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  1. Everything was fine despite staying only two of the five nights. Well not really, but none of it was Yun's fault arguably. The password to the door is sent in a message. I lost access to my (Hidden by Airbnb) account (and as a result AirBnB) for unrelated reasons on the third night, and couldn't get in the house where my laptop and clothes were, I didn't know the code. I tried knocking on the door multiple times, and despite the lights upstairs visibly being on from the outside, nobody let me in, or even came to the door. At around 10:00 I had to go take the BART train to spend the night somewhere else . On the last night at around midnight, a few people, around three or four, entered the house and started making a lot of noise. They seemed to think that they owned the entire house. They loudly carried on conversations outside my makeshift room while hooting and hollering. They continued being highly obnoxious, and began to smoke marijuana which stunk up my whole area. Finally they moved upstairs where the host actually sleeps. At this point presumably the host tells them that the house is shared and she lives in it and to keep the noise down. They come downstairs, start joking about robbing the host, and make a serious aside about the illegal guns they own and how they could totally actually do it. After a few minutes and after saying all of this they realize that behind those folding screens was another person (me) and quickly went silent after expressing some concern. They went off into a different area (still making noise) and the host came down and apologized in broken English, clearly a bit disturbed herself. The worst that could happen at this point was me being involved in a robbery, while the best was not being able to sleep at all. That wasn't enough to satisfy me so I just left.
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