Dec 30th, 2021
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  1. "Teleport his body to us anyway, Medea." You won't have the Einzbern maintain possession of Kiritsugu's body any longer than they already have, even if it likely has no soul within it, as that seems to be the modus operandi of the Einzbern, you aren't comfortable with just leaving his body in the hands of Jubstacheit to do whatever else he might feel like doing with it. It's honestly something of a miracle that they decided not to just destroy his original soulless body for some reason. Still, it's not as if they were expecting somebody to be able to simply teleport it out of their with ease through whatever magical defenses they might've put in place. To Medea, whatever bounded fields the Einzbern might've managed to put up around their castle over centuries would be little more than tearing through a barrier made out of sheets of paper. There's really no comparing the skill of Medea compared to the Einzbern. One of the only reasons that Medea is incapable of learning True Magic is that as a Magus that predates it, she is fundamentally incompatible with the Five True Magics of the Age of Man, otherwise you have no doubt that she would probably be capable of learning the secrets of True Magic as well, not unlike Touko, who seems to more suffer from a lack of motivation than an inability to wield them.
  3. "Very well, Master." Medea doesn't hesitate for a moment as she begins to focus more on the target of her spell. Whatever defenses the Einzbern might have against the forced spacial relocation of a target that is incapable of resisting themselves easily being broken apart even at a distance of over nine thousand kilometers. She's terribly impressive when she's facing off against magi of the modern Era, you hadn't expected her range to be so tremendous, but then again, there isn't really any reason why it shouldn't be. She's one of the most talented spellcasters in all of history after all, so it might be the case that spacial relocation is one of her specialties. She draws forth her staff and thrusts it into the air, pumping quite a large amount of magical energy into the long ranged teleport, but not as much as she might've used had she not been empowered by Alítheia's blessing. The buffs to Medea's parameter's have actually made her a far more formidable opponent for anybody to face off against now, her agility parameter is around the level of an average Knight Class Servant now, and that's not even taking into account her magical abilities!
  5. "Tροψα!"
  7. There's a flash of bright purple light as Medea casts her magic, and soon there's a body of a man laying unconscious in the center of the room, next to the Kaleidosword is the sleeping body of Kiritsugu Emiya, he's wearing a pure white robe, and the parts of the body that you can see seem to be covered in... stitches? Like his body has been cut open and put back together again over and over for some reason. But... why?!
  9. Part 20
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