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The Phantom

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Nov 21st, 2019
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  1. I saw the Phantom.
  2. It sat with the guests and was treated as one of them.
  3. The Phantom ate and drank and was merry.
  4. The Phantom laughed and was loved and then the Phantom was gone.
  5. When it was gone, none raised a qualm.
  6. After all, a Phantom isn’t missed.
  7. My interest was peaked.
  9. I caught glimpses.
  10. Robes of charcoal fluttered at the corners of my sight.
  11. It was so close I could feel It.
  12. But I could never reach It.
  13. I never saw It.
  14. Not all of It.
  15. Never all of It.
  17. I saw Its smile of white.
  18. I saw Its ashen skin.
  19. I saw Its flashing eyes.
  20. I saw the Phantom.
  21. But the Phantom didn’t see me.
  22. I wished Phantom would see me.
  23. I wish She could see me.
  25. She was lithe and pale and beautiful.
  26. Her hair spilled from those robes in hair just as pale as her.
  27. Nobody noticed Her beauty.
  28. I know they didn’t.
  29. They would be stunned just as I was.
  30. Nobody saw the Phantom
  31. But everybody loved Her.
  33. They heard Her and looked at Her
  34. But they never saw Her.
  35. But I saw Her.
  36. And then She saw Me.
  37. I ran from Her.
  38. I ran from Her flowing dress of charcoal.
  39. I ran from her beauty.
  41. I know why I ran.
  42. I ran because I was scared.
  43. I ran because I didn’t want to face the truth.
  44. I didn’t want to face Her.
  45. I didn’t want to lose myself.
  46. I ran because She looked just like me.
  47. I ran because She was Me
  49. And I was Her
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