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  1. NBA leaving CBS for NBC
  2. John Tesh's Theme
  3. Magic Johnson, commentator
  4. OJ Simpson chase interrupts Knicks-Rockets game 5
  5. Marv Albert's Woes/Costas Steps In
  8. Gary Dymski says NBC deserves an Emmy for its carefully planned, made-for-TV presentation of Michael Jordan's comeback game with the Chicago Bulls on Mar 19, 1995.
  10. TV Sports NBC's NBA glow set to fade: [03 Edition]
  11. Baker, Jim.Boston Herald; Boston, Mass. [Boston, Mass]13 June 1995: 086.
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  16. Begin with the obvious: Another Houston win over Orlando tomorrow night (Ch.7, 9 p.m.) would complete a Rocket sweep and deny NBC up to three prime-time telecasts loaded with commercials commanding up to $375,000 per half-minute. ABC is even staging a Game 4 ratings roadblock: A live interview with Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley-Jackson on "PrimeTime Live."
  18. Then there's the specter of a lockout, reportedly to begin as soon as the playoffs end. Which means Bob Costas should have something better to do at halftime than share movie plugola with Tom Hanks while fluff king Ahmad Rashad chases director Ron Howard. Of course, Costas could always flash back to the Great Chase - the LA freeway pursuit of O.J. and A.C. that distracted a nation from Game 5 a year ago.
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  26. newspapers
  27. Walton joins NBC team for NBA Finals: [FINAL Edition]
  28. Hiestand, Michael.USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext); McLean, Va. [McLean, Va]06 June 1995: 02.C.
  29. ... hitNBC...
  30. ...on the hitNBA Finals." Good timing, since the ex-hitNBA star...
  31. ... That, of course, includes his dominance of hitNBA MVP David...
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  37. newspapers
  38. NBA ratings make NBC proud Series: TV / RADIO; Fanfare: [CITY Edition]
  39. Hooper, Ernest.St. Petersburg Times; St. Petersburg, Fla. [St. Petersburg, Fla]12 May 1995: 2.C.
  40. ...for Tom Hammond when hitNBC televises Phoenix at Houston in the hitNBA playoffs...
  41. ... hitNBC...
  42. ...hitNBA history. The ratings were 44 percent higher than last year's Game 1 between...
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  48. newspapers
  49. NBC soars, scores with NBA coverage: [FINAL Edition]
  50. Martzke, Rudy.USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext); McLean, Va. [McLean, Va]30 May 1995: 03.C.
  51. ...there's time to appreciate the sparkling hitNBA coverage by hitNBC and TNT, capped by...
  52. ... hitNBC raises the bar on hitNBA broadcast hitNBC, which...
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  58. newspapers
  59. "Friends' and NBA do it for NBC: [SECOND Edition]
  60. San Francisco Examiner; San Francisco, Calif. [San Francisco, Calif]14 June 1995: C.3.
  61. ..."hitNBA Finals" (Game 1), hitNBC, 14.7. 4. "Seinfeld," hitNBC, 14.3. 5. "ER," hitNBC, 14.1....
  62. ...CBS, 12.6. 13. "Grace Under Fire," ABC, 12.4. 14. "hitNBA Finals" (Game 2),...
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  68. newspapers
  69. TV/ RADIO NBC needs more spark at the NBA analyst mike: [1]
  70. Rogers, Prentis.The Atlanta Journal (pre-1997 Fulltext); Atlanta, Ga. [Atlanta, Ga]06 Feb 1995: D/2.
  71. ...the No. 2 analyst, clearly hitNBC could use a little more pizzazz in its hitNBA booths...
  72. ...   hitNBC...
  73. ...replay angles from underneath the basket of spectacular dunks by O'Neal, and hitNBC...
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  79. newspapers
  80. NBA Game 7 jitters slow NBC's first half: [FINAL Edition]
  81. USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext); McLean, Va. [McLean, Va]05 June 1995: 02.C.
  82. ... hitNBC didn't slip as low as the Indiana Pacers in Sunday's...
  83. ...the big game analyst Matt Guokas said he needed. hitNBC also...
  84. ...7, but the network still was off its slam-dunk level of the hitNBA...
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  90. newspapers
  91. NBA Game 7 jitters slow NBC's first half: [FIRST Edition 1]
  92. USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext); McLean, Va. [McLean, Va]05 June 1995: 02.C. [Duplicate]
  93. ...hitNBC's usual slam-dunk hitNBA coverage committed some unaccustomed turnovers...
  94. ... -- hitNBC's highlights: Rockets' Robert Horry telling host Bob Costas...
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  100. newspapers
  101. NBC, Turner in tune with rising NBA tide: [FINAL Edition]
  102. Martzke, Rudy.USA TODAY (pre-1997 Fulltext); McLean, Va. [McLean, Va]01 May 1995: 03.C.
  103. ...hitNBC, whose regular-season ratings were up 13%, the hitNBA's best in six years, and...
  104. ...hitNBC/Turner hitNBA party can just avoid the surprise early elimination of Orlando,...
  105. hitNBA announcers' grades: Studio host: A: Costas, hitNBC; A-:...
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  111. newspapers
  113. Joshua B. Good THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE.The Salt Lake Tribune; Salt Lake City, Utah [Salt Lake City, Utah]30 Apr 1995: B.2.
  114. ... But the pair was glued to the Denver Nuggets-San Antonio Spurs hitNBA...
  115. ...missed their nationwide debut on hitNBC's "Unsolved Mysteries." But...
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