Madoka's Swimsuit (2018) Story

Sep 21st, 2018
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  1. Madoka's Swimsuit (2018) Story -- Light of the Shore
  4. Madoka: While we enjoyed watching the evening fireworks, we happened to run run into the Kamihama magical girls.
  5. And then, since we were all gathered together, we decided to set off fireworks together.
  8. Madoka: Fufuu. Should we try these fireworks next? It's called Octopus Fireworks.
  9. Ren: ...Y, Yes...!
  10. Kyouko: I'm gonna try these! Silver Grass Fireworks.
  13. Madoka: ...Ah. Excuse me for a sec.
  16. Madoka: ...Homura-chan.
  17. Homura: ---!? Ah, Kaname-san... You startled me...
  18. Madoka: ...Homura-chan, are you tired? You played a lot during the day too...
  19. Homura: Ah, no... That's not it at all, but... ..........
  20. Madoka: ...Homura-chan...?
  21. Homura: S, Sorry... I just never thought the day would come where I'd be setting off fireworks with this many, I'm just so...happy...
  22. Madoka: ...Fufu, me too. It's so much fun playing together with friends like this.
  23. Homura: Kaname-san...
  24. Madoka: We all get to spend time together and share laughs together. It'd be nice if times like these could last forever...
  25. Homura: ..........
  26. Madoka: But, they won't last forever, right? The fireworks we brought here will be gone once we've used them, and the later it gets, we'll start to get so tired that we can't play anymore.
  27. Homura: ...........Fufuu, you're right.
  28. Madoka: Yeah... You see, that's why we need to enjoy the present, Homura-chan! Let's go set off fireworks together with everyone, okay?
  29. Homura: ...Yes...!
  32. Hinano: Heeeee--ey, Emiri! You don't point fireworks at other pe---ople!
  33. Emiri: Uoooooooh, crap! Don't these fireworks have too much energy!? FOUNTAIN FIREEEEEE!!
  34. Sayaka: Gyaaaaaaaaaaah! Don't point that thing at meeeeeeee!
  35. Mami: Miki-san! Are you okay!?
  36. Rika: Emirin! Emirin! Let me try using that same firework!
  39. Madoka: .......
  40. Homura: .........Fufu.
  41. Madoka: Fufufuu. Then, how about we try setting off some fireworks too? It's dangerous when the sparks go flying out, so we'll have to be careful, okay?
  42. Homura: Yes.
  45. SE: Shuwaaaaa--- cracklecracklecracklecrackle
  48. Homura: ...It's pretty, isn't it?
  49. Madoka: Yeah... they are pretty. (Fufufu)
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