Nothing more pure - Chrysalis

Mar 23rd, 2018
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  1. >the Heart is usually controlled manually by Cadance; it functions not entirely different from a computer
  2. >she inputs a mares request for love, and the Heart spits out a match
  3. >sometimes tho, the Heart does things of its own will
  4. >Cadance is rather shocked to see that a human match has been found for a very unlikely candidate
  5. >the last being in the world she thought would be matched
  6. >Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings and archenemy of Equestria
  7. >after much debating, back and forth, Cadance convinces the other princesses that "love will find a way", even if that way seems impossible or just downright stupid
  8. >while the Human Operation; Rescue & Search Event (or H.O.R.S.E for short) takes place in your world, envoys are sent to Chrysalis hive
  9. >it takes a whole lot of political favors, bribes, and promises of treatys to get the Queen to even consider it
  11. >and so it happens one sunny spring day, that you and your match meets for the first time, on neutral ground, surrounded by soldiers from both sides
  12. >and you feel love, pure and strong, shining into your heart for the first time
  13. >you can just hope that she feels the same
  15. >she does
  16. >perhaps not as strongly as you, but there is definitely a spark inside of her
  17. >it's something she's never felt before
  18. >love willingly given, instead of harvested from those unable to defend themselves
  20. >due to the delicate circumstances, it's generally agreed that you should take it slow
  21. >you are given a small property at the edge of the village closest to her domains
  22. >you are given privacy obviously, but your actions (and hers specifically) are under close observation
  23. >it goes great at first
  25. >well, perhaps not great
  26. >there are some cultural hiccups in the beginning
  27. >it takes awhile for her to accept your carefree lifestyle and non-formal ways
  28. >and more than once you find her trying to sneakily drain you of some extra emotions
  29. >you on the other hand have to fight certain frustrations
  30. >she didn't talk with you for the whole day when you accidently called her Chryssi
  31. >and you have a basement now, apperently
  32. >filled with green sticky slime that has ruined more than one pair of pants
  34. >it takes awhile, that's for sure
  35. >but neither of you are willing to give this up
  36. >so you press on, taking it day by day
  37. >you teach her to cook, and she teaches you about military strategies (you never thought something like that could actually be intresting)
  38. >you spend your days learning more and more about eachother, and soon you don't sleep in separate rooms, but share a bed
  40. >and one day, a few months in, you both find yourselfs relaxing on the sofa
  41. >her head is in your lap, while you stroke her suprisingly soft neck
  42. >you call her "your little lovebug", and instead of scowling at you she smiles and kisses you softly
  43. >life is good
  46. >but such is life, that the good times never seem to last
  47. >and all the good things you had, one day comes to an end
  49. >it begins with a knock on the door
  50. >and before you know it, your home is filled with little bug-horses
  51. >even tho it been over six months since their Queen left them, they still treat her with the outmost respect
  52. >but behind all the bowing and title-calling, you can feel something else
  53. >dissapointment, and anger
  54. >they are meant to be ruled, not left to fend for themselves
  55. >the Changelings demands their Queen back, right now
  57. >Chrysalis is torn between her love for you, and her love for her people
  58. >she admits that this whole adventure has clouded her judgement a bit
  59. >so great and comforting was these new feelings of love, that she more or less abandoned her subjects
  60. >not that everything is falling apart without her, but she is still their Queen
  61. >and a Queen belongs amongst her people, nowhere else
  63. >you don't remember alot from these harrowing hours, but you remember the end of that day
  64. >you are on your knees, begging her to stay
  65. >she can't look you in the eyes, lest she starts crying
  66. >you beg her to take you with her, to live in her Hive
  67. >and you nearly go deaf from the cacophony of protests
  68. >the bugs are adamant; either she comes back alone, to how things were before, or she stays here, and will always be remembered as the queen who betrayed her people
  70. >In the end you close your door to an empty house and an empty heart
  71. >and the good times are gone, just like that
  73. >time passes
  74. >not that you notices
  75. >in your mind it's still a cold day in fall, when everything went awry
  77. >ponies try to cheer you up
  78. >the princesses themselves drop in on a visit, giving their condolances and leaving you with vague promises of trying to fix things
  79. >you all know it won't go anywhere
  80. >the Changeling empire have closed their gates, and the empire of Equestria is not willing to escalate an already very sensitive political situation simply for one man
  81. >Cadance even offers to try to match you again
  82. >you scream terrible things at her, and then break down crying
  84. >days turn to weeks that somehow becomes months, and before you know it it's spring again
  85. >the flowers are blooming and the world is ablaze with life
  86. >but for you it's always fall
  89. >and then one day someone knocks on your door
  90. >and the love of your life stands outside, dirty and tired
  91. >she doesn't get as much as a word out before you grab her in a bearhug
  92. >she hugs you back and cries into your neck
  93. >it doesn't take long before you're both blubbering messes, hugging and crying and kissing
  94. >and you get an explanation
  95. >she choose wrong, she realised far too late
  96. >her empire can do without their queen
  97. >they might not like it, but they'll manage
  98. >but she can't do without you
  100. >so after far too many sleepless night where she longed for your embrace, she left her hive for the last time
  101. >to get back to the one thing that truly made her happy
  103. >that night you hold eachother as tightly as two beings can
  104. >she mumbles in her sleep, and you slowly caress her mane
  105. >there will be consequences, that's for sure
  106. >and there are no way of telling how hard they will hit you
  107. >but it doesn't matter
  108. >because she is back where she belongs, in the life you two have created
  110. >and in your mind the rain curtains of fall fades away, and the sun is once more shining
  112. The end
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