Ideas for YuGiOh Falsebound Kingdom Randomizer

Feb 14th, 2020
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  1. Dolphin version 3.0-232 doesn't crash the game.
  3. These are my ideas for a YuGiOh Falsebound Kingdom Randomizer. If you think you have the free time to make something like this, please let me know. I have zero coding experience so ideas like these are the best I can help with. Also all these Random Options should have an on or off. That way people can choose what they want Randomized. Example: Random Monster Teams, Both Player Only or Opponents Only. Don't want this option at all, don't click.
  5. #1 Random Monster Team for Each Character, Same for Opponents
  6. #2 Random Stats for Each Monster (Must be balanced correctly), Same for Opponents
  7. #3 Main Base and Main Enemy Base Location Random for Each Level
  8. #4 Randomize 1 of 4 Goals for Each Level. Defeat Main Enemy, Capture Main Enemy Base, Defeat All Enemies, or Capture All Bases(Capture All Bases includes any Neutral Bases)
  9. #5 Random Time Limit (Seriously, the game has a time limit for each level, but it's almost never an issue. TIME to make it something to someTIMES look out for.)
  10. #6 Random Rewards. Capturing Bases and Level Completion Rewards
  11. #7 Random Items. Shops, Random Rewards, and Items Opponents have in Battle
  12. #8 Random Level Order (Except the Last Level always stays as the Last Level.)
  13. #9 Random Monster Ring Size. Small, Medium, or Large
  14. #10 Randomize Music Pool (Maybe add more music from other YuGiOh games into the Music Pool Later on.)
  16. Things to Remove to have more Data to work with.
  17. #1 Remove Requirement to Unlock Joey. Just have Joey unlocked at the start.
  18. #2 Remove Konami Code. Yeah, I know that's sounds wrong, but it'd kill a lot of the points of having Randomized Items, Rewards, and all that sense the code just gives you money eveytime you use it.
  19. #3 Remove Challenge Mode. It doesn't really matter how you randomize the game, Challenge Mode would just end up being the same overall. You'd mostly use the Dark Magician Family, The 2 Harpy Ladies, or the 3 Blue-eyes White Dragons. 10 Battles, 5 difficulties, and 3 characters. That's removing 150 battles with of data Basically. My guess is that's about 1/6 or 1/8 of the whole game that's unneeded. I'm probably wrong, but the point is that mode is unneeded for a Randomizer.
  20. #4 Removing the Awesome Intro (Before the Main Menu)...Please don't unless it's absolutly needed at somepoint.
  22. Version 1
  23. Have Joey Unlocked Right Away, Remove the Story Completion Requirememts
  24. Remove Konami Code
  25. Remove Challenge Mode
  26. Random Monster Team for Each Character
  27. Random Stats for Each Monster
  28. Main Base and Main Enemy Base Locations Random for Each Level
  29. Rando Currently Only Works for Yugi's Story
  30. Version 1.??? Any Bug Fixes that are needed
  32. Version 2
  33. Random Rewards
  34. Random Items. An Option to have God Monster Items in or out of the game completely.
  35. Random Time Limit
  36. Version 2.??? Any Bug Fixes that are needed
  38. Version 3
  39. Rando now works for all 3 Stories
  40. Version 3.??? Any bug Fixes that are needed
  42. Version 4
  43. Randomizes 1 of 4 Goals for Each Level
  44. Random Monster Ring Size
  45. Version 4.??? Any Bug Fixes that are needed
  47. Version 5
  48. Option to Remove Story Cutscenes
  49. Random Level Order
  50. Version 5.??? Any Bug Fixes that are needed
  52. Version 6
  53. Pre-set Difficulty Options*
  54. Randomize Music Pool
  55. Version 6.??? Any Bug Fixes that are needed
  57. *Here's the Difficulty Options. All Cutscenes are Off. You can still choose if you want the Random Music Pool or not.*
  58. Easy: Random Monster Teams (Both), Random Monster Stats, Random Rewards, Random Items (God Monster Items are In)
  59. Normal: All of Easy, but God Monster Items are Out, Random Main Base and Main Enemy Base, Random Monster Ring Size
  60. Hard Mode: All of Normal and Set every other option On
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