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  5. 1.1
  6. - Fixed gravity suit not being rendered in certain systems
  7. - Fixed room transition in area 3 entrance
  8. - Fixed language file detection, the game can be fully translated now
  9. - Added transport pipe to final area
  10. - Other minor fixes
  12. 1.2
  13. - There may be some bugs due to the code reconstruction. I've fixed what I've found. Just a warning.
  14. - Fixed gravity suit leg glitch when jumping vertically
  15. - Fixed random wall collisions
  16. - Fixed item blocks not being solid
  17. - Power Beam blast now can open item blocks
  18. - Arachnus Chozo Statue is now solid
  19. - Added modifiers.ini file so you can manually manipulate health and damage of certain bosses and misc. other things
  20. - Added option in modifiers.ini for blue item block for Ice Beam
  21. - Added option for random item blocks (different colors) in modifiers.ini
  22. - Fixed visual glitch with Cave Droppers
  23. - changed Skorp Disc hitbox
  24. - Fixed, mostly, camera issue in area 3 where hidden area was viewable
  25. - Fixed room in Area 2 where a player can get stuck if they don't have Screw Attack
  26. - Changed saved file names so version 1.0 or 1.1 games are separate from version 1.2
  27. - Changed button icons to PS buttons. Can change these back in the modifiers.ini file
  28.     Thanks go to Craig Kostelecky here.
  29. - Fixed issue with Tester spinning sound effect getting stuck turned on.
  30. - Added percent of items currently acquired in character menu screen or map screen. This can be changed in modifiers.ini.
  31. - AM2R now graphically can support 30 E-Tanks on the HUD.
  32.     Thanks go to Craig Kostelecky here.
  33. --------NEW GAME MODES--------
  34. - New Game+ game mode added. This mode starts the lava at level 7, or through area 5.
  35.     38 Metroids in area, from the start, need to be defeated.
  36.     Basically the game thinks you are in area 5 but you have to defeat all the Metroids through area 5. The lava will not
  37.     drain, giving you access to the Alpha before the first Omega fight, until you defeat all the previous Metroids.
  38.     Thanks go to Craig Kostelecky here.
  39. - Random Game+ game mode added. Most power ups are randomized on top of New Game+ rules.
  40.     In modifiers.ini there are some options for random game mode under the EasyPickups section.
  41.     Required to know wall jumping and basic understanding of bomb jumping may be helpful in Random Game+
  42.     It is possible to get stuck in this game mode. Having either spider ball or space jump in some places
  43.     can be vital to being able to get out of situations if you don't have a good grasp on bomb jumping.
  44.     This is mainly an issue in area 5.
  46. 1.2.1
  47. - Fixed error on Torizo in hard mode.
  48. - Fixed being able to get stuck leaving the Ice Beam room if you don't have Ice Beam.
  50. 1.2.2
  51. - Fixed warp glitch after acquiring ice beam.
  53. 1.2.3
  54. - Fixed a room in Area 5 just before Zeta Metroid where you can get stuck in Random Game+.
  55. - Fixed it so you can still escape the reaction without speed boost in New Game+ or Random Game+.
  56. - Fixed issues with errors happening because of going places out of order
  57. - Fixed problems with some reconstructed code in the reactor
  58. - Added an option to change the percent of health E-Tanks give you. 0 to 100% possible.
  59. - Fixed a graphical glitch with the warp pipe between Area 2 and area 4.
  60. - Changed the default buttons back to Xbox. This can be changed to Playstation in the modifiers.ini file.
  62. 1.2.4
  63. - Added a manual randomizer seed option in modifiers.ini file.
  65. 1.2.5
  66. - Fixed wall glitch in first save room of Area 3
  67. - Fixed it so controller vibration stops if you exit game or pause when controller is actively vibrating
  68. - Added a switch in modifiers.ini to not swap back to the Varia Suit if you have Gravity Suit.
  69. - Fixed Credits. Proper credit has been given now.
  71. 1.2.6
  72. - Added HellRun option in modifiers.ini. No save points are active. Power bomb ammo does drop.
  73.     (For advanced players only. Thanks TheKhaosDemon!)
  74. - Improved Random Game+.
  75.     - Items are now randomized, except for the first super missile pickup and the first power bomb pickup.
  76.         - This is to help guarantee not getting stuck.
  77.     - Item randomization can be turned off in modifiers.ini.
  78.         - Doing so will only randomize the power ups and force bomb drops in area 1.
  79.     - Added either bombs, screw attack or power bombs to be gotten in area 1.
  80.         - This can be altered in modifiers.ini.
  81.     - If you have power bombs but not regular bombs ammo will drop for power bombs.
  83. 1.2.7
  84. - Fixed certain items not appearing
  85. - Potentially fixed duplicate power up glitch. Couldn't replicate issue.
  86. - Fixed no sound on Power Bomb pickups
  87. - Fixed Genesis spawn issue
  88. - Potentially fixed issue with music sometimes not starting in Area 0 at start of game.
  90. 1.2.8
  91. - Fixed glitch where you can collect an incorrect amount of items.
  92. - Fixed soft lock with Hell Run. You can now enter the ship after getting the baby.
  93. - Added ability to switch off Bomb runs, Screw Attack runs, or Power Bomb runs in randomizer. Switch is in modifiers.ini file.
  94.     - If you don't like one or two of the three randomized paths you may exclude them from your randomizer.
  95. - Cleaned up modifiers.ini text and values.
  96. - Changed Randomizer so that E-Tank in Reactor will always be an E-Tank in Hell Run.
  97. - Added ability to change the title picture. Instructions are in modifiers.ini
  98. - Added switch in modifiers.ini for map to show missing item if in same room as a pipe or if multiple item are in one location and you have not acquired them all.
  99. - Added switch in modifiers.ini to switch power ups acquired and not acquired icons.
  100. - Added switch in modifiers.ini for alternative icons for save stations and Metroids.
  102. 1.2.9
  103. - Fixed glitch in spider ball room where the game believed there was another item.
  104. - Non-usable pipe in area 5 is now broken.
  105. - Save stations are pressed down now when loading a game.
  106. - Skreeks near area 4 will now appear in Random Game+ mode until you lower the lava once. Can be turned off in modifiers.ini.
  107. - Added the ability to use custom title background screen sprite.
  108. - Added fade in / fade out features
  109. - Changed menu so you must beat the game with second best ending or better in order to play New Game+ or Random Game+.
  110. - Normal Mode is now Normal Game.
  111. - Added new effect for Hell Run save stations.
  112. - Fixed problem with main corridor music reverting back to initial music after evening happens.
  113. - Changed behavior of save station in reactor during escape.
  114. - Changed behavior of door near Zeta.
  115. - Fixed credits cutting off early.
  116. - Three introduction pictures can now be changed. See modifiers.ini.
  117. - Overwrite game data now defaults to No.
  118. - In-Game exit game prompt now defaults to No.
  119. - In-Game reload prompt now defaults to No.
  120. - Added a four color filter. Green, Black & White, Blue, and Custom filter available. See modifiers.ini
  121.     - Thanks PixHammer for the Game Boy Shader!
  124. 1.2.10
  125. - Fixed graphical issue with new game selection if you haven't finish the game yet.
  126. - Added last update: If you do no have bombs or power bombs when you enter the reactor the bomb blocks in the reactor will be destroyed.
  127. - Slightly changed the Black and White filter coloring.
  128. - Added switch to handicap your start missile count.
  129. - Changed the name of FourColorfiler to GBOriginalColorFilter in modifiers.ini file.
  130. - Change behavior of Random Game+.
  131.     You will not longer get random Power Bomb drops in Area 1 if Power Bombs or Screw Attack is your starting path.
  132. - Changed falling behavior of the Tsumuri enemy.
  135. 1.3
  136. - Changed Thoth save station position on screen.
  137. - Changed Hard Coded words and added them to the language file.
  138. - Tried to fix starting music issue...again. We think it's working now.
  139. - Added switch in Modifiers.ini so that Samus no longer enters idle mode when arming missile button is held or toggled.
  140. - Added switch in Modifiers.ini to make Torizo's legs hurt Samus during 1st phase of fight.
  141. - Added new Queen attack.
  142. - Fixed message that says "1 Metroids detected in the area".
  143. - Fixed issue with Genesis crawling off the right side of the screen.
  144. - changed Queen battle music.
  145. - Fixed ghost images from resizing screen.
  146. - Fixed spiderball rotation direction.
  147. - Spiderball glow is now blue when Gravity Suit is equipped.
  148. - Added functionality to load external fonts.
  149. - Added switch in modifiers.ini file to allow charge beam to damage Metroids if you don't have missiles in Hard Difficulty.
  150. - changed Skorp Disc hitbot back to original settings.
  151. - Color Filter Change - You can now toggle between Normal and color filters with the F9 key. Filters can be turned on in game by default.
  152. - Switch in modifier.ini file to change Chozo Statue in Golden Temple.
  154. 1.3.1
  155. - Fixed blue caves at start of game in version 1.3.
  156. - color Filters are turned off by default. F9 key still toggles filters but they must be turned on in modifiers.ini file.
  158. 1.3.2
  159. - Changed the graphics of the reactor elevator in the map.
  160. - Fixed issue with Queen music double playing.
  161. - Fixed problem with color filters and the map. Filters now turned on by default. Toggle with F9.
  162. - Fixed possibly getting stuck in the Distribution Center if you don't have Speed Booster.
  163. - Samus will pause when the baby hatches. Switch is in modifiers.ini. Turned on by default.
  164. - Damage to Metroid from Charged Beam when missiles are depleted now works on all difficulties. Turned on by default.
  165. - Fixed glitch with doors on the GFS Thoth.
  166. - Original Metroid II Metroid counter is being used. Switch in modifiers.ini. Turned on by default.
  167.     - Instead of counting the Metroids near the Queen from the start, they are counted once you get to the egg.
  168. - You may now play with the baby Metroid following Samus anytime you want. Turn on in modifiers.ini file.
  169. - Fixed issue in version 1.3.1 where wrong gallery picture showed in hard difficulty if you complete game under two hours.
  170. - Serris now drops power-ups. Can be switched off in modifiers.ini file.
  171. - Added button configuration for the Nintendo Pro Controller and a colorful SNES Controller in modifiers.ini file.
  172. - The modifiers.ini file has been reorganized into proper sections.
  173. - If you are using the save file editor by Unknown there is now a modifier to fix the items not appearing properly on the map.
  174.     Can be switched on in file. Turned off by default.
  175. - After beating game once you can turn on an item collected count for the map screen. Turn on in modifier.ini file. Turned off by default. -Sylandro
  176. - Glitch with Metroids leaving the screen and causing a soft-lock shouldn't soft-lock the game anymore.
  177.     If a Metroid leaves the room it will be killed.
  178. - English.ini file has been rearranged. All additions are now under -gatordile additions- section. Above this section is the original layout of the english.ini file starting at version 1.2.
  179.     This was done to help with language translations.
  180. - Added quake after killing last Metroid before Queen.
  181. - Fixed glitch with the In Game Hints.
  182. - Changed the sprite of the Water Moheeks in the Distribution Facility. This can be changed back to the original in modifiers.ini file.
  184. 1.3.3
  185. - Reworked backend Randomizer coding.
  186.     Pre-V1.3.3 random games may not work correctly anymore if you have not acquired all power ups. Power ups will just default to original locations.
  187. - Unknown's save file editor version 2.5 and earlier will unrandomize game files.
  188. - RandomGame+ now has three options. Read info in Explanations.txt file for full details.
  189.     - Classic Mode has two options: Items and Power-ups are in two separate pools.
  190.         - Power-ups only: The original randomizer from version 1.2. Bombs always acquired in area 1. No randomized items.
  191.         - Starting Paths: Either Bombs, Power Bombs, or Screw Attack is acquired in area 1. Has randomized items.
  192.     - Split Random: Two randomized pools. No guaranteed power-up in area 1.
  193.     - AM2Random: Power-ups and items are now fully randomized together.
  194. - Added Expanations.txt file to help explain features.
  195. - Updated Mission Log for the Distribution Center with the new Moheek sprite.
  196. - Fixed crash when you Shinespark the Ancient Guardian.
  197. - CollectedItemsOnMap modifier can now be toggled on or off on the map screen by pressing the Missile button.
  198. - Fixed issue with larval Metroids flying off the screen.
  199. - Added new sprint animation. Can be turned on or off in modifiers.ini file. Turned on by default.
  200. - Fixed slowness issue when falling into save station room in area 3.
  201. - Added toggle to re-order beams in character screen in menu. Ice beam has been moved to the bottom of the list. Turned on by default.
  202. - Fixed game crash issues with language files.
  203. - Added Low Health Alarm. Can be turned on/off. There are two volume settings. See modifers.ini.
  204. - Metroids now drop Super Missiles. Can be turned on/off in modifiers.ini.
  205. - Fixed notification popup when viewing item cut scene.
  206. - Samus will now roll slowly while in morph ball just as she walks slowly when slightly tilting the analog stick.
  207. - Fixed Button names in Joypad Settings for non-Xbox 360 controllers.
  208. - Fixed keyboard names in Keyboard Settings for most keys.
  209. - Changed underwater spin sound when you do not have the Gravity Suit.
  210. - Number of Super Missiles and Power Bombs will only show in Menu system once you have acquired said items.
  212. 1.4
  213. - Added Fusion Difficulty. See explanations.txt file.
  214. - Fixed glitched Spin Jump under water.
  215. - Fixed glitch with Screw Attack under water.
  216. - Changed sprites of certain frozen enemies.
  217. - Added Menu Options for some settings previously in modifiers.ini file.
  218. - Fixed glitch with the gallery and starting a new game.
  219. - Added sound for Samus' ship landing and taking off.
  220. - Fixed graphical glitch with Genesis.
  221. - Fixed graphical issue with background sometimes peeking through.
  222. - Suit colors are now changeable with palette sheets. See explanations.txt file.
  223. - Increased Number of larva Metroids in the lab depending on game difficulty.
  224. - Added switch to allow pickups from Spike Plants and Metroids in Hard and Fusion difficulty.
  225. - Hatchling Metroid will now follow X Parasites.
  226. - Morphball sprite animation can now be altered in modifiers.ini file.
  227. - Item Acquire music now plays in powerup rooms. This can be turned off in modifiers.ini file.
  228. - Metroids have a different color Palette in Fusion.
  229. - Metroids have changeable palette sheets. See explanations.txt file.
  230. - Fixed displayed health glitch.
  231. - Fixed wrong doors on Thoth.
  232. - Fonts updated with extended Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek. -Doctor-Mak
  233. - The temperature meter during the escape sequence now expands to fit the text inside.
  234. - Added Gawron and Ramulken animations.
  235. - Fixed grammar error in the logs.
  236. - Fixed glitch where Zeta Metroid appeared as an item on the map.
  237. - Unknown's save file editor version 2.6+ works with the randomizer in all versions of AM2R.
  238. - Added 12 new logs entries. Last entry hidden.
  239. - Added color coded pipes for easy identification. This can be turned on and off in modifiers.ini file.
  240. - Added Blob Thrower enemies.
  241. - Added Septoggs.
  242. - Added additional helper septoggs for navigation in randomizer modes.
  243.     - Some septoggs can be disabled in modifiers.ini file.
  244. - Changed Serris health drops.
  245. - Fixed manual randomizer seed.
  246. - Modified AM2Random logic.
  247.     - There are no guaranteed item placements anywhere. All swappable items logic has been removed.
  248.         - There should always be a way out of every situation if you're not properly equipped.
  249.     - Gravity Suit is now in the randomizer pool.
  250. - Varia suit and Gravity suit damage modifiers are stacked now.
  251.     - Varia suit will half your damage taken. Gravity suit will half your damage taken.
  252.     - If you have Gravity suit and not Varia suit, your damage taken will be the same as Varia suit.
  253. - D-pad fixed for non-Xbox controllers.
  254. - GB Filters now turned on/off and cycled through with the F9 button.
  255. - Bosses are no longer killed by a single Power Bomb.
  256. - Lag Problems should be improved.
  257. - Updated Pincher Fly, Halzyn, Mumbo, and Octroll sprites.
  258. - Save files have been renamed to save1, save2, and save3. 1.2+ - 1.3.3 save files have not been deleted if they exist.
  259. - Added/edited 8Bit filters.
  260. - Ice Beam damage has been modified for random modes.
  262. 1.4.1
  263. - Android support.
  264.     - Minimum hardware requirements:
  265.         - Quad-core 1.2Ghz CPU
  266.         - Dedicated GPU
  267.         - 2GB RAM
  268.         - NOTE: These specs will provide full-speed gameplay almost everywhere, with some slowdowns in non-critial areas with a large amount of objects, such as the main caverns of A2, A3, and A5.
  269.             Weaker GPUs may slow down in Fusion mode during X morphing.
  270. - Fusion mode overhaul:
  271.     - Added Core-X to some boss fights.
  272.     - Updated graphics.
  273.     - New sound effects.
  274.     - X parasites may now respawn if not picked up.
  275. - Fixed D-pads not working on some controllers.
  276. - Directional buttons can now be rebound for some controllers.
  277. - Changed pickup sounds for Super Missiles, Big Health, Power Bombs, and X parasites.
  278. - Fixed water Blob Thrower dropping ice shards when killed with Speed Booster.
  279. - Pickups (including X) now spawn at center of enemy.
  280. - Changed non-robotic enemy death sound when killed by Screw Attack or Speed Booster.
  281. - Added new Hydro Station background.
  282. - Added unique, randomized heads to Zetas.
  283. - Palette loading has been restructured.
  284.     - Palettes and related sprites for Samus and the Metroids are now stored in their respective folders under the mods/palettes folder.
  285. - Tester boss can now play its own music if it exists:
  286.     - The song should be called "musTester.ogg" and placed in the main game directory with the rest of the music.
  287. - Suit change animations will now play in Random games when the item is not in a tunnel or in the air.
  288. - A little bird told me some hidden message should now unlock more reliably. You didn't hear it from me though >.>
  289. - Samus should no longer clip though the Queen when in morph.
  290. - Item room music now obeys the volume setting and should no longer restart the area theme when ended.
  291.     - The Retro item music toggle has been removed, instead, the item room theme now plays if the file called "musItemAmb2.ogg" exists in the game directory; if it is removed, the area theme will continue playing rather than the item theme.
  292. - Music should no longer randomly fail to play (Yes, for real this time...).
  293. - Updated Skreek sprite.
  294. - A7 cave background changed.
  295. - Added French, Czech, and German localizations.
  296. - Many other minor fixes.
  298. 1.4.2
  299. - Music when entering item rooms will now quickly cross-fade.
  300. - Resolved various issues related to shaders.
  301. - Modifiers.ini streamlined: some options have been removed and/or made permanent to unify the experience.
  302.     - Metroids and spike plants will now drop health and ammo on Hard and Fusion difficulties when Insanity Mode is off.
  303. - Fixed Samus sometimes becoming offset when saving at a save station.
  304. - Fixed trace image of item appearing after picking up Arachnus Core-X.
  305. - Fixed confirmation prompt not appearing when attempting to overwrite a save.
  306. - Fixed missing pixels on Fusion suit sprite.
  307. - Fixed visual issue with Ramulken eye.
  308. - Fixed Screw Attack effect playing while picking up a Core-X.
  309. - Other minor fixes.
  310.   Android:
  311. - By default, the game will now read gamepad input using virtual keycodes, e.g. "Button A" or "Right Trigger", rather than numbered scan codes.
  313.     - Buttons will need to be rebound.
  314.     - Buttons hints can be changed to match various controllers, under Display Settings, when not in compatibility mode.
  316. 1.4.3
  317. - Removed Septogg directly to the left of the ship to avoid confusing players.
  318. - Changed controller screen text to encourage players to purchase Metroid: Samus Returns.
  319. - Fixed distorted glow on controller screen.
  320. - Modified Zeta arena in A4 to prevent players from being knocked into room transition.
  321. - Added shatter particles to Genetic Lab tubes.
  322. - Added extra Hatchling sounds.
  323. - Modified randomizer logic to prevent Springball from being at the Super Missile location in the Golden Temple.
  324. - Fixed bug that caused the Varia/Gravity suit animation to create a slope below the pickup location.
  325. - Fixed bug that allowed the Queen's Power Bomb death to be triggered early, resulting in an offset explosion.
  326. - Fixed bug that allowed the Queen to be killed twice.
  327. - Fixed bug that caused ammo/health drops to be visually distorted after moving.
  328. - Fixed internal bug that caused sand to misbehave. Players will notice no difference, but the devs are much happier.
  329. - Fixed internal bug that caused the Fusion Queen Death tiles to misbehave.
  330. - Changed 2 pixels on the Metroid Husk sprite to fix a distractingly sharp angle.
  331. - Fixed a bug in the X Parasite spawn routine that caused the game to crash in specific circumstances.
  332. - Added message informing players that Fusion Mode is unlocked on the first time the 100% cutscene is seen.
  333. - Added seed saving and display functionality for random game modes.
  334.     - Seed and randomizer type will display below savefile when selected in main menu.
  335.     - Seed and randomizer type also viewable in the Extras menu.
  336.     - Savefiles generated prior to 1.4.3 will have their seed defaulted to 0, if it displays at all.
  337. - Added Castillian Spanish translation. Thanks u/atemporalDarkness!
  338. - Prevented Baby Septoggs from spawning at a time they should not have in BG3.
  339. - Made Samus immune to the pull of floor turbines in A2 while wearing Gravity Suit.
  340. - Fixed visual issue with Ramulken eye drawing over all layers.
  341. - Fixed bug that caused the splash sound to play while moving between two cave rooms shortly after completing A5.
  342. - Blob Fly AI tweaked to make them less aggressive.
  343. - Spike Wall Septogg in A3 now will not disappear during Random Games unless either the Space Jump or Speed Booster have been collected.
  344. - Fixed missing collision in one of the Waterfall rooms.
  345. - Added randomized Omega Metroid variants. This change is purely visual, and does not affect gameplay.
  346. - Larval Metroids should no longer be able to glitch themselves through walls.
  347. - Added option in the Extras Menu to display the in-game timer under the HUD.
  348. - Modified a set of crumble blocks in A5 to give players a faster backtracking route to collect a Screw Attack walled item.
  349. - Cleaned up several information files included with the patch.
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