02/04/21 - 19/08/21

Dec 2nd, 2021
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  3. Over 1,000 Websites. God Help Me. | (18/09/2021)
  5. Welp. It happened. Peelopaalu is now home to 1,057 unique, hand picked, manually reviewed websites. The 1,000th website to be listed was Graham’s World Wide Web Server, and honestly, I can’t think of a better website to mark the milestone. Small personal sites like Graham’s are what got me into this link-hoarding madness, and for as long as people keep making them, I’m going to very likely keep listing them.
  7. Oh yeah, I also just rolled out the Halloween theme. Why? It’s mid-September, I hear you cry! Because holy shit, I need a bit of a rest, and I figured while I was at it adding the last lot of links, I may as well kill two birds with one stone and get it out there.
  9. If the next update has broken Peelopaalu for you, fear not! CTRL+F5 on any pages that don’t look right to clear your cache, and they should start working fine. If you still run into issues, feel free to email me and I’ll make sure I haven’t cocked something up on my end.
  11. Here’s to the next 1,000 links.
  13. - Snooper -
  15. Expect A Directory Update Soon! | (25/07/2021)
  17. Expect an update soon(ish), my TBA list is growing and I'm now working through it bit-by-bit to get the next lot of links added to the directory! Nothing much else to add in relation to site-related stuff for the time being, just wanted to let you know I'm still kicking and still working on it when I (rarely) get the spare time to do so.
  19. Oh, and one more thing: Good news! My wife's visa application was accepted, meaning that she can stay in the UK for the next two years without the government breathing down our necks! This is by no means the end of the road in dealing with this BS, but this is a HUGE step towards the end and we honestly couldn't be happier. We've been stressing and working non-stop to get this result, and it feels like a massive weight has been lifted now it's just done with (for a while, at least.)
  21. I know you guys don't come here to read about my personal life, but quite a few people who visit Peelopaalu have reached out in the past to offer their well-wishes in relation our situation, and I just wanted to say "thanks" to you all with this little news post. It may not seem like a lot, but among all of the stressful stuff I've had going on, getting the odd-email here and there from someone just wanting to say "Hey dude, I like your site. Hope you're doing well with your personal stuff or whatever" has been the highlight of my day on more than a few occasions in the last year or so, and it's done wonders in lifting my mood when I've had a particularly naff day sometimes. So yeah. Thanx frens. Appreciate ya.
  23. To close off this brief newspost, you should be expecting an update of between 50 and 100 links next time you hear from me on here. By the way: Do you guys prefer when I update in huge 100 link blocks, or when I update bit-by-bit in blocks of 10 - 20 links at a time? Feel free to let my know via email by clicking my name below if you like.
  25. - Snooper -
  27. Link Hunting Stream TONIGHT! @ 19:00(ish) (BST) | (19/06/2021)
  29. Just putting this news post out there to let you all know I will be hosting a link hunting stream tonight on my Twitch starting at (aprox) 19:00 - 19:30ish (BST) (Not sure what that means to you? Click here to work out what time that'll be in your part of the world!) I'll be posting updates on my Twitter here before the stream if there are any delays, and I'll be on mic to take your link suggestions, or just to generally shoot the shit with whoever decides to drop in for the stream. Hope to see some of you there!
  31. EDIT (21/06/2021): Stream from a couple of days ago is now archived up on my YouTube channel for anyone who missed it and wants to watch it for whatever reason! Video is blacklisted in the US on a copyright claim, but I'm pretty sure you can find a way around this relatively easily with a quick Google search ~ Click here to watch!
  33. - Snooper -
  35. Next Update Coming In About A Week | (16/04/2021)
  37. Just a quick news post this morning: Next big link update will be coming in a little over a week. I'm getting married on the 22nd of this month, so I doubt I'll manage to get anything out before then. Maybe expect something around the 25th/26th?
  39. - Snooper -
  41. Peelopaalu's New Look (Blue is Back, Baby!) | (02/04/2021)
  43. Oh God, what in the Hell was I thinking with that green theme? Is it too late to play it all off as an April Fools joke? Yeah, that's totally it... I swear!
  45. On a more serious note, hope you like the new theme and favicon! Not much more to say. Feedback is still very much welcome via email, Twitter, or on my Neocities profile page if you would like to chime in to report problems, suggest improvements, etc!
  47. Big shoutout and my thanks go out to surenaga and Has Roly-Polys World Tour been found yet? for their feedback on the last God-awful layout. Super appreciate it! I'm sure surenaga especially will be pleased to know that the theme is now light enough to where any residents in the Peelopaalu towers won't be getting absolutely bankrupted by electricity bills to keep the lights on!
  49. - Snooper -
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