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  1. News 04/03/2018
  2. Changes pushed on Magisk Modules Repo, downloads links updated.
  4. v3.3:
  5. - Oreo support enhanced
  6. - "ExSDCard.config.txt" file configuration moved into post-fs-data stage, no more need to be configured by users and easily to coded
  7. - SELinux support is now integrated in the main ZIP, so no more two ZIPs versions
  8. - "ExSDCard.O.*.applist.txt" config file(s) no longer needed
  9. -- Instead of => a simple file called "ExSDCard_Oreo_apps" put in "/Magisk/ExSDCard/" with all apps packages names that need Oreo specials permissions (one by line)
  11. v3.2:
  12. Adjustment made in the module to force SDCardFS to be disabled in favor of FUSE.
  13. From there, various problems encountered on some Oreo ROMs should be fixed.
  15. V3.1:
  16. -Two other txt files can be taked in consideration, they contains some more/less permissions, its has help been help some users.
  17. --If you want to use one of them, to make it happen, you must change the desired value from no to yes in the "ExSDCard.config.txt" file
  18. - For Oreo users:
  19. -- You can setup same as explained before the txt config file, and place them in "/data/media/0/"
  20. -- If needed, you can edit the "ExSDCard.O.*.applist.txt" file(s) by write your app(s) package(s) name(s) one by file, two different apps packages names have been writed in two separated TXT files in attachment, you can replace or lets them, as you want. By adding one of this file, the corresponding XML files will be created and putted in the right MODDIR path, needless to say do not touch the "" file, otherwise the boot script willn't works, you are warned now.
  21. - Several ZIP versions available:
  22. -- one will be for Android 7.1.2 and lower
  23. -- one for Android 7.1.2 and lower with an SELinux toggler
  24. -- one for Android 8.x.x and lower
  25. -- one for Android 8.x.x and lower with an SELinux toggler
  26. If you don't get any permissions issues with the v3, you can continue to use it, you will not see the notification in Download section from Magisk Manager app.
  27. If you would like to get the new version and that the v3 version works successfull on your phone, you can simply install the v3.1 and nothing more, it will works same as on v3.
  29. v3:
  30. - The default patch was reviewed, so now, only the necessary parts of the system file will be eddited correctly
  31. - The module has been updated to the v15 (1500 - last stable) template from topjhonwu
  32. -- As explained the previous module version is always taked in consideration in the Magisk module flash process. In other words, the previous and this new version works on v15.0.
  34. V2.1:
  35. The way to edit the platform.xml file has been completely reviewed
  36. - Magisk v14.3 BETA is compatible with the two zip files.
  37. - Added one version with SELinux set to permissive (may help with various phone, ROMs and kernels)
  38. - Update one screenshoot for XDA thread (just as a small detail)
  39. - (10/22/2017) Explanations edited and compatibility reviewed
  41. V2:
  42. - Initial version for Magisk v14[/HIDE]
  44. News 03/11/2018
  45. v3.2 has been added (XDA, Magisk Repo and webhosters dl), it come to fix issues encured by several Oreo users. Flashable ZIP updated too.
  46. Old updates has been moved on Pastbin to clear the main OP.
  48. News 02/25/2018
  49. -BT issue fix for v3 and v3.1 (thanks to Serj for test and feedback on Tg!)
  50. -v3 with SELinux and v3.1 with SELinux have been deleted from Magisk Repo because on Magisk v15+, SELinux is automaticly set into permissive mode (normally..) for module works.
  51. -It's becoming useless to having SELinux version on Magisk repo and XDA, so i let here the fixed SELinux ZIP files here (XDA) just in case of..
  52. -Total numbers of downloads added.
  54. News 23/03
  55. v3.3 changes pushed on Magisk Modules Repo, downloads links updated, compatibility list simplified.
  57. News 02/15/2018
  58. V3.1 added with Oreo dedicated feature in attachment and into the Magisk Module Repo
  60. News 12/31/2017
  61. The two ZIP V3 versions for Nougat and lower android versions added to Magisk Rep
  62. V3 BETA. Feature for Oreo is ONLY available in the Telegram group, link below.
  64. News 10/31/2017
  65. The initial git was forked today, so yeah, now this module is now in the Magisk Module repo
  66. Hoping that the entire module repository is no longer dependent on Github as soon as possible.
  67. All necessary changes for the v2.1 has been commited to the Magisk repo.
  68. The second package with the SELinux switcher isn't in the Magisk Repo, i would have to create a new repo and make an second submit to the Magisk repo, and since you just have to come on the official subject to get it, I will not publish it on Github.
  70. News 10/22/2017
  71. Thanks to users for your feedback, the two zipped versions are officially compatible with Magisk v14 (STABLE) and v14.3 (BETA).
  72. The only difference if you use any v2.1 zip version with Magisk v13.3 is in fact that there is no description provided in the Magisk Manager app, but the module still works fine
  74. News 10/15/2017:
  75. Due to Magisk BETA v14.1 and v14.2 Module template changes and users feedbacks, i remove the compatibility with Magisk BETA versions. Don't blame me, the mounts commands has been changed so my module cannot working good on it.
  76. When topjhonwu will publish an Magisk Module Template with reasonable mounts commands, i could add again make it fully compatible.
  78. News 08/10/2017:
  79. Due to Github limitations, i can't make the necessary modifications to my git so i have put an link to this thread.
  80. Dont clam me, clam Github about necessary empty folders limitations..
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