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  2. 1) Be sure to talk to all signs, and hit them too. Also, every person has
  3. something to say, as do a (very) few inanimate objects.
  4. 2) Note that this text you are now reading is not a complete walk through, but
  5. more of a guide that includes specific directions as well as hints and tips.
  7. START:
  8. Begin in darkness, by the light of the moon near midnight, and the game will
  9. take you to Martridge's house. There Dink will start to learn that which he
  10. hungers to know more of and will eventually be launched on a somewhat
  11. different adventure.
  13. Once Martridge has teleported Dink to the base of the Mountain of Mystery, he
  14. should examine the signs at his point of arrival and further along the path to
  15. the north and west. He can hit signs frustration and he can even try (and
  16. fail) to escape his destiny by refusing to ascend to the North and West. But
  17. climb he must.
  19. While proceeding along the path to the nearest town North once then west
  20. once), Dink can enter the first cave for this adventure. It is to the north of
  21. the path in the cliffside past the 2nd of the warning signs that warns of the
  22. dangers of the side path. Be brave Dink. Take the side path anyway to get to
  23. the cave! After entering the short cave passage, he should be able to easily
  24. acquire some gold left behind by someone on a little hillock. Be sure to look
  25. around for a piece of parchment worth reading while you are there too.
  28. Go back down the hole to the short cave and proceed along the path to the
  29. town. You don't have enough money to get past the gate, so you will have to
  30. get some gold from somewhere, or you could get Dink to complain and beg. If
  31. you do, then the guard will offer a suggestion worth following through on.
  32. Head northeast and look for the 2nd cave mouth of this adventure. Enter it
  33. when you think you are ready to face the fierce beast.
  35. BONCA & his CAVE:
  36. Save game and go have a chat with the owner of this cave. You can attack him
  37. but there is not much point to that.
  39. The bonca will explain what he wants and why he needs you to do it. But once
  40. again, you will find Dink short of cash needed to buy the supplies needed to
  41. help the bonca.
  43. The bonca tells you where to look for a few scattered coins near the village
  44. and heaps of sparkling coins of gold stashed near his cave entrance, but once
  45. you find the rock that stash is under, you will realize that you are not
  46. strong enough to move it to get to the gold. There are potions nearby that
  47. you should obtain. One is visible on the same screen as the sparkle of gold
  48. seen under that rock and another is two screens to the south. When travelling
  49. south, feel free to stop by the Eternal Mystical Flame and check it out.
  51. When ready, give that boulder a shove to the east and claim your gold,
  55. Pay the guard the entrance fee to the town and then enjoy using the magic
  56. gate. Next stop should be the Mayor's house, which (of course) is the biggest
  57. one in town and is conveniently located near the gate. You can learn alot from
  58. the chatty mayor. Be sure to do so, asking all questions.
  60. North (and then west) of the Mayor's house, you will find the current very
  61. recently planted crops for the town and some grain warehouses.
  63. Visit the southwest house next, where the pillbug hunter lives.
  65. Visit the northwest house next, where you will meet yet another person that
  66. knows Dink by name, but who has little to say to him for now. Be sure and
  67. check out the well nearby too.
  69. Next visit the vendors along the south fence to get an idea of what is for
  70. sale and buy a bomb to help the bonca move those rocks. Be sure to learn all
  71. that they will talk to you about.
  73. RETURN to the BONCA & his CAVE:
  74. Go back to the bonca's cave with your newly purchased bomb. Save game again in
  75. the first room of the bonca's cave. Decide if you want to use the explosive or
  76. chicken out and move all the rocks by hand. After you make the right choice
  77. you can claim your reward. Then you can return to town.
  80. - It is a good idea to always visit the mayor when in town and see what he has
  81. to say.
  82. - Visit the mayor again so you can rest upstairs to recover a few strength
  83. points.
  84. - Visit the house in the Southwest corner of town and note what the town's
  85. hunter has to say to you now.
  86. - Visit the house in the Northwest corner of town and see if the lady is now
  87. able to talk to you. Once she is, then you will have a new simple quest.
  88. - Visit the well again.
  89. - Visit the supply shop to purchase a ladder & use it to descend into the well.
  90. - Visit the Southwest house and note what the hunter has to say to you now.
  91. - Visit the Northwest house to claim your reward.
  92. - Visit the supply shop to purchase a lantern that you will need later, and
  93. (if you can affored them) Magic Candles to go with the lantern.
  95. TIP #1: Be sure to get the full story on how the Magic Candles work from the
  96. vendor. If you have any money left over, then buy as many healing potions as
  97. you can afford. But keep in mind that you might want to save money for paying
  98. the entrance fee to the village a few more times.
  100. - Visit the weapon shop and clear out his basement (if you have not done so
  101. aleady).
  102. - Visit the Mayor's house and see what he has say to you on your way out of
  103. town.
  106. You are almost ready for your grand adventure into the caves that will take
  107. you to the summit of the Mountain of Mystery. Travel to the west of the town
  108. of Blartina and look for a sparkle only revealed to the bearer of the magic
  109. amulet. Once you are on the western plateau, make sure to collect up all (7
  110. potions and 2 chests) of the goodies and head back to Blartina, to rest up,
  111. taking as many naps as you need in the Mayor's house before your big quest
  112. truly get's started.
  115. Visit the Southwest house and note what the hunter has to say to you. Decide
  116. what to do about the need for a good supply of Magic Candles.
  118. TIP #2: Throughout the game, Dink will need a good supply of Magic Candles.
  119. In many ways, they are more valuable than any other item in his back pack. Be
  120. sure that you supply Dink accordingly whenever possible.
  122. RETURN to the BONCA & his CAVE ONCE MORE:
  123. He will help you with your need for magic candles.
  126. Head back down the road that lead Dink up the mountain to the charming rustic
  127. mountain village of Blartina, back near the pillbugs at the edge of a forest.
  128. Find that big rock that of a certain color combination that the bonca told
  129. Dink about and examine it. Then move it aside!
  132. In the first room of the caverns, Dink pauses to ponder a few things. When he
  133. is ready to move on, head north into darkness. The Magic Candles should "do
  134. their thing" right away. Be sure to "arm" the Lantern and use it to check on
  135. how many more rooms your candle is good for, and check your pack inventory for
  136. how many more magic candles you posess. Otherwise you could need to find your
  137. way back through the many dangers of the caves, in the dark.
  139. I refer you to the CaveMapNormal.bmp bitmap to help you find your way through
  140. the dark caves and towards some treasures.
  142. TIP #3: The red path is the *essential* way through the maze. The orange
  143. branches from that red path and they highlight some special opportunities. You
  144. should diverge from the main red trail (and even diverge from the orange trail
  145. too) if you want to find the maximum amount of treasure and have the best
  146. chance of success.
  148. Following an odd u-turn bend within the cave map (that goes north and then
  149. doubles back to the south in the main route in order to avoid a nasty heap of
  150. bones and cave thorns), Dink should come to a place where he can see a large
  151. gas burn-off from a round hole just south of a large pile of fallen rocks.
  152. This will be in the middle of an open area of floor (near where four pathways
  153. would intersect if it were not for the rockslide) to the north of you. Head
  154. south, and save game.
  157. Following his way through the dark moving along a trail of spilled gold, Dink
  158. eventually comes to a room with something sparkling beneath a heap of cave
  159. thorns. How can he safely extract it? He can do it by burning away enough of
  160. the cave thorns using fireballs so he can approach that area without injury.
  161. But be careful, don't get too close! And be certain to launch fireball attacks
  162. on those thorns from several angles and positions to get the last of them.
  165. The best choice will make the game a good deal safer at a certain point. Hey,
  166. you don't expect a walkthrough to tell you everything do you? ;-P After all,
  167. you *did* save game back before freeing the fairy, right?
  169. TIP #4:
  170. Be sure to note your progress through the caves and keep an eye on your Magic
  171. Candle inventory. Once Dink has used 1/2 of his Magic Candles, you would be
  172. well advised to head back to town to purchase more, UNLESS you have already
  173. made it through the cave system and out into the Frozen Wastes at the top of
  174. the Mountain of Mystery. Likewise, it is important to always work to get and
  175. keep a good amount of gold for the purchase of same.
  178. Once the introductory warpstone is met, then Dink needs to keep any eye out
  179. for other stones of this nature.
  182. Since DINK has released the cave fairy then he should visit all the homes and
  183. shops of Blartina and take a look at granery #3 and be sure to do some reading
  184. in the Mayor's library too.
  187. Eventually, DINK needs to head back to the caves and/or make his way to one of
  188. the brethren of the warpstone clan that is near the summit of the mountain and
  189. the Frozen Wastes. Once you follow the CaveMapNormal.bmp map, you will be in
  190. the icy parts of the caverns, and after a 5 rooms, you will see how to exit to
  191. the Frozen Wastes and how to get to a warpstone. On your way there you will
  192. need to avoid the waterfall by taking the path of the arctic ducks through the
  193. rockslide. Getting through the rocks will require pressing the left arrow key
  194. while moving up and down with the up and down arrow keys to find the areas
  195. Dink can walk through.
  198. Once Dink finds and interacts with the Introductory Warpstone and then finds
  199. one of the slowly blinking warpstones in the cold caverns near the top of the
  200. mountain that lead out to the Frozen Wastes, he can travel from one blinking
  201. warpstone to any other blinking warpstone, wherever it may be. Each blinking
  202. warpstone allows instant transportation to the others. Once Dink is
  203. transported to the odd location between time and space, he can pick one of the
  204. other portal windows to enter by pushing against the invisible barrier in
  205. front of each image that represents a warpstone's placement within the
  206. universe.
  208. The next place Dink should go to is the area of the Frozen Wastes, accessible
  209. only by warpstone.
  212. TIP #5: It is so cold in the Frozen Wastes, that every step risks Dink's
  213. health. While he can use healing potions, he will eventually need to take
  214. shelter from the icy blasts of the enternal windstorm and/or return to
  215. Blartina to find a way to stay warm while completing his quest. If he has
  216. enough cash he should be able to purchase firewater from the supply shop.
  217. Chances are good that he will need to return to Blartina even before he finds
  218. the ORACULUM within the Frozen Wastes. In the extreme south west corner of the
  219. Frozen Wastes are a large gold heart and a large red heart. It is likely that
  220. you will need them if you are exploring this icy realm for very long. It may
  221. be wise to go there first, instead of starting out by looking for the "reddish
  222. rock" that marks the location of the ORACULUM.
  224. The reddish rock that marks the place of the ORACULUM is in a large pond in
  225. the approximate center of the Frozen Wastes. Approach the pond from the east
  226. near the rock once you find it. Then head east two screens and look for a
  227. scrap of paper to read.
  229. TIP #6: The scroll of the enchanted words will melt in any warmer place. So,
  230. if you go to such a place, it will be destroyed. The only safe place to store
  231. it is in the small cave near the warpstone in the Frozen Wastes. If you do not
  232. store it there, it could blow away in icy winds or melt.
  234. Once Dink has the scroll from which he must read the enchanted words that will
  235. help you find the secret passage, head back to the icy part of the caves and
  236. use it to magically reveal a hidden set of stairs in one of the frigid rooms.
  237. Then prepare for combat with many dangerous foes. Fighting your way through
  238. the blue blobs, you will come to a room that is lit by a gas vent and has a
  239. dark passage to the north.
  242. Once you carefully study the large cavernous room Dink is about to enter when
  243. he heads north, you should be ready to enter it slay the monsters in the way
  244. and make your way safely to the top of the arch. Pick up the section of the
  245. plank and rope bridge that remains intact and get back down quickly. This is
  246. what will help Dink safely reach the islet amidst the frozen pond so he can
  247. examine the 2nd reddish rock.
  250. Once Dink has the bridge, he should proceed to the east of the ice pond that
  251. features the snow covered reddish rock and use the bridge to get to the rock.
  252. Look at the rock and then shove it aside. In the secret room beneath this rock
  253. there will be a chest that needs to be opened. Open it and pick up and use the
  254. Oraculum.
  257. Once safely back in his hometown, Dink will converse with Martridge so that he
  258. may learn more of what happened to him while he entertains his old friend with
  259. the tales of his bravery and cunning as an adventurer.
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