OZ Shares a War Story

May 1st, 2018
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  1. Hi TechSnap,
  3. Following the last episode about server room war stories i would like to tell my tale.
  5. I few years back i was a SysAdmin Team Leader in a security company in Israel.
  7. One day i decided that the server room was to dirty so i got a vacuum cleaner and a broom and i went in to clean up the place and sure enough after 5 minutes of me cleaning the server room the the Security Manager walked in screaming that the firewall cluster has crashed and of course he blamed me, his logic was you where in the room cleaning so you must of disconnected something.
  9. After starting to troubleshoot the incident the firewall came back by it self without any reason but we still have to have a indecent investigation in which my CIO asked me why did a clean the room and i explained that it was dirty and there was napkins and bits of hair on the floor.
  11. In the end the CIO just issue new guide lines that any activity in the server room should be documented and approve and that no one should go in any time they want.
  13. I was a little bum by that because me and one of the 3 tier helpdesk support (a woman) had regular sex in the server room during the night shifts, which is actually the reason why the server room was dirty in the first place.
  15. Hmm i so i guess in someway i was responsible for the downtime :)
  17. Love the show and the new format and it will be great if you guys can interview people from the industry from time to time.
  18. O.Z
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