Battle Dome FAQ

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  1. The Battle Dome is the tournament facility. Each round is a tournament of sixteen trainers, so winning four battles clears the round. Before each battle, you can check your opponents' three Pokemon, then choose two of yours to fight 2v2. You're fully healed after each battle.
  3. Difficulty: 2nd easiest of 7
  4. - All trainers have 3 IV Pokemon, and you can see what's coming and plan accordingly. Hax is pretty devastating in a 2v2, so sometimes you lose to that.
  6. The Frontier Brain is Tucker. You fight him at the end of the fifth round (Silver) and 10th round (Gold). His Silver team is Swampert, Salamence and Charizard (all 20 IVs). He'll choose either Swampert/Salamence or Swampert/Charizard. His Gold team is Swampert, Metagross and Latias (all 31 IVs). He'll choose either Swampert/Metagross or Metagross/Latias. Both fights are nearly impossible to lose.
  8. IV notes: All Pokemon except Tucker's have 3 IVs across the board.
  10. RNG manipulation: None. The Dome is so easy that I haven't even looked into what can be manipulated.
  12. Order of Pokemon: Decided before each battle
  14. General strategy: Don't bother checking the opponent's team in the first three rounds, as Latios/Metagross almost always wins these battles quickly. If you lead Latios in later rounds, generally avoid using Calm Mind unless you know the second Pokemon will require setup.
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