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  1. FernandelToday at 5:40 PM
  2. @d&f yes. "Unremovable banner" is a meme at this point
  3. As is "let's wait until Ford is back from his shower"
  4. You know, the implication being that Ford will clean up Squishy's announcement mess
  5. d&fToday at 5:41 PM
  6. hmm well i would be willing to bet an arbitrary amount of money that "10% of all posts in N&P will be infracted for 25 points each going forward" would get more anger than "we have now re-enabled hugs"
  7. FernandelToday at 5:41 PM
  8. The dynamic of how people complain is just as interesting and relevant as to why people complain
  9. keiosToday at 5:41 PM
  10. sure, not 'evil' but 'bad at dismissing banners' shall we say
  11. indeed, the best way to treat the forum is a big social experiment
  12. shinaobiToday at 5:42 PM
  13. you say that as if dismissable banners
  14. do not also generate immediate anger
  15. because they do
  16. they all do
  17. d&fToday at 5:42 PM
  18. well i am not saying that banners don't generate baseline anger
  19. shinaobiToday at 5:42 PM
  20. if you announce it they will anger
  21. d&fToday at 5:42 PM
  22. just that the content of the banners might also
  23. modify the amount of anger
  24. shinaobiToday at 5:42 PM
  25. not at the announcement
  26. ApotheosisToday at 5:42 PM
  27. indeed, the best way to treat the forum is a big social experiment
  28. i think that's what squishy does
  29. to an extent
  30. shinaobiToday at 5:42 PM
  31. at the banner
  32. d&fToday at 5:43 PM
  33. and that therefore not all announcements generate exactly the same degree of anger
  34. BlazinghandToday at 5:44 PM
  35. i think we all agree that some announcements generate different amounts of anger than others
  36. FernandelToday at 5:45 PM
  37. Define "anger". Some banners are deliberately written to provoke. Whether that's always a bad thing is another question.
  39. Like, the amount of shitheels that revealed themselves in the announcement threads started by Squishy is a bit :thonk~4:
  40. ApotheosisToday at 5:45 PM
  41. remember bigotry and tone thread
  42. ?
  43. FernandelToday at 5:45 PM
  44. Not saying this is, like, intentional or some equally ridiculous shit
  45. BlazinghandToday at 5:45 PM
  46. some announcements generate different amounts of negative feedback than others, then, I should say
  47. ApotheosisToday at 5:45 PM
  48. that one was intentional lol
  49. d&fToday at 5:45 PM
  50. let's use "amount of negative feedback" as the proxy here
  51. FernandelToday at 5:45 PM
  52. But if those threads didn't exist we wouldn't be talking (that much) about a lot of these issues
  53. d&fToday at 5:46 PM
  54. i think in this case the amount of negative feedback is quantifiably different
  55. ApotheosisToday at 5:46 PM
  56. sort of, anyway
  57. Lord ChungusToday at 5:46 PM
  58. I'm just sad I wasn't around for the Bigotry and Tone thread
  59. cause apparently some of the worst responses got deleted?
  60. FernandelToday at 5:46 PM
  61. Oh yeah
  62. ApotheosisToday at 5:46 PM
  63. that's where the pink flamingo thing came from
  64. FernandelToday at 5:46 PM
  65. There was some awful shit in there
  66. shinaobiToday at 5:46 PM
  67. nnnnno it's not
  68. the pink flamingo thing came from a different thread
  69. ApotheosisToday at 5:46 PM
  70. no wait you're right
  71. the odd problem thread
  72. FernandelToday at 5:46 PM
  73. Pink Flamingo was another thread
  74. ApotheosisToday at 5:47 PM
  75. they were around the same time so i got them mixed up
  76. FernandelToday at 5:47 PM
  77. Yeah, that was a good thread too
  78. Because it deliberately provoked
  79. Got people to talk about an issue
  80. shinaobiToday at 5:47 PM
  81. 'good'
  82. FernandelToday at 5:47 PM
  83. I mean, in retrospect
  84. At the time it was a clusterfuck of epic proportions :v
  85. shinaobiToday at 5:47 PM
  86. call me cynical but threads that just rub in my face the fact that a whole lot of this forum just
  87. is cockbags
  88. I do not like them >8[
  89. FernandelToday at 5:48 PM
  90. Heh
  91. The advantage of being staff before CC is that you already knew that
  92. Nothing like having to read fifty pages of a quest to understand why people are fuxkinc lynching each other :v
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