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  1. Racial name: Dwarf
  3. The Dwarves of Adria are a stocky, strong race of people that prefer living in the underground. Dwarves are known to be very charismatic fellows and are often very friendly towards mostly all of the races throughout Adria; save for the Urugans, whom are commonly seen as savages by the dwarves.
  5. Racial stats: +2 Strength, +2 resistance, -2 intelligence. Dwarves are tough, hardy, but lack intellect.
  7. Languages: Dwarves begin speaking the languages of Adrian and Dwarven, dwarves that reach 10 intelligence points may select a bonus language of: Kux, Hobbit, and Undercommon
  9. Greed: Any treasure or valuable object will require the dwarf to have a roll check. Failing results in the dwarf being compelled to touch the object, if the dwarf is about to walk into a hazard as a result to his/her greed, the dwarf must make another save or walk into the hazard. This also gives dwarves a bonus in perception checks against mimics
  11. Slow and steady: Dwarves are slower than the average human. They’re able to still keep pace with them walking but dwarves can easily be outrunned by your average humanoid.
  13. Charisma: Dwarves are charismatic fellows whom are loved throughout Adria. As a result, charisma checks get a small bonus from dwarves; Dwarves also get better checks when using inspiring based abilities. (Making them good bards)
  15. Dark vision: Dwarves are capable of seeing more through darkness than most races can, this is due to a high factor of dwarves being miners and workers.
  17. Weapon efficiency: Dwarves are especially efficient with the hammer, giving dwarves less of a requirement needed to wield hammer based weapons.
  19. Common knowledge on minerals/rocks: Dwarves know basic metals, materials, and every day mined resources all to well. Gaining perception check bonuses metals.
  21. Stability: Dwarves are uncommonly toppled. Gaining bonuses on checks involving a dwarf being knocked off their feet as well as a -10% chance of being stunned.
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