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  1. EvilBob
  2.     === EvilBob <> “Fuck all of this noise!”
  3.     === EvilBob: member of @#waagh and @#comradeheresy
  4.     === EvilBob: attached to * “Where are you?”
  5.     === EvilBob has identified for this nick
  6.     --- End of WHOIS information for EvilBob.
  7.     Zyr Hey mate, just giving you a heads up. I plan to eventually take the girl/woman on as a minion when I hit 30 infamy to start a sort of cabal if I can.
  8.     Zyr the psyker one from last session
  9.     Zyr I was planning to doing some RP with the woman. Finding out if she is aligned to a god/interested in one. What is the extent of her power. Who she is in general.
  10.     EvilBob If you'd like, you can do a psyniscience on her.
  11.     Zyr ok
  12.     EvilBob The woman, sitting angrily in a corner after the whole affair, seems to have actually little to no psychic signature. Her face was in her hands.
  13.     Zyr "You are not who you say you are. That is good, you use guile and cunning to place doubt in others minds." Zyr chuckles at her earlier deception. "Perhaps in time such truths will be revealed, for now you have my hospitality if you wish it."
  14.     EvilBob She looks up, and sighs, saying, "I just don't wanna die.. He said, he said if I tried to fight him, I'd live... I dont' even know who he is!"
  15.     Zyr "Forget about him, I will make sure there is enough bait in front of their noses and the short sighted fools will soon run after it. I cannot guarantee your safety but I can substantially improve it.", Zyr raises his arms to encompass the secure room. "You are strong willed, and a survivor; fine qualities. Do you follow the chaos gods?"
  16.     EvilBob "I.. Don't really understand them, I mean.. I know of them, and like, what they mean to us on this planet but. My understanding is.. Little to nothing."
  17.     Zyr smiles at this, "Then you are in luck". He runs his fingers over his bookshelf, until finding the right section. He pulls out a single book 'Labyrinth: Ruinous Powers' before placing it on his bed for her to take at her leisure. "The most basic text I have on the great powers, you can read yes?"
  18.     EvilBob "Uhm.. Yeah, sorta." She says, looking at the book, before looking up at him.
  19.     Zyr "Well you are welcome to read anything within this section" Zyr indicates a specific portion of the bookshelf. "If you prefer to discuss instead of read I am amenable to that when I have spare time. Feeling the aircraft land, Zyr gets up. "We have arrived at our destination, you will be safe here." he says before heading for the door.
  20.     EvilBob To #waagh2
  21.     [ERROR] Connection to irc:// (irc:// reset. [Help]
  22.     Zyr waits until Hrunting leaves the room before closing the door and turning to the woman. "I apologise for that but like I said the fool just required some bait. He took it hook-line-sinker and I still will continue my original intention of studying it.". He sighs at the thought of the brutal idiot that had violated his room, "That is how you fulfill your needs in this world, 'A fool plans, the...
  23.     Zyr ...wise man steers'. Are you alright?"
  24.     EvilBob She takes a deep breath, and then sighs, before crawling out from the corner. "I can't go home can I."
  25.     Zyr "....No, that is no longer an option unfortunately. But you can be taught how to defend yourself from such men and gain the strength to make your own home in the future.""
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