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  1. >Hospitalized after a car accident
  2. >wake up in an unfamiliar bed and see a dog staring back at you in the mirror
  3. >nurses try calming you down and finally explain that a bad transfusion got you infected with lycanthropy
  4. >the stress of this turn of events combined with the pain from the crash has your mind swimming
  5. >able to focus again when the nurse tells you your emergency contact number for your parents didn't work
  6. >she brings you a phone to call someone to take you home once you're cleared
  7. >phone your sister, as soon as she hears your voice she's screaming your ear off for letting her worry where you've been for a week
  8. >you've been unconscious for seven days
  9. >after she settles down she asks why you sound so weird, you tell her about the accident and she's panicking again
  10. >she blurts that she'll be there to pick you up in 20 minutes
  11. >your heart starts racing trying to figure out how to tell her about your situation
  12. >you try to think hard enough to make yourself change back but nothing works
  13. >before you know it the door swings open and your sister is stuck at the threshold
  14. >can't figure out what expression she's wearing and before the nurse can speak up she's on you hugging you tight crying
  15. >you put an awkward hand (paw?) on her and try to calm her down while she's choking out how upset she is you let her worry and how happy she is that you're fine
  16. >when her sobs finally subside you pull her off of you and ask the nurse if you're good to go
  17. >she nods and tells you they can email the rest of the discharge paperwork if you sign a contract barring you from driving for a month
  18. >the entire drive home sister is half-rambling half-complaining about how lucky you are and how unfair it is you had this happen when she's been trying for months
  19. >you don't feel lucky
  20. >you don't want to be stuck in a dog's body
  21. >you just want things to go back to how they were a week ago
  22. >when she pulls the car up to your house you both sit there in an awkward silence for a moment
  23. >she mumbles something out, your new ears can barely make anything of it
  24. >something about something done to her
  25. >tell her to speak up
  26. >she turns rose red and looks away before asking if you'd give her a bite
  27. >you shrink away like she's hit you
  28. >you ask her why she would ever want a dog biting her
  29. >she looks you in the eyes with a sardonic expression before she tells you what she meant
  30. >she wants you to give her the curse
  31. >you realize what she meant by trying for months
  32. >you're at a loss, don't know how to react at all to her proposition
  33. >she says you don't have to now and to think about it before helping you to your room
  34. >you can barely walk straight on your new feet and the extra foot of height makes leaning on her tricky at best
  35. >when you get to your room she hugs you tight enough to feel her face through your fur
  36. >she asks you to give it a thought before letting you alone
  37. >your mind is racing trying to think through to logistics of everything
  38. >how are you going to go back to work?
  39. >can you even go back to being human?
  40. >you must be able to right? You don't see wolves walking around ever
  41. >you try looking into it online
  42. >weird fetish sites are the only results
  43. >people who ask how to get back are ree'd at by the autists in those forums for wanting to go back
  44. >give up for now, get in bed
  45. >go back to thinking what your sister asked you
  46. >you don't want to do it to her
  47. >you think she doesn't know what she's asking
  48. >even if she did you don't think you could stomach biting her hard enough even to break the skin
  49. >she had told you she'd been looking for a long time but the offers to get the curse online were stupidly expensive and she didn't know anybody with it already
  50. >you're brought back to your room by a knock at the door
  51. >tell her to come in, she's just here to ask you where to order food
  52. >tell her to order for herself, you still aren't hungry
  53. >she protests and says you need to eat after an accident like that
  54. >finally relents and turns to leave
  55. >you feel a lump in your throat before blurting out that you'll help her take the curse
  56. >she whips around with a surprised look before rushing over to you
  57. >she's rapidfire shooting off how happy she is and how long she's waited
  58. >you palm her face with your huge new hand to get her quiet
  59. >she pulls away and sidles up to you
  60. >pulls her shirt collar away from her neck and angles her head
  61. >ask her what she's doing
  62. >tells you that she's getting ready for you to bite her
  63. >tell her that you're not a fucking vampire
  64. >she stammers out that she doesn't know how it really works
  65. >you tell her you won't bite her
  66. >she looks like a kid being told they can't have dessert
  67. >you tell her you'll give her your blood
  68. >it's how it happened to you
  69. >she seems put off by the concept
  70. >she says she doesn't want you hurting yourself for her
  71. >you say you don't want to hurt her even if she wants it
  72. >she relents and asks how you do it
  73. >tell her to go get a glass
  74. >she leaves and comes back with a starbucks cup
  75. >give her a look before she squeaks out it's all that was close to clean
  76. >you reach to your nightstand for your pocket knife
  77. >hear her breath draw in quick and you tell her it's okay
  78. >grab the blade in one hand and tell her to get the cup ready
  79. >take a big breath before you yank it across your palm and feel it bite deep
  80. >it doesn't really hurt much at first
  81. >grab the cup as the blood begins to well in the gash
  82. >seeing the blood come brings the pain to mind
  83. >block it out and squeeze your hand to bring more blood out of the cut
  84. >soon enough cup is about half full with blood
  85. >looks awful but you still hand it to your sister
  86. >say you don't know how much she would need but she says it should be enough
  87. >watch her stare down into the red before you start to say she doesn't have to
  88. >she inhales deep before bringing the cup to her lips
  89. >tilts back and gags as soon as it reaches her mouth
  90. >take the cup from her and tell her it's fine
  91. >a little pissed that you just sliced your hand open for nothing but keep quiet
  92. >she says she's sorry but it was just too hard
  93. >tell her not to worry and order food before it gets too late
  94. after an awkward dinner she comes over and hugs you and thanks you for trying to help her anyways and you head to your rooms
  95. >dreaming of all sorts of weird shit in the night
  96. >wandering the woods flashes to you fucking a girl in the back of a car and back to the last things you remember after the crash before returning to the girl in the car
  97. >she's going down on you
  98. >about to nut
  99. >run a hand through her raven hair and gently thrust against her mouth
  100. >blink and your hand is the weird dog paw you've been dealing with all day
  101. >your cock is a dog dick
  102. >the sight is almost enough to make you go soft
  103. >but more you're thinking how unfair it is your cock is way bigger this way
  104. >hear her gag slightly and your eyes shoot open
  105. >room is pitch black but you can see just fine
  106. >realize the sensations on your cock are still there
  107. >yank your sheet off and a sort of abject horror comes over you
  108. >your sister has almost your entire dick in her mouth, she's frozen in place and staring right at you
  109. >you open your mouth in a silent scream and pull her away from your crotch
  110. >cover your raging hard-on in shame, shiver as the slobber all over it cools in the air
  111. >turn slightly to face her as she's covering her face in what you hope is a mutual shame
  112. >ask her what the fuck she was doing
  113. >she starts crying quietly
  114. >you can't help but feel bad for her despite her disgusting act
  115. >you ask her why the hell she did that calmer this time
  116. >sniffling the tears away she says she felt terrible about you cutting yourself for nothing
  117. >she went online to see if there were other ways to get the curse
  118. >she read that sexual fluids are the easiest way to transfer it
  119. >you can't even begin to unravel how that lead to her sucking you off in your sleep
  120. >your mind is swimming with disgust and the hormones flooding it
  121. >sister won't stop telling you she's sorry and begging you to forgive her
  122. >seeing her so pathetic is leaving a lump in your throat
  123. >you both sit there in relative silence for a long while
  124. >swallowing, you ask her if she really wants to do it like this
  125. >she spins to face you and says of course she doesn't want to do it with you
  126. >say to her the cup of blood is waiting in the fridge then
  127. >feel the bed shake as she shivers remembering it
  128. >sheepishly nodding she scoots closer to you
  129. >your face heats and a pit grows in your stomach
  130. >you don't like this, you don't want to like this
  131. >she asks if you're really sure, you lie and say if it will make her happy
  132. >she gives you a quick hug before climbing off the bed and knee-walking over between your legs
  133. >she puts her hands on the weird sheath you've got between your legs and starts stroking you
  134. >you stop her and say you can't do it like this
  135. >you can't handle watching your sister try to suck your cock
  136. >she asks how to do it then
  137. >your face is on fire from the shame when you tell her to lay on the bed
  138. >she pulls her pajama bottoms off and spreads out on your sheets
  139. >you still can't do this
  140. >tell her you can't look at her like this
  141. >she's frustrated and very visibly embarrassed
  142. >she asks how you think she feels, more yelling it
  143. >thinking about it for a moment before you grab her at the hips
  144. >she stammers out asking what you're doing
  145. >you flip her over and pull her to the edge of the bed
  146. >you can't see her face now
  147. >she asks if this is it then
  148. >beg her to be quiet
  149. >start getting yourself hard
  150. >spread her ass to get your target in sight
  151. >she's already a little wet
  152. >you get the feeling she's more into the idea than she was letting on
  153. >taking a huge breath and steeling yourself you take your cock in hand and bring the tip against her warm entrance
  154. >feel her draw a sharp gasp at the prod, ask her if she's absolutely sure
  155. >she sheepishly nods and you clamp your free hand on her hip
  156. >slowly you press into her and elicit another gasp
  157. >she's clenching hard and tight enough that it takes some work to get further than the first bit in
  158. >feel her tense and relax over and over as you slide all the way in
  159. >get to the bulb at the base of your cock that you doubt would fit in anything
  160. >realize how long it's been since you've been inside anyone
  161. >then the reminder that you're in your sister floods back and kills the mood
  162. >she's shivering now
  163. >asks you to start doing something
  164. >beg her to be quiet
  165. >double your grip on her hips with your free hand and slowly start to thrust
  166. >she responds to your movements with hers in time
  167. >soon enough you're in your rhythm
  168. >you're breathing heavy and she's moaning softly
  169. >she rolls her hips and grinds against the bulb ever time you bottom out
  170. >you feel yourself growing closer
  171. >quicken pace to something almost rough
  172. >her squeaks turn into loud moans and words goading you on
  173. >all you can do between pants is plead for her to be quiet
  174. >you don't want to hear your sister talk about how she loves your dick
  175. >she's shaking hard from your thrusts
  176. >your hips smacking together is growing louder
  177. >the pressure in your crotch is building
  178. >with a final hard thrust you feel yourself unload in her
  179. >she presses against you hard and with a grunt from both of you
  180. >you feel the fat bulb at the base of your cock slip in her and lock you together
  181. >she cums from it, shaking hard and rocking against you as you spurt more and more into her
  182. >soon you feel your cum leaking out and running down your balls as she's completely filled
  183. >you're both heaving hard from the effort
  184. >you try to tug free which elicits another shaky moan from her
  185. >you're stuck together
  186. >the post-nut clarity has you realizing you're stuck inside your cum-filled sister
  187. >she quietly hisses at the deep scrapes you left on her hips and ass but is otherwise exuding pure bliss
  188. >you awkwardly apologize for the cuts but she's fully out of it
  189. >some time passes and you try yanking free again to no avail
  190. >your legs are aching from crouching this long
  191. >you tap her on the back and pull her from her daze
  192. >ask to slide up onto the bed so you can lay down
  193. >she nods and you get ready to lift her
  194. >moving with another full human stuck to your hips is about as awkward and difficult as you'd expect
  195. >you tumble forward with her into the bed
  196. >she gives another elated squeak as your still-hard member grinds against her spot from the shift
  197. >you try another couple tugs to get free but can tell it's in vain
  198. >reach for the sheet and swing it over the two of you
  199. >after a bit of shuffling you ask what she's doing
  200. >she doesn't say anything and after working it a bit she twists herself around still stuck to you
  201. >she's facing you
  202. >her perky tits are mashed against your fuzzy chest
  203. >all she says is thanks before kissing your neck and burying her face into your fluff
  204. >despite it all you find the act oddly endearing
  205. >you know it won't help but one last time you grip her hips and try to pull free
  206. >all it does is give her a rumbling moan vibrating into your chest
  207. >defeated and exhausted you slip off to sleep with her
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