K-Kisekae 2

Jan 18th, 2013
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  1. Online Version:
  2. http://pochi.x.fc2.com/k_kisekae2.html
  3. Current Offline Version:
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?pvvo5kk531sd33s
  5. _______________________________________________________
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. _______________________________________________________
  9. Q1: How do I uncensor their pussies?
  10. A1: Under the grey wrench tab at the bottom there is setting with a checkerboard pattern next to it.
  11. Set this to 8 (max value) and it should uncensor them.
  13. Q2: How do I hide girls?
  14. A2: Under the very first tab (it's blue with the outline of 3 people) there is an eyeball. If you click it
  15. it will hide the currently selected girl. It is often helpful to click the "ALL" button and do this
  16. in order to hide all the girls and then you can unhide the girl you want to see.
  18. Q3: How to I get rid of the cum/pussy juice?
  19. A3: Simple! Hold down the spacebar and click the affected area. This also works on hair.
  21. Q4: How do I get the girl to put her hands under clothing like I see in some posts?
  22. A4: Photoshop. These people edit the pictures since there's very little options in the actual game for
  23. layering of limbs
  26. _______________________________________________________
  28. Tips and Tricks
  29. _______________________________________________________
  31. 1) The gray wrench tab at the end is very useful. The option that looks like 4 outward facing arrows
  32. is the FULLSCREEN option. Next to it is an option with a wrench and down arrow. This hides all the menus.
  33. Together, these are really helpful for when you wish take screenshots of your girls.
  35. 2) If you want to turn off the automatic facial expressions (I personally dislike them) go to the
  36. the blue tab with a heart on it and click "MANUAL" instead of "AUTO"
  38. 3) Play around with everything! If you don't know what something does, click on it!
  39. It's pretty simple to figure out. If you still have issues, please post in the thread!
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