Buying AC for PSO2 using PSO2es

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  1. How to buy AC using PSO2es & Google Wallet
  3. 01. Install BlueStacks
  4. 02. Download PSO2es APK from Arks-Layer
  5. 03. Install the APK (usually just double click after you have BlueStacks installed)
  6. 04. Start PSO2es
  7. 05. Wait for it to update (might take a while)
  8. 06. Login with existing account (bumped has a description of the buttons in PSO2es, you should check that out)
  9. 07. Do the tutorial (it tells you what to click basically)
  10. 08. In tutorial you'll notice the AC shop options
  11. 09. Go there to the AC shop, a menu with 3 options or so appears
  12. 10. Click the one with the red AC icon
  13. 11. Now it'll give you an option to pick how much to charge
  14. 12. Once you confirm the amount it'll lead you to Google Wallet Checkout (login to Google acc, set up a Wallet if you don't have one yet)
  16. PSO2es guide from bumped
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