MagiReco Main Story 8 - Iroha & Sana

Jul 8th, 2018
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  1. Iroha & Sana
  3. 8.48 Iroha & Sana 1
  4. in a forest in Hokuyou Ward
  5. Iroha: "If my memory is correct, here..."
  7. 8.48.1 (from 8.47.1 Yachiyo 13)
  8. [in a dark forest]
  9. Iroha: "..."
  10. "If the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura really is here..."
  11. [flashback to the path in Shinsei]
  12. Iroha: "Yachiyo-san..."
  13. Yachiyo: "I'm not doubting you."
  14. "But, it's next to impossible to find a rumor in the mountains."
  15. "If they put it there because they knew I wouldn't go there, then it's pretty obvious that I wouldn't know."
  16. "But, what do you plan on doing?"
  17. "The Magius said that they were erasing all of the rumors..."
  18. Iroha: "Well, the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura is special."
  19. "I get the feeling that they wouldn't erase it..."
  20. "So, Yachiyo-san."
  21. "Can I go investigate it?"
  22. "If the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura really is there, then nobody would know about it."
  23. "I think it would be a good place for them to hide their base."
  24. [back to the forest]
  25. Iroha: (The fact that the feathers are coming and going...)
  26. (Means that here might be connected to their base...)
  27. (If they're all out and we're able to get control of the inside...)
  28. (Then we can call for Yachiyo-san and the others.)
  29. "Please... Sana-chan..."
  30. [we see Sana in costume]
  31. Sana: "..."
  32. [flashback to the path in Shinsei]
  33. Sana: "Y-you mean... me!?"
  34. Yachiyo: "Yes, only you, who can hide from sight and conceal your magic, can do this."
  35. "Protect Iroha."
  36. Sana: "Only I... can do it... Protect... Iroha-san..."
  37. "Y-yes!"
  38. "To protect Iroha-san, I'll try my very betht!"
  39. "...I bit my tongue."
  40. Yachiyo: "Hehe, then I'll leave it to you, Futaba-san."
  41. [back to the forest]
  42. Sana: (I betrayed Iroha-san's kindness...)
  43. (I broke my promise to Ai-chan...)
  44. (Because I did that...)
  45. (As much as I have been saved...)
  46. (I have to give in return!)
  47. (Now I will make sure Iroha is happy.)
  48. (To help with that...)
  49. "..."
  50. "The feathers have stopped coming and going..."
  51. "I wonder if everyone's left..."
  52. "..."
  53. "Yes!"
  54. [she goes back to Iroha]
  55. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  56. Iroha: "Sana-chan, how was it?"
  57. Sana: "I think everyone has left!"
  58. "Let's go!"
  59. Iroha: "Okay, thanks."
  60. "..."
  61. "I hope everyone's alright..."
  62. Sana: "Yeah, we lost contact with them..."
  63. Iroha: "But, this is the time we need to believe in each other."
  64. Sana: "Yes... let's hurry and take control inside and wait for everyone to come..."
  65. Iroha: "Yeah."
  66. Sana: "Then, could we hold hands?"
  67. Iroha: "Hold hands?"
  68. Sana: "So I can hide both of us..."
  69. "If someone is still inside the rumor, then they would see us..."
  70. Iroha: "That's right, thanks."
  71. [fade to black]
  72. *squeeze*
  73. [on some rumor-ified sunny hilltop with an ancient-looking leafless tree, and sakura petals falling]
  74. Iroha: "Nobody's here..."
  75. Sana: "Yes..."
  76. "Iroha-san... is this the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura?"
  77. Iroha: "I've never seen it, so I don't know, but probably..."
  78. Sana: "Ah, that giant tree..."
  79. "It doesn't have any flowers, but it's a cherry tree..."
  80. Iroha: "Then, this is the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura..."
  81. "Touka-chan and Nemu-chan didn't erase it after all..."
  82. [she senses]
  83. Iroha: "Yeah, I don't think anyone's here."
  84. "Maybe it connects to their base somewhere."
  85. "Let's go search."
  86. Sana: "Yes!"
  87. [they let go]
  88. *pop*
  89. Sana: (Ah, our hands... too bad...)
  90. [but she senses something]
  91. Sana: "Huh? I sense some magic!? Iroha-san!"
  92. Iroha: "Someone's here..."
  93. "This magic is..."
  94. [we see Touka and Nemu]
  95. Nemu: "..."
  96. Touka: "Tamaki Iroha..."
  97. Iroha: "Touka-chan... Nemu-chan..."
  98. TO: 8.49.1 (Iroha & Sana 2)
  100. 8.49 Iroha & Sana 2
  101. inside the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura
  102. Iroha: "Touka-chan and Nemu-chan came. So this really is..."
  104. 8.49.1 (from 8.48.1 Iroha & Sana 1)
  105. [inside the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  106. Nemu: "..."
  107. Touka: "Tamaki Iroha..."
  108. Iroha: "Touka-chan... Nemu-chan..."
  109. Nemu: "Why are you here?"
  110. Touka: "Oh, come on. Jeez!"
  111. "Why!? I just don't get it!!"
  112. "Nyaaaaaa!!"
  113. "We didn't spread this rumor, right!?"
  114. "Why do you know about it!?"
  115. "Or, was it you, Nemu!?"
  116. Nemu: "Calm down, Touka. I think you're under a grave misunderstanding."
  117. "I never gave Rumor-san any orders to spread anything."
  118. "We should be the only ones..."
  119. "Using this rumor to get around."
  120. Touka: "Mmm... Then why!?"
  121. "And why now, when nobody else is here!?"
  122. Sana: "..."
  123. Touka: "!?"
  124. "The invisible personnnnn!"
  125. Sana: "Yes... I took a peek in here..."
  126. Iroha: "And also, the reason we knew about this was because I remember it..."
  127. Touka: "Not again with those weird memories!?"
  128. Iroha: "That's right..."
  129. "Those strange memories of mine had this in it."
  130. "This Rumor of the Eternal Sakura..."
  131. "After all, this rumor..."
  132. "*Is the one I came up with...*"
  133. Touka: "Wha..."
  134. Nemu: "Something else I can't even begin to digest..."
  135. "I was the one who came up with every one of the rumors."
  136. Iroha: "But I understand the feeling, the reason why you didn't erase this rumor."
  137. "It might be because you used it to hide your base."
  138. "But that wasn't the only reason."
  139. Touka: "Shut up!"
  140. Iroha: "You didn't erase it because you couldn't erase it, right!?"
  141. Touka: "Shut up shut up shut uuuuup!"
  142. "This conversation is OVER!"
  143. "If we just erase Tamaki Iroha, nobody will know, right!?"
  144. "Then let's erase her!"
  145. "Here, together with the invisible person, we'll erase them both!"
  146. "I won't leave even a single scrap of DNA!"
  147. [Sana transforms]
  148. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  149. [Iroha transforms]
  150. Iroha: "Yeah..."
  151. [battle]
  152. [Touka attacks]
  153. Touka: "Unyaaa!!"
  154. [Iroha fires]
  155. Iroha: "aaAAAH!!"
  156. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  157. Nemu: "Do you really have time to look away?"
  158. [Nemu attacks]
  159. "Even if you're invisible you can still be a target for deletion."
  160. Sana: "Au!"
  161. Iroha: "Stop it, Touka-chan! I remembered this much!"
  162. "I remembered something only you two would know!"
  163. "It might be some strange memory for you..."
  164. "But even so, it should be correct!"
  165. "Also, my little sister, your friend, Ui too!"
  166. Touka: "Even if we did forget, it has nothing to do with the release of magical girls."
  167. [she uses some kind of magic]
  168. "Even if I did have this friend, that wouldn't change my mind."
  169. [she uses some magic again]
  170. Iroha: "What... are you trying to do?"
  171. Touka: "In Kamihama, we have a lot of energy gathered."
  172. "So I'm gonna use that to erase you!"
  173. "You came this far, but I won't let you get in our way any further!"
  174. Iroha: "Stop it!"
  175. Touka: "From the Big Crunch to the..."
  176. Iroha: "Touka-chan!"
  177. Touka: "BIG BAAAAANG!"
  178. [fade to gray]
  179. Iroha: "..."
  180. "Am I... alright...?"
  181. [back in the rumor]
  182. Sana: "Iroha...san..."
  183. Iroha: "Sana-chan..."
  184. [Sana collapses]
  185. Sana: "Sana-chaaaaan!"
  186. TO: 8.50.1 (Iroha & Sana 3)
  188. 8.50 Iroha & Sana 3
  189. inside the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura
  190. Sana: "I'm so glad... that Iroha-san was alright..."
  192. 8.50.1 (from 8.49.1 Iroha & Sana 2)
  193. [on the field inside the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura]
  194. Iroha: "Sana-chaaaaan!"
  195. Sana: "I'm..."
  196. Iroha: "You're not fine at all!"
  197. Touka: "That surprised me."
  198. "The invisible person's shield sure is tough."
  199. Nemu: "To withstand Touka's attack, it's worthy of praise."
  200. "I think you should be glad."
  201. Touka: "But it looks like it could only take it once."
  202. "My personal magic lets me transform energy..."
  203. "So I'm unbeatable as long as I'm in Kamihama."
  204. "Ehehe"
  205. Sana: "sigh... I'm sorry, Iroha-san..."
  206. Iroha: "You don't need to apologize, you protected me, Sana-chan..."
  207. "Please, Touka-chan, Nemu-chan..."
  208. "My memories are what is making you confused, right?"
  209. "Don't involve Sana-chan..."
  210. Touka: "I don't really know, huh. Are her nerves hooked up right?"
  211. "If she's going to protect someone we want to erase..."
  212. "Then she's someone we need to erase too, right?"
  213. Nemu: "Well, I don't think she'll be able to move that shield anymore."
  214. "Now we can deal with Tamaki Iroha."
  215. Touka: "Yup!"
  216. "We can collect the invisible person later and feed her to the Eve."
  217. "Let's take care of this gibberish-spouting Tamaki Iroha."
  218. Nemu: "That's right. It's annoying to say that all of these coincidences were fated."
  219. "I hate that kind of illogical romanticism."
  220. Iroha: "You're still saying that?"
  221. "I made this rumor, so of course I know the contents."
  222. Touka: "Then, why don't you say it?"
  223. Iroha: "..."
  224. "The Rumor of the Eternal Sakura goes like this, right?"
  225. [fade to black, then a view of a hospital room]
  226. Iroha: *In a field spread wide, where everyone can run around, there stands an enormous sakura tree for everyone to gaze at.*
  227. *One day, three girls who were hospitalized there will get better and go there...*
  228. *And reunite with the one other girl who always came to visit them.*
  229. *When that happens, in order to bless their reunion, the enormous sakura tree will blossom into full bloom.*
  230. [back to the field]
  231. Iroha: "Right?"
  232. "And out of the four, two are you, Touka-chan and Nemu-chan..."
  233. "But you don't remember who the other two are, right?"
  234. "That's why you can't erase it, right?"
  235. Iroha: "Those two are..."
  236. "People both of you forgot."
  237. "Me, and my little sister Ui!"
  238. Touka: "Hmm...."
  239. Iroha: "What do you mean by 'Hmm', Touka-chan?"
  240. Touka: "Well, do you have any proof?'
  241. "Can you show any evidence that your memory is correct?"
  242. Iroha: "Huh?"
  243. Nemu: "The contents certainly are correct, but it's not quite enough to convince me."
  244. "There's a chance you heard it somewhere from Rumor-san."
  245. "And in the last fight, there's a chance the boss of the east read it from our minds."
  246. "And also, everything I've made is an original creation."
  247. "Unfortunately, those four are all fictional people, and I never set the details."
  248. Iroha: "No way..."
  249. "Then, what should I do..."
  250. [flashback to Iroha in school (in Kamihama)]
  251. Iroha: "If my memories are real, then will they remember?"
  252. "Hugging mini-Kyubey just like I did..."
  253. [back to the field, we see mini-Kyubey]
  254. Iroha: "!?"
  255. "If mini-Kyubey is here... then just I did..."
  256. "What do you think, mini-Kyubey?"
  257. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyu" (Yeah, let's try it.)
  258. Iroha: "If they remember Ui, and this rumor..."
  259. mini-Kyubey: "MokyuMokyu" (Then they might remember.)
  260. Iroha: "If they do, they might know where Ui is..."
  261. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyukyu" (That's right!)
  262. Iroha: "And if they go back to that time, then maybe they can stop this..."
  263. "..."
  264. "Let's try it!"
  265. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyuu!" (Now's our chance!)
  266. Touka: "You don't have any other proof? Then, it's a wrap."
  267. Iroha: "Wait!"
  268. "I don't have any more proof to show..."
  269. "But Touka-chan and Nemu-chan..."
  270. "I'll have you remember for me!"
  271. "So please!"
  272. "Hug this mini-Kyubey!"
  273. [she throws mini-Kyubey]
  274. mini-Kyubey: "Mokyuu!"
  275. Touka: "Nyah?!"
  276. "Please, Touka-chan!"
  277. Touka: "Jeez, get off me! You'll dirty my clothes!"
  278. [she smacks the mini-Kyubey]
  279. mini-Kyubey: "Bukyu!"
  280. Iroha: "Mini-Kyubey!!"
  281. [it ends up in front of Nemu]
  282. Nemu: "Could you not touch us with those filthy paws?"
  283. "Come on, go back to your master."
  284. [she hits the mini-Kyubey]
  285. mini-Kyubey: "Mui!"
  286. Iroha: "Mini-Kyubey, are you alright?"
  287. mini-Kyubey: "M-mokyuu..."
  288. Touka: "Jeez, even if we did touch that, nothing happened!"
  289. Iroha: "Why..."
  290. "When I touched him, and hugged him, I remembered..."
  291. Nemu: "That Kyubey had already been in Kamihama."
  292. "Before it became attached to you, Tamaki Iroha, we had already touched it."
  293. "Your idea was clever, but unfortunately there was no point."
  294. Touka: "And so, too bad for you."
  295. "We won't believe you."
  296. Nemu: "Then, let's delete her, Touka. Both Tamaki Iroha and this Kyubey."
  297. Touka: "Yeah, we've got a time limit."
  298. Sana: "Please... stop... it!"
  299. Touka: "Ehe, how about... no!"
  300. [she begins gathering magic]
  301. Iroha: "Touka-chan..."
  302. [more magic]
  303. Nemu: "See you, Tamaki Iroha."
  304. [even more magic]
  305. Iroha: "Nemu-chan..."
  306. [fade to white, and then a brief view of the hospital room]
  307. Iroha: "Please remember..."
  308. TO: 8.51.1 (Iroha & Sana 4)
  310. 8.51 Iroha & Sana 4
  311. inside the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura
  312. Iroha: "Even though I remembered, why didn't Touka-chan and Nemu-chan..."
  314. 8.51.1 (from 8.50.1 Iroha & Sana 3)
  315. [black screen]
  316. Iroha: *I've finally remembered this much...*
  317. *I thought I'd finally come close to Ui...*
  318. *Not here...*
  319. [fade to white, we see Sana]
  320. Sana: "Iroha-saaaaan!!"
  321. [she hits Touka]
  322. Touka: "Unya!"
  323. [back in front of the tree]
  324. Touka: "W-what are you doing!?"
  325. Sana: "Huh... I... didn't..."
  326. Nemu: "..."
  327. "The rumor protected..."
  328. [we see a girl in a luminous white and pink dress]
  329. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Are you alright?|
  330. Iroha: "You are... the rumor?"
  331. "You protected me?"
  332. "I see..."
  333. "If that's the case, then you are the proof my memory is correct..."
  334. Nemu: "If you go against the contents of the rumor, the rumor itself will appear."
  335. "The fact that it protected Tamaki Iroha means..."
  336. Iroha: "It's proof that I'm one of the four."
  337. "Now can you believe that my memory is correct?"
  338. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Everything is just as Iroha said.|
  339. |As a rumor, I must uphold the contents of the rumor.|
  340. |Touka, Nemu, Ui, and Iroha too.|
  341. |So that the four of you can someday meet.|
  342. Touka: "I can't believe it..."
  343. "In that crazy Tamaki Iroha's memories, she remembered the four?"
  344. "I won't believe it."
  345. Nemu: "And this should be my original work."
  346. "I never set who the four were... I never worked out the details of the contents..."
  347. Iroha: "But, the rumor has proven it..."
  348. "And it's not just the Eternal Sakura, there are other things you forgot!"
  349. Touka: "You're still trying to make fools of us!?"
  350. Iroha: "No, I'm just trying to tell you the truth."
  351. "That's all."
  352. "After all, most of the rumors in Kamihama..."
  353. "Were ones that you two thought up with Ui..."
  354. "When all three of you were hospitalized together."
  355. Touka: "That's wrong!"
  356. "Neither you nor your sister exist in our memories!"
  357. "I don't remember clearly, but there were two other people!"
  358. Iroha: "I'm telling you, we were those two!"
  359. Touka: "Shut up!!"
  360. "I'll sew your mouth shut!"
  361. Nemu: "I know you're angry, Touka, but you need to calm yourself."
  362. Touka: "What, Nemu!?"
  363. Nemu: "Tamaki Iroha is making sense."
  364. "As we requested, she demonstrated proof that her memories are correct."
  365. "Now that the rumor has appeared, we cannot deny that anymore."
  366. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |...|
  367. Touka: "You believe her!?"
  368. Nemu: "It's the truth that I have different memories from Tamaki Iroha."
  369. "Even if she proves it, I don't have the slightest intention of believing her."
  370. "But we have to consider the rumor."
  371. "And then there's the fact that she came to our lecture."
  372. "We should hear what she has to say."
  373. "Once we digest her story, then we can come to a conclusion."
  374. Touka: "Mnnngh..."
  375. "Okay, fine, say what you want."
  376. "Either way I won't believe it."
  377. Nemu: "With that out of the way, please begin your teaching..."
  378. "About our missing memories."
  379. Sana: "Iroha-san..."
  380. Iroha: "Sana-chan, will you also listen about the rumor I remember?"
  381. Sana: "Yes..."
  382. Iroha: "..."
  383. [fade to black]
  384. Iroha: "I saw it.*
  385. *The three of them made all kinds of stories about Kamihama in their hospital room.*
  386. [ancient flashback to the hospital room]
  387. Touka: "Hey, Nemu!! That's mean!"
  388. "There's no need for a revolution here, right!?"
  389. [screen wipe]
  390. Ui: "Nemu-chan's latest story was also really interesting."
  391. Iroha: "That's right, Ui. It left me really satisfied."
  392. [screen wipe]
  393. Touka: "No, best friends is a good way to put it. It's astronomically unlikely, you see."
  394. Ui: "Astronomical? Touka-chan, what do you mean?"
  395. [fade to black]
  396. Iroha: *They played cards, read stories that Nemu-chan wrote, watched TV together, chatted and fought constantly. That was their everyday life.*
  397. *However, ever since a certain day, Touka-chan, Nemu-chan, and Ui all started to take interest in the town known as Kamihama, where they were.*
  398. TO: 8.52.1 (Iroha & Sana 5)
  400. 8.52 Iroha & Sana 5
  401. in a hospital room
  402. Iroha: "Yes, at first, the beginning was that big map."
  404. 8.52.1 (from 8.51.1 Iroha & Sana 4)
  405. [insert flashback image of a map of Kamihama]
  406. Iroha: *Wow... What's this huge map?"
  407. *Is this Kamihama City?*
  408. *What's it for?*
  409. [back to the hospital room]
  410. Ui: "We had the doctor gave us this map..."
  411. "So we can write stuff about parts of Kamihama we don't know."
  412. [the flashback effect fades]
  413. Iroha: "About Kamihama? Why so suddenly?"
  414. Nemu: "We noticed that the world we are looking at is so expansive."
  415. "We sleep, get up, go to classes in the hospital, and occasionally, go home in a car..."
  416. "We don't know about Kamihama other than what we see from this hospital room and the car windows."
  417. "We came to understand that."
  418. Touka: "That's why, onee-sama."
  419. "Though from time to time, I look at maps online."
  420. "I never gave it more thought than a 'hm' though."
  421. "But it's waaaay bigger than I thought it was."
  422. Iroha: "Hmmm?"
  423. Ui: "If we hadn't had class on society, we probably wouldn't have realized."
  424. "But when we realized it, we decided to work together..."
  425. "To summarize all the spots in Kamihama that we hear from people."
  426. "And then, someday when we're released, when we become able to walk around..."
  427. "We'll all be able to look at the map and go places, right?"
  428. Touka: "So, first up is you, onee-sama!"
  429. Iroha: "Huh, me!?"
  430. Nemu: "Yeah, let's hear it."
  431. Ui: "Something about Kamihama that we don't know!"
  432. Iroha: "I-I don't live in the city though..."
  433. [fade to black]
  434. Iroha: *And so, the three began to create upon their map.*
  435. [in the hospital lobby, Ui approaches a lady]
  436. Ui: "Um, could I have a word with you?"
  437. lady: "Oh my, what is it?"
  438. Ui: "I'd like you to tell me about a spot you recommend in Kamihama!"
  439. [screen wipe; we see Nemu and a man]
  440. Nemu: "The Central Map Office branch office..."
  441. man: "There, there's a historical compilation room. There is a lot of interesting material on display there."
  442. Nemu: "Mm, sounds fascinating..."
  443. [screen wipe; we see Touka and a guy]
  444. Touka: "The Hokuyou Overlook Hill?"
  445. man: "A long time, I went on a trip there. It's far from the city..."
  446. "So the lights don't reach that far and you can see the stars so clearly."
  447. Touka: "The starry sky! I'd like to see that with my own eyes!"
  448. [fade to black]
  449. Iroha: *And so, day after day, they talked with the people who came.*
  450. *They'd ask the doctors all sorts of things.*
  451. [insert image of the map of Kamihama, with lots of pins in it]
  452. Iroha: *The map steadily gained more and more spots the three heard about.*
  453. *And then...*
  454. [in the hospital room]
  455. Iroha: "Wow, what a pretty picture of the stars."
  456. Touka: "Someone I talked to before..."
  457. "I asked him to get me photos of one of the spots."
  458. Nemu: "And I have pictures of the historical compilation room."
  459. "I'd like to go there someday."
  460. lady: "Ah, Ui-chan."
  461. "Here's a photo of the shopping mall I told you about before."
  462. "The croquettes from here are amazing."
  463. Iroha: "U-um..."
  464. Ui: "Onee-chan, don't worry about it."
  465. "I can't have them right now..."
  466. "But one day, I might be able to eat them."
  467. [insert image of the map, this time with photos pinned all over]
  468. Iroha: *And so, the pictures began multiplying.*
  469. *Before I knew it, there were tons of pins and photographs.*
  470. [back to the hospital room, we see the three]
  471. Iroha: *I remember how they were at the time, all three of them having fun looking towards the future.*
  472. [fade to black]
  473. *However, as they continued this, they ran out of new stories, and it became insufficient for the three of them.*
  474. TO: 8.53.1 (Iroha & Sana 6)
  476. 8.53 Iroha & Sana 6
  477. in a hospital room
  478. Iroha: "Back then, everyone was dreaming of the future and drawing the future Kamihama."
  480. 8.53.1 (from 8.52.1 Iroha & Sana 5)
  481. [black screen]
  482. Iroha: *Their mapmaking started to change shortly after their first map became buried in pins and photographs.*
  483. [insert image of Iroha bringing a gift basket and a book]
  484. Iroha: *What's got you wanting a sketchbook so suddenly, Ui?"
  485. *Did something catch your interest?*
  486. [in the hospital room, we see Ui, and then Iroha comes in]
  487. Ui: "Ah, onee-chan, you bought it for me?"
  488. Iroha: "Yeah, here it is."
  489. Ui: "Wow, thank you!"
  490. Iroha: "It's unusual for you to want a sketchbook."
  491. "You've never drawn that much before."
  492. Ui: "Umm, we've been making a map, right?"
  493. "But we've heard about so many more places in Kamihama."
  494. "This time, we want to think about what places there might be."
  495. "So I wanted to draw some pictures."
  496. Nemu: "Yeah, that's what I said."
  497. "Onee-chan, I'm sorry for asking you to do this."
  498. Iroha: "No, I come here often enough that it's not much trouble."
  499. "But, you're making a fantasy town?"
  500. Ui: "Umm, how should I put it..."
  501. "Somehow, when we made the map, it changed how I felt."
  502. "Before, looking down at the city just made me feel sad."
  503. "But now, thanks to the map we made..."
  504. "Just looking at the city makes me want to work harder."
  505. Touka: "Me too. Just a short time ago, I felt like I hated the way nature is so smelly."
  506. "But now I feel like I want to experience it some."
  507. Nemu: "It's just a bit, but I think what we've done has changed the way we perceive our surroundings."
  508. "We've started facing the world we had given up on."
  509. "So we decided to try writing our own imaginary Kamihama."
  510. Ui: "Yeah. Thanks to the map we made, we've found a goal."
  511. "From now on is our next objective."
  512. Nemu: "To spin an imaginary Kamihama City is to spin the a living thread."
  513. Touka: "And checking our results with each other..."
  514. "Is our next objective."
  515. Ui: "Both the map we made, and the map we're going to make..."
  516. "For us, they're a farewell letter to the future."
  517. "'We did our best.'"
  518. "'We look forward to checking what we find with each other.'"
  519. [fade to black]
  520. Iroha: *I was surprised at this outrageous declaration...*
  521. *But everyone was so dazzling...*
  522. *Once they started to think, their imagination didn't stop.*
  523. [back to the hospital room]
  524. Nemu: "By the way, did you know?"
  525. "In this hospital, there's a way to see ghosts."
  526. Touka: "How do you do that?"
  527. Nemu: "Make a tube with both your hands in the shape of a telescope and peer through it."
  528. Touka: "Something as unscientific as that will never happen."
  529. Iroha: "Umm..."
  530. "Yeah, I don't see anything."
  531. Ui: "Ah, don't do that, onee-chan!"
  532. Iroha: "Ehh!?"
  533. Ui: "All of these, we only check with each other afterwards!"
  534. Iroha: "Ah, I see now. Sorry!"
  535. [fade to black]
  536. Iroha: *And so, it started in the hospital, and slowly began to cover the city.*
  537. [back to the hospital room]
  538. Touka: "Earlier, I heard an urban legend about this Breakup Rule."
  539. Ui: "How about you being able to meet the person you want to marry at the Mizuna Shrine?"
  540. Nemu: "In the radio world, there's data about an anonymous person."
  541. Touka: "You can't possibly verify that!"
  542. "But, for now, Ui!"
  543. Nemu: "Draw us a picture."
  544. Ui: "Y-yeah, let me try!"
  545. [insert image with colored pencils and three drawings: a horse, a rainbow colored staircase with a bell, and a digital looking green-haired lady]
  546. Iroha: *Once again, the pins and pictures flourished on their new map.*
  547. *And finally, it became my turn to think of a story.*
  548. [back to the hospital room]
  549. Touka: "Hey, hey, onee-chan, you think of something!"
  550. Iroha: "Is it okay for me to think of something?"
  551. Ui: "Yeah, onee-chan, one day you'll go around with us too."
  552. Iroha: "Okay."
  553. "Then, here goes..."
  554. [we see the field with the old tree]
  555. Iroha: *What I thought of there was the Eternal Sakura.*
  556. *One day, when everyone was better, and able to play outside...*
  557. *We'd gather there, and do all the many things we weren't able to do before.*
  558. *That's what I thought.*
  559. TO: 8.54.1 (Iroha & Sana 7)
  561. 8.54 Iroha & Sana 7
  562. in the Rumor of the Eternal Sakura
  563. Iroha: "These are the memories I have of the three of them."
  565. 8.54.1 (from 8.53.1 Iroha & Sana 6)
  566. [in the rumor field in front of the tree]
  567. Iroha: "These are my memories..."
  568. "Memories of the stories with Touka-chan, Nemu-chan, and Ui-chan..."
  569. "That lead to their use as the basis for rumors."
  570. Nemu: "They're different from Touka's and my memories, huh."
  571. Iroha: "That might be true."
  572. "But, you really ought to remember."
  573. "About Ui, and about me..."
  574. "So please, remember, and stop what you're doing."
  575. Nemu: "I understand the situation and your memories, but unfortunately, we cannot stop."
  576. Iroha: "Nemu-chan!"
  577. Nemu: "We only didn't erase this rumor because it conveniently conceals our base of operations."
  578. "Not out of pity for someone we do not remember."
  579. "I thank you for the explanation, but it doesn't change anything and will not influence us."
  580. "Neither Touka's and my goal, nor the goal of release."
  581. Touka: "Yeah, that's right."
  582. "Even if what Tamaki Iroha says is correct..."
  583. "It still sounds like a story about someone else."
  584. "It doesn't activate any neurons anywhere in my brain."
  585. Iroha: "No way..."
  586. Touka: "And therefore!"
  587. "Why don't we erase the rumor already?"
  588. Nemu: "Yeah, we've heard the details, and it's nothing worth keeping."
  589. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Then you will fight me?|
  590. Nemu: "Yes, Rumor of the Eternal Sakura. Your role ends here."
  591. Touka: "Either way, you won't attack either of us seriously, right?"
  592. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |But I can protect.|
  593. Iroha: "You mean, you'll still protect me?"
  594. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Because that's the rumor...|
  595. |Although it's a tough choice to make when be stuck between people I must protect.|
  596. Sana: "I too... can still..."
  597. [she transforms again]
  598. Iroha: "Sana-chan!"
  599. Sana: "Even I have confidence in my toughness... as a shield..."
  600. Nemu: "Then we'll return you to nothing all together."
  601. "Mhehe"
  602. Touka: "Yeah, let's disintegrate them."
  603. "Hehe"
  604. [battle]
  605. [on the field]
  606. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |You are one of the four I must protect, so I do not want to hurt you. Step aside.|
  607. Nemu: "I already told you that your role is over. So I can hurt you."
  608. [she attacks the rumor]
  609. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |!?|
  610. Nemu: "Because I am the one who created you, I, the creator, will erase you."
  611. "Sorry for being a selfish creator. I will hear out any complaints you might have."
  612. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |It's unfortunate to be erased by one's master. That's all.|
  613. [screen wipe]
  614. Iroha: "I won't let you say that it's about someone else."
  615. "Both you and Nemu-chan will definitely regret it afterwards!"
  616. Touka: "Ehehe"
  617. "For me, I'll only regret failure for release."
  618. "Rather than not listening to Tamaki Iroha who has no sense of reality."
  619. [she gathers energy, and Sana intercedes]
  620. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  621. [Touka attacks]
  622. Touka: "Out of my way!"
  623. [Sana collapses]
  624. Sana: "Gaah!"
  625. Touka: "You're hurt. Of course you can't stand up to that!"
  626. "So this is it!"
  627. Iroha: "!?"
  628. [Touka attacks again]
  629. Touka: "The end!"
  630. [we hear a different attack noise]
  631. Iroha: "Huh...? Nothing happened..."
  632. Touka: "Nya! Jeez, what are you doing!?"
  633. [Alina shows up]
  634. Alina: "What am I doing? That's my line."
  635. Iroha: "Alina... san?"
  636. Touka: "I was finally about to erase Tamaki Iroha. Don't get in my way."
  637. "Why would you save her!?"
  638. [Alina attacks]
  639. Alina: "That should be obvious."
  640. [and Iroha reacts]
  641. Iroha: "Kya!"
  642. [black screen]
  643. *baff!*
  644. [Sana gets up!]
  645. Sana: "Iroha-san!"
  646. Alina: "I see, this one was getting in your way."
  647. "Making her into dinner for the Eve would be more exciting than erasing her, though."
  648. "And also, her memories sound kinda interesting."
  649. "I met Touka and Alina in the hospital."
  650. "And her memory is also in the hospital."
  651. "In times of emergency, it seems you can regain your memories."
  652. "When we feed her to the Eve, she might say something interesting."
  653. "Ahahaha!"
  654. Touka: "Aww, but I wanted to erase her already..."
  655. "And I don't care about Tamaki Iroha's memories anyway!"
  656. Nemu: "This isn't the time to quarrel."
  657. "As long as the result is the same, I don't mind how we get there."
  658. "But if there is another change to Tamaki Iroha's memories..."
  659. "By all means, I'm interested in what she says."
  660. "Let's let her give her last words before she becomes food for the Eve."
  661. Touka: "Mmmm, fine..."
  662. "Then, let's use the remaining Feathers and let's get closer to the hatching of the Eve."
  663. Nemu: "Our true goal has already been achieved, after all."
  664. Alina: "Also, there's one more left."
  665. "We might as well feed the friends together."
  666. "The invisible person..."
  667. [screen wipe; Sana's not there]
  668. Alina: "Shit... they got away..."
  669. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |...|
  670. Touka: "Hey, hey, Rumor of the Eternal Sakura-san."
  671. "We're not going to kill Tamaki Iroha, we're just going to take her away."
  672. "You won't mind that, right?"
  673. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |My duty is to ensure that all four get here and see the sakura in full bloom.|
  674. |As long as you do not intend to erase the rumor itself and or the four people...|
  675. |I cannot do anything.|
  676. Nemu: "Of course."
  677. "We're not going against the rumor's contents, so there's no reason to attack."
  678. "Then, let's head back to our Hotel Fendthope."
  679. Touka: "It sucks that we couldn't erase her..."
  680. "But without Tamaki Iroha, the Veteran and her friends will suffer too though."
  681. "Ehehe"
  682. Alina: "Bye-bye."
  683. [they go away]
  684. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |...|
  685. |...|
  686. |...|
  687. Sana: (I just barely managed to erase our presence...)
  688. "Iroha-san... I will definitely save you..."
  689. [she purifies her soul gem]
  690. Sana: "Um..."
  691. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |You...|
  692. Sana: "I'm sure that soon, Iroha-san's and my friends will be coming..."
  693. "So, could you wait here for a bit longer?"
  694. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |Is that something necessary for the rumor?|
  695. Sana: "Yes!"
  696. "It is to save Iroha-san, and Ui-chan..."
  697. "And to get Touka-chan and Nemu-chan to remember..."
  698. "I think it'll be a way for you to fulfill your role as a rumor..."
  699. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |I understand.|
  700. Sana: "Then, take care..."
  701. [she leaves]
  702. Rumor of the Eternal Sakura: |...|
  703. TO: 8.36.1 (Everyone 7)
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