Childhood Friend - 01

Oct 5th, 2019
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(DISCLAIMER: App Translations so not everything is accurate)

소꿉친구 --- Publisher Link --- By Abyo4 & Bolp

Childhood Friend ~ Thanks to 'The Professor'

(Not the And1 Player)

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Situation Relationship
Lee Hyun Ho (MC) [N/A] Single
Sujin (FMC) [N/A] Single
Hyun Ah Do (Sis) [N/A] Single
[N/A] (Mom) [N/A] Divorced

Chapter - 01

MC's House [Childhood's days] MC x FMC x Sis

MC is narrating how during his childhood, he was a guy without many friends and passed his days at reading and playing.
His little sister enter in his bedroom telling him how Sujin came to their house to play with him, he tells her to let her in.

(TLN: She's calling MC 'Oppa' = 'Elder brother' and FMC 'Sujin Eonni' = 'Sujin Elder sister', so she can be MC's blood or half sister, a cousin or a friend, but for FMC's case they're just 'Friend')

A joyous and young FMC enters in his room, she asks him to go out with her to catch some 'Stag Beetles'..
MC is narrating how there was a girl who liked to play with him, she was bright and open minded not like him.
He rejects her offer saying he hate beetle, she comes closer and sits on her knees saying how she can't catch them if it's not during summer.. He looks away saying how his dad told him to wait until it gets darker because it's easier to catch them at night, then he tells her how they can't catch them in the daylight.

FMC is a bit angry and jumps on MC making them fall on the floor.. MC has a flushed face and FMC teases him saying how he'll be too tired later if he keeps being stuck in his room, she tells him how she'll stay on top of him until he agrees to play with her. She keeps teasing him saying how maybe he prefers to be stuck all day long with her.

Little sister takes her chance and side with FMC saying how she's coming too because she wants to play with her 'Oppa'.

MC is narrating how it's usually like this, but breaking up / being forcefully separated from a childhood friend is something unforgivable..

Forest MC x FMC x Sis

MC catches a beetle after some times and puts it in a box. He gives the box to FMC saying how it'll be a bother for him and to take care of it.

He tells how he has something to tell her and to listen to him. He lightly bows his head saying how when he'll be a man he'll marry her. So she has to wait for him because they'll meet again in the future. She blushes a bit after hearing MC's confession and asks him why he's saying that.
She asks him if marrying someone isn't only authorized to adult and he yells saying how that's why he asked her to wait and to accept him when they'll be older.

MC narrates how he said a promise that was hard to keep but he wanted to do something to be tied to her and couldn't thought of something else because he was too anxious. He keeps going saying how he never thought he'll meet her again so early..


Street [Present] MC

MC is on the phone while walking and pulling his luggage with someone and tells to this person how he's finally here and he will find her alone. He says how there is no worry because he lived here when he was kid and says how he's hanging up now..
He looks at his phone, then around him and says how maybe it's because it's a rural city but nothing changed that much since his childhood days..

MC is introducing himself as Lee Hyun Ho, he says how he left his hometown when he was a child for a big city.. He says how he practiced a lot of sports, made his military duty and was even graduated from a reputed University. He narrates how after going through so much things and ended the first page of his youth he finally came back to his 'home'

He looks at his childhood house saying how nothing changed from his memory.. After contemplating it a bit he opens the door and walks inside.. narrating how he had zero dating experience..

Home MC x Sis x Mom

MC bumps into little sister, she looks at him saying how it's only him.. He doesn't like her reaction and asks her if she shouldn't greet his older brother more kindly than just as an uninvited guest.
She's bit annoyed by his remark and corrects a bit herself saying it's nice to see him and asks since how many years he didn't wen back.. She says how he should hurry up because 'Mom' is waiting him before starting to eat..
He takes off his shoes saying he understands.

MC is enjoying his homemade meal, he says how he never thought even in his wildest dream having a meal in this house again, he tells to his mother how he thought she would sell the house. Mom smiles and how she can't sell the house where they are born. She makes fun of him saying how she'll sell the house once he get married and MC tells her how it's far from happening soon.. He then asks her what about her remarrying someone and she laughs saying how her man will be here tonight (Dunno if she's talking about MC or her man)

Mom asks him if he's remembering a girl named Sujin and says how he usually played together when they were kid. He plays the dumb guy saying how there was a girl like that around him and doesn't remember. Mom tells him how he should greet her after finishing up his meal and how they're neighbor again after so many years.

MC asks her if he'll still recognize her and Mom says how he'll and asks if he hasn't recognized his Mom and 'Hyun Ah' and says how he'll have no problem with Sujin. She tells how it'll be a good thing for him and he'll be able to recall their childhood with her. MC lowers his head, his cheeks a bit red recalling what he told to FMC years ago. Sis notices MC's flushed face and wonders what's happening to him. MC thinks about the promise he made back then saying how it'll be a lie if don't think about it..

(TLN: Mom calls him by '아들' 'son' and uses '현아도' 'Hyun Ah Do' for the the little sister but well it looks like she's his blood related sister.)

FMC's Doorbell

MC is walking towards her house wondering if FMC changed a lot.. If she has a boyfriend.. He starts to imagine the worst case scenario.. FMC is in imagination dating a thug.. The thug is making fun of them asking if he fucked her when they were 10.. The second scenario with the blond FMC is about her fucking with a lot of guys with or without condoms.. Saying it's not a big deal because she already has 3 kids.. (LMAO what a fucking imagination)

He rings the doorbell thinking how she entered in the adulthood before him (he's virgin and thinks she isn't anymore) and says how it's awkward to met her like this because he made her promise back then and wonders if she's still remember it. He thinks how he's only finding excuses now to comfort him in his loneliness..

FMC shows up and recognizes MC, she asks if he's really 'Hyun Ho' and says how it's been a long time since their last encounter. MC stares at her from her to toes and she tells him how he's so big now, she says how he was much shorter than her in the past and how she almost not recognized him.

He calls her by her name to be sure he's in front of the right person.. He thinks she looks too much like the younger version and almost didn't changed at all..

Preview of the Next Chapter

MC is waking up in his bed a bit confused, he looks around and notices a naked FMC beside him still asleep and wonders what the fuck happened..

To be continued..
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