Love Potion: Do We Need It? (mlp)

Feb 29th, 2020
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  1. A green I originally wrote with Twilight as her r63 self Dusk Shine, but I reworked it so that he was Twilight again. Might post the other version sometime.
  3. >You are Twilight Sparkle.
  4. >Boredom is all you have today.
  5. >Nothing of note is occurring outside, nothing making you go on any adventures — there is nothing happening.
  6. >Nothing at all.
  7. >No monsters to battle, no conundrums or super-villains to banish, just the the clock slowly ticking away as you flip to the next page of your book, sitting in bed.
  8. >It’s an interesting little thing you’ve been reading, actually.
  9. >It’s about the chronicles of a pony, stranded in a town out in the old pony west, fighting to bring law to a lawless town.
  10. >You particularly appreciate how knowledgeable the author is in how he made the protagonist a lawyer — an occupation for a character that you have seen only a select few authors write well.
  11. >Law was complicated in Equestria, and the way the character was written proved that the writer did his research for this story.
  12. >It was effort like that which made you always appreciate authors more, especially since many tend to just write something and hope to get lucky.
  13. >You don’t like that.
  14. >Then again, whatever floats a pony’s boat, right?
  15. >Suddenly, two heavy knocks hit your door and a grumble escapes you.
  16. >You already know it’s Spike.
  17. >"What is it Spike?" you ask. "I'm reading!"
  18. >He knocks again.
  19. >“Uh, Twilight? Somepony’s downstairs asking for a book…”
  20. >You sigh.
  21. >A librarian’s work is never done…
  22. “One second, please,” you sigh, saving your spot with a bookmark.
  23. >You rise from the bed, and you stretch out for a moment, then open your bedroom door, trying to cover your yawn as you walk past Spike.
  24. “Who is it and what book do they want?” you ask him, already heading to the staircase.
  25. >He follows you to them.
  26. >“It's Pinkie Pie. She didn’t tell me what book she really wanted,” he tells you. “But, uh, she seems kinda twitchy, though. Like, really twitchy.”
  28. “Uh huh? And she didn’t say what book she needed, did she?”
  29. >“Nope!”
  30. “Great. Wonderful. Just great.”
  31. >You stop halfway down the stairs and look at your dear draconic assistant.
  32. >“Alright, listen, Spike; if she offers you any food, do /not/ take it. It’s likely to have traces of some left-over bootleg potion she tried to make.”
  33. >“Potion?” says Spike, his face askew.
  34. “Yes, a /love/ potion. She’s been obsessed with the idea of Love. Like, crazy about it.”
  35. >“What? Like Cadance?”
  36. “Pfft, more like Chrysalis,” you mutter, and continue downstairs. “When she heard that I did a potions course in Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, she practically begged me to teach her how to make a love potion.”
  37. >Spike’s eyes widen.
  38. >“Pinkie trying to make a love potions?” he asks. "Yikes."
  39. “Yeah, exactly,” you say with a nod.
  40. >“W-wait, Twilight, you're not going to, right? Like, teach her how to make one and stuff?”
  41. >You scoff at the question.
  42. “Are you kidding me? After what happened with the Want-It-Need-It spell and the incident with Big Macintosh and Cheerilee? As if!”
  43. >Soon enough, both you and Spike descend into the library’s main room.
  44. >There you find Pinkie fiddling with her tail nervously.
  45. >However, when her sapphire eyes land upon you, she sucks in a breath of air and smiles.
  46. >“TWILIGHT!!!”
  47. “Hey,” you say, your voice drenched in unenthusiasm. “How’s it — WHOA!”
  48. >“Oh my gosh,Twilight! I was totally freaking out! Wow, I thought you guys were closed today for some reason and that I was showing up here when I wasn't supposed to even though I reeeaaaallly need your help!!!”
  49. >With a bright and excited smile, Pinkie Pie tightly wraps her legs around you in a debilitating hug.
  50. >She chokes the life out of your lungs, crushes your ribs with her random strength...
  51. >You wonder how she hugs her grandparents or family without killing them.
  52. >Unless…
  54. >Spike watches on, cringing in horror as he can only imagine the depth of your pain.
  55. >Not even he’s ever seen her give a hug this bad.
  56. >Eventually, the stars align in your favor and Pinkie quickly relinquishes you from her hellish grip, dumping you the floor like a sack of potatoes.
  57. >You see your skin is starting to bruise from where she hugged you; your whole waist is mottled with dark purples on your already lavender body.
  58. >Pinkie Pie just giggles, unaware of the pain she has caused you, of how the peace and tranquility of your day has been ruined by her abrupt visit.
  59. “Oooww...w-what do you want, Pinkie?” you say, wheezing.
  60. >“Oh, c’mon! You know what I want, Twilight!”
  61. >You rise from the floor with a groan, aching and whatnot.
  62. “Ugh, and you know I still won’t help you, right?”
  63. >“Aaaaaw, pretty please? I’ll do anything for it! Really!”
  64. >Spike can’t help himself but grin.
  65. >“Anything, huh?” he says coyly. “Can you, say, get me a bowl of gems?”
  66. >To his surprise, Pinkie Pie nods at this, her head going up and down faster than a bobble-head.
  67. >“Sure I can! I keep a whole entire crate’s worth in my closet!”
  68. >“Whoa, really!?”
  69. >You roll your eyes at Spike with a smirk.
  70. “Sorry, little guy, but that’s not gonna happen. We’ll find you plenty of gems later if you need them so badly.”
  71. >“But what about me?” asks Pinkie. “I need my love potion badly.”
  72. “No, you /want/ a Love Potion, not /need/,” you say to her sternly. “There’s a big difference between the two. You, unfortunately, don’t know seem to know it.”
  73. >“Aw, but I really do need iiiit,” she says, whining. “It’s, like, really really really important!”
  74. “You want to do something to somepony,” you say flatly. “Don’t you?”
  75. >“Yuh huh! Somepony cute, and nice, and sweet, and silly, and smart...”
  76. >Groaning, you bring your hoof to your face.
  78. “Pinkie Pie, love potions are dangerous! They’re difficult to make, difficult to use, and they’re not safe! Now, if you want a book, then I’d be happy to help you, but if you’re going to keep bothering me about this, then please, Pinkie: Leave!”
  79. >The pink mare hangs her head low with a sigh, drooping her shoulders.
  80. >“Oh, fine…”
  81. >Sulkily, she makes her way out the library door as you lead her to it.
  82. >However, right as she steps hoof outside, she looks at you and softly smiles.
  83. >You tilt your head at her, confused.
  84. “What? What is it? Do I have something on my face?”
  85. >Her smile settles into a smirk as she begins closing the distance between the two of you all the while batting her lashes teasingly.
  86. >“Aw, who am I kiddin’? Love potion’s for saps anyway.”
  87. >Then, with lips soft and pillowy, she presses them against yours.
  88. >Your eyes widen as she deepens the smooch, and even slips her tongue in there as well.
  89. >You think you’re paralyzed.
  90. >All you can do is stand there, your face on fire and unsure what to do, what to think.
  91. >It’s like your heart is beating out of shock, but the powerful beat invigorates you like war drums.
  92. >Then, as soon as the kiss had begun, Pinkie ends it by pulling away.
  93. >“Mwuah! Call me, cutie!”
  94. >She winks with a cute little giggle and a snort, then prances off before you can say so much as a single syllable.
  95. >Not that you could.
  96. >You’ve become as still as a statue.
  97. >In fact, you wonder if you’ve met the same fate as Discord for a moment, and blink just to see if you can move…
  98. >And then maybe blink a few more times just to be sure.
  100. >When it seems that this is indeed reality and not some weird sort of dream, you slowly slink back into your library.
  101. >It is with a trembling hoof that you close the front door as Spike gawks at the scene played before him.
  102. >“Uh, Twilight? Did she just— ?”
  103. “Yep.”
  104. >“Oh...So, I guess that love potion was for you then, right?”
  105. “Uh-huh.”
  106. >“And then that means…?”
  107. >You sigh.
  108. “Well, Spike, she was going to do things to me,” you say shakily. “But with love.”
  109. >Your eyes wander to the floor.
  110. “I don’t know whether I feel touched or violated.”
  111. >“Well, uh, I guess technically you could say both.”
  112. “Not now, Spike!”
  113. >Stupid sexy Pinkie Pie...
  115. _____________________________________________________________________________
  116. I'm pretty pleased with this one. I think I did a good job on Twilight's dialogue and the way she and Spike sometimes interact, especially in the early seasons where the two are more sibling-like in behavior and display sarcasm. I also think I just did a good job with the scenario, making it cute and surprising.
  118. I had that one scene from 'The Sword in The Stone' in mind when I was writing this, the part of the movie where Merlin turns both he and Arthur into squirrels only for this cute girl squirrel to be so haplessly in love with Arthur, her energy and spunk and flirtatiousness just absolutely endearing, so much so it almost steals the rest of the movie. It really captures the whimsical highs one can feel when succumbing to love at first sight, how playful and coy that one person can be with you when he/she likes you. It's the innocence of love at its most playful.
  120. Thank you for reading this, and may you one day feel the same electric vitality of attraction to that one coy boy or gal.
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