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  1. Hello FSF,
  3. I got interested in a hobby of 3d printing, and there is an application that is essential to 3d printing, and it is supposedly released under "open source licenses". I'm interested in packaging and distributing this package, but there are a few problems that I'm seeing, and I'm not a lawyer.
  5. 1.) The README states the project is licensed under the MIT Open Source License
  6. 2.) Most of the libraries are actually licensed under LGPL
  7. 3.) Lots of the files distributed with the source are //actually// licensed GPLv2
  8. 4.) Some functions within the GPLv2 files are licensed GPLv3
  9. 5.) One or two files have copyright notices permitting redistribution/modification so long as copyright notice/modifications are distributed, BUT: ONLY FOR NON-COMMERCIAL USE.
  12. I'm pretty sure that means, the final resultant binary (that I'm distributing), is:
  13. a.) Covered only by the MIT Open Source License???
  14. b.) that above point 5.) is not compatible with above point 3.) ???
  16. What I'm unclear about, really, is what license really covers the distribution of the binary? Is the binary itself not allowed because of issue b.)?
  18. Thanks in advance,
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