> There is gas in the stove, but a few of them seem to be broken.
  366. [16:35:48] <Stellar_Ascent_> "I always believed our kind to be herbivores..."
  367. [16:36:51] <Mistress_D> "Hmm, the place is powered...somewhat." turns off the stove
  368. [16:37:28] <@sophos> The two notice a large notice on the side of the gas tank. It reads:
  369. [16:37:32] <@sophos> 1= 30% (fills in increments of 50%, can be emptied)2= 30% (0nly holds 30%, can be emptied once every ten minutes)3= 50% (can be emptied)4= 50% (can only pass on half pressure)5= 80% (can be emptied)
  370. [16:37:51] <Mistress_D> "True but, equestria wasn't home to just ponies." looks at the gas tank
  371. [16:38:39] <@sophos> DO NOT OPERATE AT ANY OTHER GAS PRESSURES
  372. [16:41:22] Mistress_D makes note of the writting on the tank and continues exploring turning around to see ..kegs as she flies over to one and opens it to see if there is anything left inside
  373. [16:43:03] <@sophos> The barrel doesn't have an opening other than a spout.
  374. [16:43:44] Mistress_D will use that then
  375. [16:45:18] <@sophos> Somewhere high, a bell tolls through the manor.
  376. [16:45:28] <@sophos> The barrel is empty.
  377. [16:45:31] Mistress_D attempts to pour a drink for her dead Compatriots
  378. [16:45:41] Mistress_D but alas
  379. [16:46:04] <Stellar_Ascent_> "A warning lable... hmm...
  380. [16:46:15] Mistress_D noticed there are two and tries the second
  381. [16:46:59] <@sophos> It's seems to be stuck.
  382. [16:48:14] <Mistress_D> "....Hmm. jammed just need to put a little force." tries to force it
  383. [16:49:21] <@sophos> It doesn't budge.
  384. [16:49:57] Mistress_D huffs "Stellar, would you be a dear and try to open this for me."
  385. [16:50:35] <Stellar_Ascent_> Of course I will try.
  386. [16:50:49] Mistress_D makes way
  387. [16:53:23] <Stellar_Ascent_> Probably gets all wet.
  388. [16:53:31] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar tries to pull the lever
  389. [16:53:41] Mistress_D has that effect on ponies
  390. [16:55:00] <@sophos> Stellar_Ascent_ legs become soaked as he dredges along.
  391. [16:57:30] <@sophos> It doesn't budge.
  392. [16:57:54] <Stellar_Ascent_> "I figure this lever is unuseable."
  393. [16:59:11] <Mistress_D> "Hmm, sorry for ruining your outfit dear."
  394. [17:01:31] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Lether should resist water with ease." He assured her calmly.
  395. [17:02:26] <Stellar_Ascent_> "But what do we do now? We have no cipher... whatever this pressure puzzel is if it even is a puzzle does not seem to work..." He sort of lamented their lack of success thus far.
  396. [17:03:54] <Mistress_D> "For now I say meet with the others, I'll just finishing checking the ovens and i'll join you.' *giggles* ashore."
  397. [17:05:20] <Stellar_Ascent_> ""Well then, sounds like a plan. See you... ashore." He tried to respond positively, though with a certain tone of displeasure. Calmly, he walks back to the edge of the kitchen.
  398. [17:06:18] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar Ascent shakes himself to dry himself from the wet cold
  399. [17:08:23] <Mistress_D> "Also you might want to dry yourself in the dinner room."
  400. [17:08:48] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Why is that?" He exclaims back at her
  401. [17:09:10] <Mistress_D> "Because the water may rise in here."
  402. [17:10:18] <Stellar_Ascent_> "That... is a fair point." He approves, walking into the dining room to shake himself dry.
  403. [17:11:37] Mistress_D checks Ovens and will even check the one submerged if it in fact opens
  404. [17:12:26] <Stellar_Ascent_> Goes on a little library stroll in the mean time, since he had not really explored it himself.
  405. [17:13:10] Mistress_D after placinge her cloak on top of something dry of course
  406. [17:16:18] <@sophos> The stove in the dryish corner seems to be electric, and requires a spark battery.
  407. [17:17:08] Mistress_D notes that incase it's not completely what it seems
  408. [17:18:58] <Stellar_Ascent_> Examines that scroll looking thing on the table or what it is. "Hmm..."
  409. [17:19:44] <@sophos> The submerged chain of ovens are tall, and open just over the water line. The first opens and the smell of gas disperses into the room. However, the second oven vents a jet of flames.
  410. [17:20:36] <Mistress_D> "WAH"
  411. [17:24:19] Mistress_D As the flames burst through the oven directed at her she quickly pushed her self back and propelled herself of the back wall ducking under the flames and getting out of the kitchen grabbing her cloak from the kegs as she did so.
  412. [17:25:48] <Stellar_Ascent_> Well then, to correct himself, Stellar examined the object on the last bookshelf he presumed to be a scroll of similar form of document.
  413. [17:27:04] <@sophos> It's a book, and looks awfully clean in comparison to the other books.
  414. [17:27:31] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar Ascent check if the hooves of his forelegs are dry enough to touch the book without causing damage.
  415. [17:30:42] Mistress_D bushes herself off and re-dons her cloak. "Well that was a lovely suprise." as she looks around "Sir Stellar did you leave?'
  416. [17:31:28] <Stellar_Ascent_> He notices Mistress D's voice. "My apologies! I used my time to go a bit deeper into the library!" He exclaimed out of it.
  417. [17:31:30] <@sophos> Stellar_Ascent_'s legs are still damp.
  418. [17:32:00] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Shoot..:" He murmurrs... "Madame? Are you hooves still dry? I might have found a clue!"
  419. [17:32:56] <Mistress_D> "Fairly now." she seeks him out rejoining Stellar in the hall of knowledge and looks at him "Did you need something dear.'
  420. [17:34:26] Mistress_D thinks how could she have missed anything in there.
  421. [17:34:38] <Stellar_Ascent_> He smiles when the madame returns to him. "This book hear looks in too prestine condition to be a coincidence. We should probably either read it or take it with us if we are to meet up with the rest." he suggested.
  422. [17:35:09] Mistress_D nods and takes the book and looks through its containts
  423. [17:35:22] <Mistress_D> "Lets see any clue is good."
  424. [17:35:37] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Hopefully something that allows us to decipher the journals."
  425. [17:36:01] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Or the contents of the safe in general."
  426. [17:36:24] <Stellar_Ascent_> "What was it again... the library was their little safe room?"
  427. [17:37:00] <Mistress_D> "correct they sought shelter in here it seemed." states as she flips though the pages
  428. [17:38:34] <@sophos> The entire book is empty.
  429. [17:38:57] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Another empty journal? What in the..."
  430. [17:39:11] Mistress_D pushes her mane out of her eyes
  431. [17:40:05] <@sophos> Stellar_Ascent_ hears a noise from the other side of the library.
  432. [17:40:21] <Mistress_D> "Hmm, could be invisible ink, either way its a different book. you should save it for later Stellar."
  433. [17:40:34] <Stellar_Ascent_> "Wait..." Makes a 'ppscht' sound to the mistress.
  434. [17:41:02] Mistress_D goes quiet
  435. [17:41:59] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar points at the book and at the mistressed pockets to put it into her inventory, then calmly walks around her.
  436. [17:42:32] Mistress_D silently looks around the room as she puts the book away in her saddle bags
  437. [17:43:45] <Stellar_Ascent_> Takes a step to the right and beaks around the bookshelf corner
  438. [17:44:08] <Stellar_Ascent_> *peaks*
  439. [17:44:29] Mistress_D follows and peaks
  440. [17:44:56] <@sophos> A transparent mare with no eyes leaps from between the bookshelves and begins wailing.
  441. [17:45:34] <Stellar_Ascent_> Stellar Ascent breaths heavily through his teeth. "W-w-w-w-w-...:" He mumbles, taking a step backwards.
  442. [17:47:43] Mistress_D is taken back at the sudden wail back peddaling but doesn't break line of sight with this.....mare
  443. [17:49:48] <Stellar_Ascent_> "U-u.u.u.uhm.... Good... evening...?" He stuttered, hoping that this... specter... was friendly.
  444. [17:50:16] Mistress_D stomps her hoof and places a her large wing around Stellar "Fear not, the worst she can do is scream, and I hear some stallions like that."
  445. [17:56:04] Mayhem runs down the stairs and down the hallway, back into the dining room! "Hey guys! Where are you! We heard a scream!"
  446. [17:56:38] PrettyWreck runs after Mayhem, the minotaur far faster than he is.
  447. [18:01:38] <VioletReverie> Violet shows up a moment later, her former white dress now a flowing blue sequinned number.
  448. [18:03:28] <@sophos> Lightning strikes, thunder follows, and the time is: 19:07
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