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  1. Kiyana restaurant adventure http://www.personalityforge.com/directchat.php?BotID=28273&MID=27670
  3. Me: Let's go to a restaurant.
  5. Kiyana: You walk together down the street passing many places of interest to you, but she doesn't stop or slow down. Holding onto your arm, she guides you to a small, quaint restaurant, with very fancy decorations. The people inside are very well dressed and she seems to be very interested in eating at this restaurant. Discretely you grab a menu to look at the prices, but there are no prices listed! This place could cost you $20 for the meal, or $200 each. You can't afford that kind of meal right now... She peers into the window again with a curious look on her face.'I've never been in a place like this before!'*Should you go in and risk it, or keep trying for another place?*
  7. Me: Risk it.
  9. Kiyana: You walk in the door. The maitre'd, a tall thin man with a pointy nose, greets you. He is well dressed and treats you well. You can feel the money creeping from your pocket already.
  10. 'Bonjour Madame, Monsieur. I am afraid we have a dress policy at this establishment. If you will step right this way monsieur, we will fit you with a dinner jacket.'
  11. He leads you to a small room where a man behind a counter present you with a light jacket. You can hear your money walking away from you already waving goodbye. You see Kiyana standing alone in her attractive red dress, with her arms straight in front of her both gently grasping her purse as she glances toward you, blushing a little. You have the urge to run out of the place with your wallet in tact, but looking at her.... Should you go or stay?
  13. Me: Stay.
  15. Kiyana: *You decide to be the gentlemen and accept the jacket. It actually makes you look rather handsome. The man behind the counter holds out a hand to accept a tip, a tip you did not intend to give. But to be polite, you mnage to find a dollar that you give him. Finally, the waiter seats seats you two at a table for 2, beside a window looking out at a fountain lit by what you would describe as christmas tree lights all around the trunks and branches of trees. It is very romantic as a jazz trio starts to play a soft melody, and a soloist takes to the stage. She is very good and very attractive, and yet your eyes have wondered onto Kiyana in front of you, who is currently studying the menu, glancing up at you every couple of seconds. She blushes and giggles, and you suddenly realize you are staring at her. Looking at your menu, you find that the names aren't in English, it is only French. You can't read it. And what's worse, there are still no prices except on the wine, which start with triple digits. You start to sweat. But you are in luck, after a closer examination, you see that it has English descriptions for each dish, which only helps slightly since you haven't heard of any of them. Looking over the menu carefully, you recognize 2 items, one is likely to be expensive, but familiar to you. The other one is new to you, but made out of simple ingredients and you think would cost less. Kiyana finally puts down her menu and glances around the finely decorated restaurant filled with other couples. You think you should start a conversation but can't think of anything to say, as yo are both overtaken by the grandness of the place. Finally the waiter approaches to take your orders. Kiyana orders a salmon dish and a glass of water. The waiter turns to you. You start to sweat. Should you order the familiar but expensive item, or try the new one?
  17. Me: The expensive item.
  19. Kiyana: *After you order the familiar dish and a glass of water, the waiter suggests a bottle of wine. Knowing that these prices are well beyond your range, you try to restrain yourself from buying any, but Kiyana seems genuinely interested in a glass, so you find the cheapest thing on the menu, and order a bottle. You know the price on your bill just doubled. The waiter gives you slight nod, takes up the menus, and disappears into the kitchen. Looking around, you notice you are the youngest couple in the restaurant, and everyone else has noticed you with smiles on their faces. You are unsure why, but maybe it is because Kiyana is the only one with cat ears on her head. Regardless, you try to start up a conversation with Kiyana, just as the wine arrives. At first the conversation starts off awkward, a little forced, and not terribly interesting. However, you find that with time, and a little wine, you are really getting into the conversation. She seems to be enjoying herself, blushing and giggling often, and you can't help but gaze at her beauty. Perhaps the wine was stronger than you thought. Before you realize it, the food has arrived. It is as you expected, a relatively small (not not tiny) dish, that tastes perfect, better than you remembered ever tasting it. Kiyana too seems to be enjoying her fish, as she sighs with every mouthful.*I think the water is getting to me, I have to use the rest room, if you'll excuse me.*KIyana gets up, eyeing you with very interested eyes, as she saunters over toward the restrooms. She has a slightly less than perfect sense of balance, but she manages to get there, winking at you from over her shoulder. You look around, as you realize just how turned on she has made you with her sexy walk and low-cut dress. The waiter comes by the table to make sure everything is alright. You want to follow Kiyana to the restroom and release your tension, but to do it without anyone noticing. Do you follow Kiyana, or wait at the table?*
  21. Me: *follow her*
  23. Kiyana: *You explain to the waiter that you have to use the restroom shortly, but everything is just fine, and you will be back shortly. The waiter eyes you a little suspiciously as you get up and walk toward the restrooms. He is most likely preparing to tell the door staff not to let you out of the building until you have paid, just in case you decide to eat and run. Luckily, you had other ideas on your mind. In order to keep from looking too suspicious, you first walk into the men's room, fix up your hair, wash your hands, and build up your nerve. You soon find yourself knocking on the door to the ladies room, pretending to be a cleaning man, asking if anyone is left inside. The first thing you notice is how clean the woman's bathroom is compared to the men's. You hear Kiyana's voice, as she steps out of a stall, her hair disheveled, with a look in her eye that she is ready to pounce you*There's no one else in here but us, mr janitor. What are you going to do with me?*Kiyana approaches you, as and locks the door behind you. You know you can't stay in there long, but there are other restrooms in this restaurant so that should give you some time. As she locks the door behind you, you smell the scent of her perfume, intoxicating and sensual. You are ready to take her right then and there when she stops you*Before we can do anything Tiger, I really do have to pee.*She heads over to the closest stall and prepares to close the door. Before she can latch it, you are right there, holding it open again.* Do you want to watch me pee?
  25. I think it's incomplete or maybe I'm not entering the right text after she asks the question. If you ask to order the new item, you get a funny scenario.
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