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  1. Reink Hyeael
  2. 15, 15, 15, 12, 11, 10
  3. Folk Hero
  4. 25 years old Elven Age
  5. Born and raised in Pyrinas, Reink was orphaned since his youth. His mother passed away during labor and his father, a warrior, died long ago in battle. Reink was raised by his grandmother in the quaint little town of Kowkri, located in the heavily wooded north-eastern province of Pyrinas. At the age of 10, Reink enrolled in the ranger academy, taking after his father and his innate desire to protect and serve his people. Here, not only did he continue his education, but he was also inducted into swordsmanship, archery, and wilderness survival. He lived in the ranger academy for 15 years, his mentors and fellow students are like a family to him. He became very close to the academy headmaster’s daughter, SaIlia. SaIlia is the same age as Reink, but instead of taking up the way of the sword, she practices the arcane and has become quite a strong user of magic. Reink was quite lackadaisical in his youth. He preferred sleeping in and playing with his friends, however despite this, he excelled in the academy—being considered the best cadet in his year. Life was quite pleasant.
  6. However, something began troubling him. Reink has felt an unknown calling. He frequently had dreams of the world’s end—seeing figures adorned in cloaks that bore a strange sigil—all were standing, watching over the world as the elementals fade and die and all the lands of Theorna were engulfed in twilight. In these dreams, Reink is also confronted by a visage of his father along with the voices of Reink’s ancestors, who bear warning that the world is danger.
  7. Reink is horrified and confused, as to what to make of his dreams. Might they only be nightmares, or are they a foreboding prophesy? He had no time to contemplate. Graduation day was coming, and the cadets had to compete in a tournament—to test their knowledge and skills. Many of the cadets’ family members were there to watch the spectacle, and among them, was SaIlia, who cheered Reink on from the headmaster’s stand. That fateful day marked the beginning of his adventure. Whilst the tournament was underway, the arena was attacked. An explosion shook the arena and amidst the smoke and confusion. Reink looked to the headmaster’s stand, looking to see if SaIlia was okay. Reink stood there in disbelief when he saw her being bound by a robed figure, and with her slung over their shoulder, the figure leapt from the stand and dashed several other cloaked figures, waiting on horseback by the entrance. Reink’s face turned to horror. SaIlia was kidnaped. But he knew what he had to do. Without faulter, Reink called for his horse and chased after the robed figure and SaIlia. It was not long until Reink was joined by SaIlia’s father and some of the town’s guards and fellow cadets in pursuit of the kidnapers. As the chase continued, the kidnapers crossed a bridge and set off another explosion that destroyed the bridge behind them. The others halted, fearing the gap was too large and the fall would be fatal should they try to jump it. Reink however, caries on despite their warnings, and on top his steed, leapt over the chasm making it to the other side. Eventually, Reink confronts the robed figures. When studying the aggressors, they all had their faces covered so he was unable to identify them. However, when studying their cloaks more closely, Reink became mortified. Their cloaks bore the same sigil as the ones he sees in his nightmares. Returning to reality, Reink presses the attack. Though outnumbered, he fends them off and rushes to SaIlia, who is lying unconscious in a nearby thicket. He notices a strange rune has been placed on her forehead.
  8. Days after, the town considers Reink a hero for braving danger to rescue SaIlia, however Reink is not yet at peace. SaIlia has lost her memory along with all ability to cast magic. It is presumed to be caused by this rune placed upon her, however the town’s mages are unable to identify it let alone dispel it. “But why was SaIlia targeted? Who were the kidnapers? Why did they resemble the cloaked figures in my dream?” Reink leaves the academy to visit his Grandmother (who has since moved to Nero for retirement)—hoping to find answers to his dreams and SaIlia’s ailment.
  9. Upon traveling to Nero, he was warmly greeted by his grandmother. A wonderous reunion, however she was quick to note that something troubled her grandson. Reink retold his dreams and the events that happened in the past few days. His grandmother sighs. Her initial looks of pain and worry turn into a humble and warm smile. Reink’s grandmother tells him of his heritage and gives to him a heater shield, she tells him that it belonged to his father, passed down from generation to generation of the many warriors in his lineage. She encourages Reink to go forth with destiny. Reink feels duty bound, hoping that this dark prophesy remains only a nightmare. He sets forth to retain peace in the land and to save his dear friend, SaIlia
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