Joyous Reunion 0.1b Walkthrough

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  1. Talk to your mother riding the tauren behind the house (non interactive).
  3. Once on the ship you're told to go find the captains daughter. On the second floor there is two shut doors in the cabin area and the middle one starts the 3 part scene (interactive) with the nightborne (no ending).
  5. You will find the daughter at the bottom of the boat and eventually end up in a room with her but before anything really gets going her father calls for her to come back to him and she says this'll continue at another time (non interactive).
  7. Head back to the captain and you'll be thrown into the next area.
  9. The guard says she will let you in for 2 gold but we have no money so that's a dead end. There is a small hole on the left side of the fort. Once inside head to your aunts house and talk to her. She will tell you to go get your cousin for dinner and upon going upstairs you find Joy masturbating with a dildo (non interactive).
  11. Game ending scenes ahead.
  13. After dinner your aunt tell you to wash up and you go to the bath house where they both eventually end up joining you int he tub. Upon being requested to retrieve an item from nearby the game ends.
  15. You can find a little girl on the left side of the island that asks you to collect 3 mushrooms for her. One is right nearby, the second is down near the statue by the bench and the final one is to the right of the house over the hill by the mountainside.
  17. Once you turn it in you will go into the house and be in a different area. Interact with the witch and you'll eventually end up in a cowgirl scene with her (Interactive). Once you hit next during the scene the game will once again end.
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