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Statement from Anonymous regarding DDS 2015 Gentlemen

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Jan 5th, 2015
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  1. Statement from Anonymous regarding DDS 2015 Gentlemen
  3. It is our opinion Dalhousie University has failed to meet the necessary criteria of our demands. Anonymous has therefore decided to release the names of the DDS 2015 Gentlemen at a time of our choosing. We will continue Operation Expel Misogyny until concrete change has been achieved.
  5. This is no longer a matter of simply expelling a handful of students. This is about the systemic failures of Dalhousie University that promote schedule changes over consequences. This is about fighting a system that endangers students. This is about expelling misogyny.
  7. Anonymous is pleased to announce it will be expanding its investigation to assist the media and the public in bringing the full scope of this story to light. If you have experienced the suppression of a complaint at Dalhousie University and wish to have your identity protected, we encourage you to contact Anonymous via our twitter account @opexpelmisogyny, where a safe contact address will be provided.
  9. To the Dalhousie Communications Team: We will not make this easy for you. We will embrace your tactical mindset. You will only get ahead of this story if the administration takes concrete steps to address it.
  11. Here are the rules of the game:
  13. Anonymous will begin releasing its information at an undisclosed time, according to a schedule you can fast-forward, slow, or pause in accordance with your moves.
  15. Game slow achieved:
  17. 1. President Florizone makes a public promise never to put the image of Dalhousie above the safety of its students.
  18. 2. A Dalhousie Senate Disciplinary hearing is convened.
  20. Game pause achieved:
  22. 1. Dalhousie University immediately extends the suspension of the 13 members of the DDS Gentlemen Club to include: classes, university events, any activities in clubs or societies.
  23. 2. Dalhousie University takes steps to expel the 13 members of the DDS 2015 Gentlemen.
  25. Game fast-forward caused:
  27. 1. Ending, revoking, or overturning any current disciplinary action being taken against the gentlemen.
  28. 2. Any perceived threats, provocation, or attempts to identify anyone associated with operation expel misogyny.
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