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Apr 23rd, 2019
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  1. Hello. My name is Angel. Im a bot. My list of commands:
  3. General commands:
  4. !help [command] - Prints a list of commands, or info on a command if one is specified.
  5. !play <URL/query> - Plays audio from a specific URL or searches for a query on YouTube and queues the first result.
  6. !queue - Displays all of the media that is queued.
  7. !np - Displays the media that is currently being played.
  8. !skip - Vote to skip the current media. Required skips/skip ratio is set in the config file. The bot’s owner will instantly skip when using !skip f.
  9. !search [service] [#] <query> - Searches a specific service (default: YT) for a query and returns the first few results (default: 3, limit: 10). The user can then select from the results if they want to add any to the queue.
  10. !shuffle - Shuffles the queue.
  11. !clear - Clears the queue.
  12. !pause - Pauses the current media.
  13. !resume - Resumes the current media
  14. !volume [number] - Sets the volume of the bot for everyone. Should be a number between 1 and 100. Can be relative (e.g +10 to add 10 to current volume). If no parameter is given, it will display the current volume.
  15. !summon - Connects the bot to your current voice channel, if it has permission.
  16. !clean <number> - Searches through the number of messages given and deletes those that were sent by the bot, effectively cleaning the channel. If the bot has Manage Messages on the server, it will delete user command messages too, like !play.
  17. !blacklist <status> <@user1>... - Add or remove users from the blacklist. Blacklisted users cannot use any bot commands. This overrides any permissions settings set in the permissions file. The owner cannot be blacklisted. Multiple users can be specified in the command. Users must be @mentioned. Status should be either +, -, add, or remove.
  18. DEPRECATED !id [@user] - Prints the user’s ID in the chat, or prints the ID of the specified user. User must be @mentioned if not yourself.
  19. DEPRECATED !listids - Sends a message to the user with a list of all of the IDs on the server, so that permissions and such can be configured.
  20. !perms - Sends a message to the user with their bot permissions.
  21. !stream <url> - Streams a URL. This can be a Twitch, YouTube, etc livestream, or a radio stream. This feature of the bot is experimental and may have some issues.
  22. !save - Saves the current song to the autoplaylist.
  23. !karaoke - Enables karaoke mode in a server. During karaoke mode, only users with the BypassKaraokeMode permission can queue music.
  24. Admin commands:
  25. !joinserver - Provides the URL that can be used to add the bot to another server. This command is always restricted to the owner of the bot.
  26. !leaveserver <name/id> - Forces the bot to leave a server. You must specify either the server name or id.
  27. !pldump <playlist> - Collects URLs from a YouTube playlist or Soundcloud set and dumps them into a text file that can be copied into the autoplaylist.
  28. !setavatar [url] - Changes the bot’s avatar to the specified URL or uploaded image. A URL does not need to be specified if an image is uploaded with the command as the message (comment).
  29. !setname <name> - Changes the bot’s Discord username (not nickname). Discord limits these changes to 2/hr.
  30. !setnick <nick> - Changes the bot’s nickname on a server, if it has permission to do so.
  31. !disconnect - Disconnects the bot from the voice channel.
  32. !restart - Restarts the bot.
  33. !shutdown - Shuts down the bot and terminates the process.
  34. !option <option> <y/n> - Changes a config option without restarting the bot for the current session. Run !help option for info.
  35. !remove <number> - Removes a song from the queue by its numbered position. Use !queue to find out song positions.
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