Tarnished Silver Chapter 3

Feb 28th, 2013
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  1. >You are Anon.
  2. >Mr. Spoon has returned from his trip to the Crystal Empire.
  3. >He thanked you for keeping an eye on things.
  4. >Silver has backed off for the time being, but she still gives you drugs.
  5. >”I don’t want you to be hungry,” she usually says.
  6. >She hugs you every time.
  7. >You can describe it more as an embrace.
  8. >She holds it just a little too long each time.
  9. >You have gained Mr. Spoon’s trust. Your job description has expanded a bit.
  10. >You have been given petty cash to manage the estate. That usually entails paying the gardener, and buying groceries.
  11. >Mr. Spoon still handles most of the bills personally.
  12. >During this time you have taken to observing the family dynamic.
  13. >Mr. Spoon isn’t abusive to Silver. He never yells at her.
  14. >You can tell he tries to spend time with her.
  15. >She is aloof and distant with him.
  16. >”Sometimes I wonder why I bother.” You heard him mutter one day.
  17. >Shoeshine never corrects Silver. You asked her about it once.
  18. >”It’s not my place.”
  19. >
  20. >It’s your day off. Mr. Spoon is out of town again. This time he is in Appleloosa.
  21. >Silver is spending the night at Diamond Tiara’s. Diamond will sleep over tomorrow.
  22. >You can worry about that later.
  23. >Recently you decided to get clean.
  24. >For real this time.
  25. >Well, that’s what you told yourself.
  26. >Today is the 9th day of your new nightly ritual. Sometimes you win. Sometimes it wins.
  27. >You are sitting in your room, looking at your most precious possession.
  28. >It’s taunting you.
  29. >How can something so small, have such an impact on your life?
  30. >You pick up the syrette.
  31. >You examine it.
  32. “It’s not worth it,” you say to yourself.
  33. 1/9
  34. >You put it back down.
  35. >Some time passes. Seconds? Minutes? There isn’t any way to tell.
  36. >You repeat this again and again.
  37. >A knock at the door breaks your trance.
  38. >”Anon? Are you busy?” Shoeshine says through the door.
  39. >You quickly hide the syrette, and open the door.
  40. “No, I’m just wasting time.”
  41. >She nods.
  42. >”Well, if you aren’t busy, I’m going to the bar. Do you want to come?”
  43. >You could use a change of scenery.
  44. “The first round is on me.”
  45. >
  46. >You are at The Granary.
  47. >A light brown pony waves you and Shoeshine over.
  48. >She trots up and hugs him. She introduces you to Caramel and Applejack.
  49. >As promised, you order the first round of cider for the table.
  50. >Shoeshine and Caramel chit-chat amongst themselves for a while.
  51. >Applejack takes this opportunity to talk with you.
  52. >Mostly she talks about her family farm. Soon the conversation turns to you.
  53. >”What’s it like working for the Spoons?”
  54. “It’s like any other job I guess.”
  55. >She nods in approval.
  56. >”It’s good that you’ve found your calling.”
  57. >That’s right. P0nies love doing their jobs.
  58. ”Hmm. I should explain. Most humans work because they have to, not because they love their work.”
  59. >”That sounds depressing.”
  60. “It can be.”
  61. >She taps her hooves on the table.
  62. >This isn’t going anywhere.
  63. “You don’t need to hang out with me if you’re bored. As long as I have a few drinks I’ll be fine.”
  64. >”It’s not that. I just have never talked with a… human?”
  65. >You are almost impressed. She actually listened to you.
  66. >You smile at her. She replies in kind.
  67. >
  68. >Time passes. Applejack has warmed up to you.
  69. >Caramel and Shoeshine have just left. Shoeshine told you not to wait up for her.
  70. >You gave her a slight nod.
  71. >”It’s getting late Anon.” Applejack says while looking at the bar.
  72. ”Yeah.”
  73. >Applejack scuffs the floor.
  74. >”Do you… want to walk me home?”
  75. >Is she hitting on you? You just met. Maybe it’s a pony thing.
  76. “Sure.”
  77. 2/9
  78. >
  79. >It’s not a long walk to her farm.
  80. >She tells you about how she loves being outside. Working on the farm gives her a sense of purpose.
  81. >You wonder why you don’t have purpose. You just exist.
  82. >You are at her door.
  83. >”Do you ever just, sit outside and just enjoy nature?”
  84. “Who doesn’t?” You lie.
  85. >She stands in place, but you can tell she is looking for something.
  86. >”Can I see you again?”
  87. >An owl hoots in the distance.
  88. “I’d like that.”
  89. >
  90. >You are back in your room.
  91. >You look at the syrette.
  92. >Tonight – it wins.
  93. >
  94. >The next day.
  95. “Hey Shoeshine. It’s time to get up.”
  96. >You open the door. She isn’t there.
  97. >She must have spent the night at Caramel’s.
  98. >Oh well.
  99. >You go to the kitchen to make breakfast.
  100. >”Omelets again?” Silver asks indignantly.
  101. “I’m not a chef.”
  102. >”How come Shoeshine isn’t cooking?”
  103. ”She had to run some errands," you say, covering for her.
  104. >You begin going to your place in the kitchen.
  105. >”You can join me. Nop0ny is here.”
  106. >You turn to look at her.
  107. >Her hair is disheveled. She hasn't brushed her mane.
  108. ”I have to clean up.”
  109. >”That can wait Anon.” She says as she starts eating her meal.
  110. >You sit on the other end of the table.
  111. >”I’ve been thinking about what we should do today.”
  112. >”Now that dad is gone.”
  113. “Silver, what happened before was a mistake. I was weak.”
  114. >She shakes her head.
  115. >”It was right Anon. It still is.”
  116. “You’re just a kid. It would never work.”
  117. >”And you’re just a monkey. I know what’s best for us.”
  118. “I’m not a god damn monkey. I’m a fucking person.”
  119. >Silver stands up.
  120. >”Don’t talk to me like that Anon. If it wasn’t for me you’d be back on the streets.”
  121. “Your father thinks I’m useful. You just think I’m a toy.”
  122. >”That’s not true. I haven’t bothered you at all these last few weeks.”
  123. “That’s because your father was around.”
  124. >She returns to her meal.
  125. >"I just want us to be happy."
  126. 3/9
  127. >
  128. >Diamond Tiara has arrived. She and Silver are upstairs playing.
  129. >You can hear their hooves clopping on the wooden floors.
  130. >Eight o Clock. Snack time.
  131. >You take a drink from your flask.
  132. >You bring the tray of carrots and other vegetables.
  133. >”Hi Anon.” Diamond smirks.
  134. >”Oh great I’m starving.” Silver says.
  135. >She ate a few hours ago.
  136. >”Do you want to play with us, Anon?”
  137. “I really should get back to my work.”
  138. >"Just for a little bit."
  139. >They continue eating.
  140. >”Lets play house.” Silver says.
  141. >”I love that game. I want to be the dad.” Diamond responds.
  142. >”You always play the dad.”
  143. >”That’s because I’m good at it.”
  144. >”Alright. Anon, you can be… the mom.” Silver points.
  145. >”Yea, and you’re depressed because I beat you,” Diamond adds.
  146. >Well this is turning dark.
  147. >“And, we’re poor, so we live in only one room.”
  148. “What’s my motivation?”
  149. >”What?”
  150. “No woman is going to stick around if she’s abused.”
  151. >Diamond and Silver look at each other confused.
  152. >”Sure they do.” Diamond says finally.
  153. >”Because if you leave, you know dad is going to hit me instead, and you want to protect me.” Silver adds.
  154. “Fine, whatever.”
  155. >”Great.”
  156. >Silver brings out some drinks from her dresser.
  157. >”I borrowed these,” she winks.
  158. >They both take a few shots before continuing.
  159. >”I’m home,” Diamond begins.
  160. “Hello Diamond. How was work?”
  161. >”It sucked like always.”
  162. “Dinner is almost ready.”
  163. >”What did you make?”
  164. “Your favorite. Vegetable soup.”
  165. >”That again, we had that yesterday.” Silver complains.
  166. >”You shut up. You get what you get.” Diamond moves her hoof to hit Silver.
  167. >Silver flinches.
  168. >”That’s right.” Diamond smirks. “Alright Anon. Give me some sugar.”
  169. >Diamond grabs your tie and pulls you down. She kisses you sloppily.
  170. >Silver’s eyes are wide.
  171. >You push Diamond Tiara away.
  172. “Hey, we aren’t going to play like that.”
  173. >”Just play along.”
  174. 4/9
  175. >This continues for a bit.
  176. >
  177. >Now it’s time for you and Diamond to pretend to sleep.
  178. >Silver curls up on her beanbag chair. She is positioned to watch you and Diamond.
  179. >Diamond climbs into your arms.
  180. >Her hooves explore your body.
  181. >”Now it’s time for you to do your job. Take it off.”
  182. >You undo your tie, and take off your coat.
  183. >”All of it Anon. You are my wife after all.”
  184. >You shake your head no.
  185. >”Why do you have to be so difficult?”
  186. “I don’t want to play anymore.”
  187. >”Anon. Silver won’t give you your medicine if you don’t do this.”
  188. ”I’m trying to quit.”
  189. >She laughs at you.
  190. >”Show me your arm.”
  191. >You comply.
  192. >”Look at it. It’s diseased. You won’t last a few days without more.”
  193. ”I’ll worry about that later, Diamond.”
  194. >She shows you a syrette.
  195. >Silver turns her head. She isn’t looking anymore.
  196. >”I’ll let you in on a little secret Anon.”
  197. >She pulls herself closer and whispers to you.
  198. >”I’m the one who gave these to Silver. I am the one keeping you sane.”
  199. >She curls a lip at you.
  200. >”Now are you going to play along, or are you going to starve?”
  201. >Silence.
  202. >Her eyes never leave yours.
  203. >You just need a few more. You know you are getting close to quitting.
  204. >You take off your clothes.
  205. >Diamond lays on her back, and presents herself.
  206. >”I like it when I get what I want.” She says, returning to her game.
  207. >You lower yourself to her.
  208. >Your put a hand to her marehood.
  209. >She pulls away.
  210. >”No, use your mouth.” She says coldly.
  211. >Her eyes burn into yours. You imagine contempt is her only emotion.
  212. >Silver has buried her face in the beanbag chair. An eye pokes out occasionally.
  213. >You move toward Diamond. You can feel the heat radiating from her.
  214. >You wet your lips, and begin.
  215. >Two little hooves hold your head, and guide you.
  216. >Her body quivers at your touch.
  217. >She presses herself against you.
  218. >”Right there.”
  219. >You continue.
  220. >Your tounge gently teases her small body.
  221. >She holds you and spasms.
  222. 5/9
  223. >
  224. >You are Silver Spoon.
  225. >Your best friend is enjoying Anon.
  226. >He is yours.
  227. >Diamond looks over at you. Her eyes half lidded.
  228. >”It’s your turn now.”
  229. ”I’m fine here.”
  230. >”You were right, Anon is perfect.”
  231. >She pushes Anon away and basks.
  232. >“Are we done?” He asks.
  233. >”No. I want it all.” Diamond smirks.
  234. >She rolls over and presents herself to him.
  235. ”Wait. I changed my mind. I want my turn.”
  236. >”You had your chance.”
  237. >You get up and climb on the bed.
  238. ”He’s mine.”
  239. >You push Diamond away.
  240. >”Don’t push me.” Diamond says through her teeth.
  241. >She pushes you back.
  242. >You grit back at her, and she relents.
  243. >”Fine. Have your monkey.”
  244. “You belong to me Anon.”
  245. >He looks down, and says nothing.
  246. ”I want you inside me.”
  247. >He shakes his head.
  248. >You pull out one of his treats.
  249. >He presents his arm.
  250. “You’re learning.”
  251. >You wait for a vein to expose itself, and prick his arm.
  252. >You only give him a little.
  253. >He moans softly. You imagine endorphins firing.
  254. >You crawl into him.
  255. >His arms wrap around you.
  256. >You lightly kiss him.
  257. >He brushes your mane.
  258. “It’s time to come home Anon.”
  259. >You back into him. His warm body hugs yours.
  260. >Diamond rolls her side. She wants to see everything.
  261. >You move a hoof to guide him to yourself.
  262. >His fingers lightly caress your marehood.
  263. >Each movement teases you more.
  264. >Diamond smirks at you. She lowers a hoof to herself.
  265. >She’s enjoying the show.
  266. >He enters you.
  267. >You feel yourself contract against him.
  268. >He gently explores your body.
  269. >You feel a small body move against you.
  270. >You back into Anon.
  271. >Diamond takes off your glasses, and snuggles into you.
  272. >Your body is so warm.
  273. >Sandwiched between your best friend and Anon.
  274. >A tangled mess of hands and hooves.
  275. >She presses her marehood against your own.
  276. >Anon moves his arm, and pulls both of you into him.
  277. 6/9
  278. >Its so warm.
  279. >Diamond moves against you.
  280. >Her female bits further exciting yours.
  281. >”I want to play too.” Diamond whispers.
  282. >Anon complies.
  283. >His flat palm touches both of you equally.
  284. >The rubbing motions of Diamond and Anon are too much.
  285. >You feel yourself convulsing.
  286. >Diamond snuggles into you. She kisses you deeply.
  287. >It feels so good.
  288. >Her hooves explore your barrel.
  289. >Anon moves his hand away, and begins to focus on Diamond.
  290. >She holds you tightly as Anon feels her depths.
  291. >Diamond pushes into you. She’s breathing quickens.
  292. >She’s close.
  293. >She whimpers lowly, as Anon gives her what she needs.
  294. >That was amazing.
  295. >You feel so tired.
  296. >It’s getting late.
  297. >You close your eyes.
  298. >
  299. >Downstairs.
  300. >You are Shoeshine.
  301. >You spent the whole day with Caramel.
  302. >He is such a great stallion. He’s perfect.
  303. >You hear something coming from upstairs.
  304. >You stop and listen.
  305. >It’s indistinct, but it sounds like… moaning?
  306. >You shake your head. Fillies these days grow up too fast.
  307. >You trot up the stairs to the servant quarters.
  308. >Anon's door is open.
  309. >Again, he isn’t in his room.
  310. 7/9
  311. >
  312. >You are Anon.
  313. >Silver is sleeping in your arms.
  314. >Diamond is stretching out on the bed.
  315. >”You did good.”
  316. “Thanks.”
  317. >You get up slowly.
  318. >Silver stirs as your remove your arms from her.
  319. >”You didn’t get what you want, Anon.”
  320. >You look down. You are still fully engorged.
  321. >Diamond smirks at you.
  322. >”Follow me. I want to show you something.”
  323. >She gets up carefully, so as not to wake Silver.
  324. >She trots to the guest room.
  325. >She climbs on the guest bed.
  326. >You follow.
  327. >”You’ve been a good monkey, so I’ll be nice to you.”
  328. >She presents herself.
  329. >Her little legs quiver in anticipation.
  330. “That’s where I draw the line.”
  331. >She chuckles at you.
  332. >”A minutes ago you were touching two fillies, and now you have reservations?”
  333. >You say nothing.
  334. >She pokes your erection.
  335. >”You don’t need to hide your feelings from me.”
  336. >She’s right. You are a filly fooler.
  337. >”Oh, you need more incentive to do that. Why didn’t you say so?”
  338. >She climbs over you and opens the drawer.
  339. >She pulls out photos.
  340. >”Take a look at these.”
  341. >Its you and Silver.
  342. >It looks like you just raped her.
  343. “Where did you get these?”
  344. >”I staged them during your first sleep over.”
  345. >”Silver always sleeps like a rock. It was easy.”
  346. >She climbs on top of you and snuggles into your face.
  347. >”I don’t want to show these to anyp0ny.”
  348. >Fuck. She’s going to blackmail you.
  349. >”Silver thinks you are her’s. The truth is,”
  350. >She kisses your neck.
  351. >”You belong to me. And I always get what I want.”
  352. >She presses a hoof against your face. She’s rough.
  353. >”Do you understand?”
  354. >Diamond used Silver to get to you?
  355. >This mare is fucking twisted.
  356. “Why are you doing this?”
  357. 8/9
  358. >”Because Silver doesn’t deserve a toy like you.”
  359. >She slides down your body.
  360. >She rubs your member.
  361. >What happened earlier was so arousing.
  362. >You need release.
  363. "You wont tell anyone?"
  364. >"I'll keep quiet, as long as you behave."
  365. >She positions herself over you.
  366. >She uses a hoof to guide you in.
  367. >”I’ve been practicing for this.”
  368. >You slowly enter her.
  369. >”I wanted to make sure -“ She grunts, “that you’d fit.”
  370. >She takes you all in.
  371. >She grinds her hips against yours.
  372. >She picks up the pace.
  373. >You can feel her squeezing you.
  374. >Her small body bucks, trying to fit every last inch.
  375. >You feel her quiver and moan.
  376. >She settles into you.
  377. >Her lower extremities shake slightly.
  378. >She lazily rolls off of you.
  379. >”That was worth the wait.”
  380. “I’m not done.”
  381. >She chuckles.
  382. >She grabs your hand.
  383. >”Finish yourself off.” She smirks.
  384. >You’re too far gone.
  385. >You begin stoking your member.
  386. >Diamond lies against you watching your performance.
  387. >You need release.
  388. >You feel yourself contracting.
  389. >Your shame lands on your stomach.
  390. >”That’s it?”
  391. >Diamond shakes her head.
  392. >”I was expecting more.”
  393. >You push her away.
  394. >She laughs at you.
  395. “Are you happy now?”
  396. >”A little. I’m going to visit you more often.”
  397. >She pushes against you. She wants you out of the bed.
  398. >”And I’m going to expect a better performance next time.”
  399. >You get up.
  400. >”I know you will play along, Anon. You don’t want me to accidentally show those pictures.”
  401. >This fucking whore.
  402. >You go to Silver’s room, and collect your things.
  403. End Chapter 3
  404. 9/9
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