Relapse B-Side

Mar 20th, 2021
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  1. You stare at Fubuki, looking into the shimmering pools of her eyes as you search for something. Sincerity? Deceit? You aren't sure. Your throat aches. Your legs still cramp from when you were forced into running. Your heart still carries the scars of years of abuse. She has no right to ask this of you, you decide. Of course you'll refuse her, you resolve. You're your own person, now. You don't need her. You don't trust her. It won't be better. It can't be better. She had her chance and blew it. You open your mouth, volition and composure working together in tandem. It's for your own good.
  3. "No. Never, never ever," You whisper, the flames of hate mounting up within you again. "You took everything from dreams, my wife."
  4. "B-But I'm right here, Beloved, can't you see?!" Fubuki yelps, starting to crack. "I'm here!"
  5. "You think just making empty promises means I'll just put aside everything you've done to me?!" you shout. The flames rise. "All I did for years was trust you, and you spit in my face! You did everything but mock me for being stupid enough for staying with you!" Tears pulse out of your eyes. Wildfires. "I hate you! Y-You're a fucking monster, no matter what you say! We can never go back to how we were *AND IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT!*"
  7. Finally, Fubuki shatters completely. The Fox looks as if she's been shot, staggering from side to side, barely catching herself on the corner of a cluttered nightstand.
  9. "...What?" She asks in a voice so quiet you can barely perceive it. "Eh...? What...did you say...??""
  10. "I said I hate you! You ruined my life!" You scream out between sobs. "You can never undo it! You can never, ever take it back, you can't fix it, you can't make me feel any differently, no matter how many times you apologize, no matter how bad you try to make me feel, no matter how you try to prey on my emotions! We're through! W-We've been through! I'll never love you again!"
  12. You finish, panting for breath as the pain within your throat gets worse and worse. Fubuki stands silently, staring at you as tears continue to leak from her eyes, her face twitching. Without warning, her expression lightens. A smile unfurls across her she begins to giggle. Something about her face seems...wrong.
  14. "Oh, dear. You've always been so funny," She begins, light and bubbly. What? "Of course you love me. You're just hungry and grumpy."
  15. "What?" You ask, thrown off guard. "Fubuki, fucking untie me! I'm leaving!"
  16. "Not with an empty tummy, you're not!" she cheerfully replies. The fox bounds over to you with terrifying speed, leaning down to kiss your cheek before you can reply. You feel immensely sick. "Just stay put and let me make you something. You still like omurice, right? Aqua gave me a recipe I never got to try..."
  17. "Fubuki! This isn't funny! Get these ropes off me!"
  18. "It'll be a bit, since I need to go to the store...but you don't mind, right? You've got plenty you can do at home. I'll take care of everything, so just relax.
  20. Fubuki keeps giving you that same cheerful smile, staring at you longingly. As you look to her in fear, you finally identify the issue. Her eyes no longer have that same hopeful glint they had earlier. They look hollow and sunken.
  22. "Then when it's ready, I can feed our first date. Remember? We can spend time together, just like we used'll be perfect."
  24. Ignoring your yells, Fubuki happily bounds out of the room. The door slams shut behind her.
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