Xenos Hunters Session 18

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  1. Session Start: Sat Aug 06 18:09:02 2011
  2. Session Ident: #XenosHunters
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  21. [20:20] <antoine> You stand together in an enclosed traning area given over to you for your early morning combat exercises. Currently you are running through your hand to hand combat skills. All marines are present and are rotating through a line up to practice against each other.
  22. 10[20:21] * Cadmus silently curses having to fight hand to hand. He's never been that great at melee combat.
  23. 10[20:22] * Anselm steps forward into the ring upon his turn. He holds up a hand to any who might enter, then looks over the rest Marines present.
  24. 10[20:22] * Sinbad stands off to the side, narrarating the others' techniques in hand-to-hand for Patriclus learning of Astartes techniques to add to his own
  25. [20:23] <Anselm> "I have a specific request to make today, Brothers..."
  26. [20:23] <Cadmus> "Ask away, Anselm."
  27. 10[20:23] * Sinbad silences and listens
  28. 10[20:24] * Anselm points out to his team's Devastator from the crowd. "Bellerophon Halcyonus, you have insulted my honor - the honor of the Knights Teutonic - and you have shown no will to repent. Here I challenge you to fight me for the right to call yourself a true warrior!"
  29. 10[20:24] * Sinbad looks to Anselm and Bellerophon in surprise, then begins to look on in earnest
  30. 10[20:25] * Balmung raises an eyebrow
  31. [20:25] <Bellerophon> "No."
  32. 10[20:25] * Cadmus sighs and pulls up a chair. These people and their all important honor.
  33. [20:25] <Bellerophon> "I have no blemish upon my reputation to iron out like a serf."
  34. 10[20:26] * Anselm frowns. "Do you fear the consequences of your actions? Of denying me my due glory, fighting worthy foes from an arm's length?"
  35. [20:27] <Anselm> "Then cower from afar, Devastator! Take up your petty cannons and fire all you wish, you have no honor to lose!"
  36. [20:27] <Bellerophon> "Consequences?  Of my actions?  The actions that cut down warriors in a single blink?  The action that killed a Trygon in the time it took you to say my name?"
  37. [20:27] <Bellerophon> "No, I do not fear the consequences of my actions.  I relish in them."
  38. [20:28] <Balmung> "Hold you tounge Anselm, Bellerophon is a fine warrior worthy of his deeds"
  39. [20:29] <Sinbad> "Aye, Brother, but the honor charge has been thrown."
  40. [20:29] <Sinbad> "They must do something, else shame Brother Anselm without fight."
  41. 10[20:29] * Anselm laughs. "He hides his fear behind his petty pride. He could not hold a fine blade and he cannot dare to look a greater menace in the eye as he takes out its throat."
  42. [20:30] <Bellerophon> "My bolter is a finer scalpel than your blade could ever dream to be."
  43. [20:31] <Bellerophon> "There is no fear, only contempt.  You level slanderous accusations against your fellow brother.  I have no need to retort, only point out your fallacies."
  44. 10[20:31] * Sinbad asks Patriclus to go watch in the stands, and wanders over to the sidelines with the rest of the party
  45. 10[20:31] * Cadmus pulls a datapad from his robe and begins going over the latest data he and Tellion have uncovered from their analysis of the Norn Queen samples while his Brothers bicker.
  46. [20:32] <Anselm> "What fallacies? Go, refuse all you want! I know you are afraid to face me down!"
  47. [20:33] <Bellerophon> "I will not fight you.  That would be as ridiculous as I challenging you to a contest of marksmanship."
  48. [20:33] <Bellerophon> "There will be no honor, only humiliation.  The man who beats his dog is not proud, but ashamed."
  49. [20:34] <Anselm> "You are a coward, hoping to slip away from this without facing defeat! I demand you face me here and now, if you delude yourself to think you have any shred of honor!"
  50. [20:35] <Bellerophon> "My honor is my dignity, a fact you don't seem to know."
  51. [20:35] <Bellerophon> "You are shaming yourself in front of your Kill-Team, brother.  There can be no victory."
  52. 10[20:36] * Sinbad guffaws in conversation along the sidelines
  53. [20:37] <Anselm> "Shaming myself? I do not flee in terror of the consequences of my actions! I face them, I fight them, I conquer them! If you so desperately wish to continue to run away in the face of the warrior you have insulted and denied glory, then so be it!"
  54. 10[20:37] * Anselm looks around. "Who will face me in the coward's place?"
  55. [20:37] <Bellerophon> "Should you find a suitable breach of conduct to level at me, then perhaps you will have a case."
  56. [20:38] <Bellerophon> "Until such a time, we're done here.  I have much to attend to."
  57. 10[20:38] * Bellerophon turns around sharply and walks out of the training hall
  58. 10[20:38] * Sinbad freezes
  59. 10[20:38] * Balmung laughs out loud in amusement
  60. [20:39] <Sinbad> "Brother, do not leave!  You shall make this worse if you step out and not settle the honor charge!"
  61. 10[20:39] * Anselm calls out, "Flee! Flee! For this spit on legacy, you have no right to call me Brother!"
  62. [20:39] <Balmung> "Cadmus and Omniel"
  63. 10[20:39] * Bellerophon looks over his shoulder
  64. [20:39] <Balmung> "Do you not see what's happening?:
  65. [20:40] <Balmung> "This is exactly what happened between the Lion and the Wolf!"
  66. 10[20:40] * Balmung chuckles some more
  67. [20:40] <Bellerophon> "His "honor charge," is as ridiculous as the threat a bug poses to a Titan.  His blood runs hot over his inadequacies."
  68. 10[20:40] * Cadmus chuckles at the memory of that story.
  69. 10[20:40] * Bellerophon steps out of the room
  70. 10[20:42] * Anselm snarls, and glances of the rest of the Marines present. "Someone! Face me now!"
  71. 10[20:42] * Sinbad laughs, and jumps through the ropes
  72. [20:43] <Sinbad> "Let us play, Brother!"
  73. 10[20:43] * Anselm grins, and raises his fists. "A worthy opponent, this one! You have my respect, Brother!"
  74. 10[20:43] * Sinbad assumes a high fighting stance
  75. 10[20:44] * Bellerophon goes to find his Sergeant and Guardsmen he's been training
  76. 10[20:45] * Sinbad fights against Anselm, but is not nearly as strong, or as deft at CQC, despite his personal speed, and returns aching to continue training with Patriclus once done
  77. 10[20:46] * Balmung leaves the training room
  78. 10[20:47] * Cadmus leaves as well, an idea for another experiment he and Tellion could try popping into his head.
  79. [21:06] <antoine> Over a month and a half later the "Glorious Dream" arrived with Rogue Trader Vito Rolf Hurst leading it.
  80. [21:08] <antoine> You are given appropriate quarters, actually you are given a whole section of a deck to yourselves to do with as you please. Quarters and access to hold for combat training where you have set up makeshift pop up targets and low walls to practice fighting the vile alien.
  81. [21:09] <Balmung> "Think the Captain has any good ales?"
  82. [21:10] <Cadmus> "Hmm, i think it likely. But that can wait until after the mission, to toast out success, Brother." Cadmus says with a grin.
  83. 10[21:10] * Sinbad eats a cabbage
  84. [21:10] <Balmung> "Bah!"
  85. [21:13] <antoine> You enter the warp on a several week journey, you ramp up your training to prepare yourselves for operation behind enemy lines.
  86. 10[21:13] * Anselm uses the time to practice long-loathed stealth techniques.
  87. 10[21:14] * Sinbad takes the time to discuss with Patriclus their aims on the next mission, as well as infiltration techniques on top of the normal sparring
  88. 03[21:16] * HerrStaffen ( has joined #XenosHunters
  89. 02[21:16] * Anselm ( Quit (Ping timeout)
  90. [21:16] <antoine> suddenly you feel the lurch of leaving the warp, the vox rings out ++Warning, Unscheduled warp stoppage++ in a dull tone obviously from an automated servitor.
  91. 03[21:17] * HerrStaffen is now known as Anselm
  92. 10[21:17] * Sinbad begins a prayer against the Warp and takes hold of a guardrail
  93. 10[21:17] * Balmung snarls
  94. 10[21:18] * Cadmus turs from his latest run of the training course with a start and heads for the nearest ship intercom.
  95. 10[21:18] * Bellerophon calls his Brothers in for a team meeting
  96. [21:19] <antoine> You here weapons fire from the Watch Captain training room as a panicked voice comes over the ship intercom ++Eldar raiders! All hands prepare for battle++
  97. 10[21:19] * Bellerophon doesn't have a chance
  98. 10[21:19] * Anselm slips down from an overhang and grins.
  99. [21:19] <Anselm> "Oh, great Emperor, hallowed be your name, I give thanks for your blessings on this day..." the Assault Marine says, and rushes to his quarters.
  100. 10[21:20] * Cadmus readies his weapon and moves to joing his brothers, growling ++Warp-spawned Eldar.++
  101. 10[21:20] * Balmung hurries to his quarters and puts on his armor and gear
  102. [21:21] <antoine> The fighting grows more fierce the sounds of battle cries from Decimus and the Watch Captain reaching your ears from several corridors away.
  103. 10[21:21] * Sinbad unleashes a shrill cry, and charges towards the fighting
  104. 10[21:21] * Bellerophon suits up, and locks and loads his heavy bolter
  105. 10[21:21] * Anselm rushes along the halls with swords in-hand. ++Direct me to the fighting! Where are the scum?!++
  106. 10[21:22] * Cadmus moves to assist his Captain as well, sweeping the halls as he does.
  107. 10[21:22] * Balmung kicks open door from his room and rushes to find the nearest enemy
  108. [21:22] <antoine> ++Small cargo hold B++ you hear the strained voice of the Watch Captain.
  109. 10[21:23] * Anselm hurries along. ++I will help you, Brother-Captain! I will help you!++
  110. 10[21:23] * Bellerophon slips on his helmet
  111. [21:23] <Cadmus> ++En route Captain.++ Cadmus says as he heads in that direction.
  112. 10[21:23] * Sinbad is silent, and running full-speed to the area, Patriclus underslung and arm
  113. [21:24] <Bellerophon> ++Here comes The End.++
  114. [21:24] <Balmung> ++On my way++
  115. 10[21:25] * Bellerophon orders his guardsmen to follow him on the way to Small Hold B.
  116. [21:25] <antoine> You burst into a room that had been turned into a battlezone for training. Now the tau pop up targets are now mockingly replaced by the slim Eldar warriors that are firing from behind the cut in half spare bulkheads being used as cover originally for training.
  117. 10[21:26] * Cadmus quickly slides into an unoccupied piece of cover himself.
  118. [21:26] <antoine> There are three groups of ranged weapon wielding warriors behind such cover with another group fighting in hand to hand combat in the open, the blue and white armour of the treacherous alien moving like quicksilver as they assault Decimus and Oeris.
  119. 10[21:26] * Sinbad moves behind cover as well, dropping Patriclus and giving him his grenade belt
  120. 10[21:28] * Anselm snarls roars under his helmet, for he recognizes the colors from the long hours of training and stories from Guard Master Falkner.
  121. [21:28] <antoine> A leader of some kind shouts out as you enter the cargo hold in a mockery of gothic "Back Mon-keigh, this one must die!"
  122. [21:28] <Bellerophon> ++Guardsmen!  To cover and enage!  Focus on Ranged Team One!  Cadmus, Sinbad!  Ranged team two!  Anselm, Balmung!  Assist the Captain and Decimus!++
  123. [21:28] <Anselm> ++Sar-Cyrs!++ he screams, ++Sar-Cyrs!++
  124. [21:28] <Cadmus> ++Understood Team Leader.++
  125. [21:29] <Balmung> ++Roger++
  126. [21:29] <Anselm> "I will kill all of you!" he screams, and charges into battle.
  127. [21:29] <Sinbad> ++I must not!   I must engage them in blood!  Let me go amongst them!++
  128. 10[21:30] * Cadmus sites on his assigned group and prepares to unleash hell on these xenos scum.
  129. 03[21:34] * antoine changes topic to 'NPC, Sinbad, Belle, Anselm, NPC, Cadmus, Balmung'
  130. 10[21:34] * Sinbad insults the Eldar back, in an attempt at their own foul language, in challenge
  131. 03[21:36] * antoine changes topic to 'NPC, Sinbad, Belle, Anselm, NPC, Cadmus, Balmung, Oeris, Decimus'
  132. 10[21:38] * Sinbad makes a leap up and runs over to the fray, screaming in rage and in an odd tongue
  133. [21:38] <antoine> Oeris laughs in the face of the enemy even as they batter his armour.
  134. [21:38] <antoine> "Nil ann ach cleasai, agus tá an iomad measa aige air féin." shouts the enemy warleader.
  135. [21:39] <Sinbad> "Brother Captain!  Caaaaaatch!"
  136. 10[21:42] * Sinbad hefts the greatsword in its scabbard towards the Captain Oeris
  137. [21:42] <Sinbad> "Captain!  Let that sword, its newborn spirit, taste the blood of its enemies!"
  138. 10[21:43] * Sinbad fumbles the catch with the sword's odd weight
  139. [21:43] <antoine> The Captain switches just from powersword to the weapon Sinbad threw, holding his hand up to grab the weapon.
  140. [21:44] <antoine> He catches it with a grunt and continues his defensive work
  141. 10[21:46] * Bellerophon locks his elbows into place as he drops his magnificent heavy bolter into place, as he attempts to kill the xenos plauging Oeris and Decimus in melee
  142. [21:47] <antoine> Seeing anselm and hearing Sinbads mockery of the Eldar language the plume helmeted warrior in the center group shouts "Mael dannan"
  143. [21:49] <Balmung> "I'm going to shove that pointy hat of yours up your ass!"
  144. 10[21:49] * Cadmus can't help but crack up laughing.
  145. 03[21:50] * antoine changes topic to 'NPC, Sinbad, Belle, Anselm, NPC, Cadmus, Balmung, Oeris, Decimus, Patriclus'
  146. [21:58] <antoine> Bellerophon cuts a swathe through the simple warriors that were besieging Oeris in the middle of the room.
  147. [21:58] <antoine> A few remain to harrass the Watch Captain
  148. 10[22:03] * Anselm bellows haphazardly on every possible mode of communication, and charges forward towards the closest group of ranged combatants. He guns his jump pack and leaps over their cover...
  149. [22:05] <Anselm> ... And misses as they slide out from under his falling mass.
  150. [22:06] <antoine> The left and right of the door way a sudden bright light flashes and small groups five Eldar with heavy packs and oversized strange looking ranged weapons emerge from nowhere.
  151. [22:06] <antoine> of five*
  152. 10[22:09] * Bellerophon tries to dodge, badly
  153. 02[22:12] * Sinbad ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  154. 03[22:12] * Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  155. [22:16] <antoine> The new opponents fire a deadly gossamer shroud of monofilament thread that his Bellerophon but manages to do little.
  156. 02[22:17] * Sinbad ( Quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.8/20100722155716])
  157. 10[22:18] * Cadmus takes aim at one of the newly-arrived groups with the backpacks and lets fly with a stream of bolter rounds.
  158. 03[22:18] * Sinbad ( has joined #XenosHunters
  159. [22:19] <antoine> The ranged enemies batter Oeris with their shuriken round, cutting him deeply and covering the retreat of their fellows while Anselm barely holds back the furious blows assailing him.
  160. [22:20] <Anselm> "I will destroy you, filthy Eldar! I will destroy you all!"
  161. [22:21] <Cadmus> "Eat THAT, you dirty xenos!" Cadmus mocks as his rounds shred the eldar group.
  162. 03[22:21] * antoine changes topic to 'NPC, Sinbad, Belle, Anselm, NPC, Cadmus, Balmung, Oeris, Decimus, Patriclus, badtroopers'
  163. [22:23] <antoine> Balmung bellows an oath and charges the other group, cutting one of the warriors down.
  164. [22:24] <antoine> "Kill the xenos filth!" shouts the Watch Captain as he runs into combat with the furthest group of ranged combatants, followed by Decimus
  165. [22:25] <antoine> Oeris manages to take down one of the crafty Eldar but the others stay clear.
  166. [22:28] <antoine> Patriclus fires a blessed bolter, votive symbols hanging from its grip. The buckling weapon spews bolts at the middle group but a sudden flash of energy shows a shield of xenos manufacture coming from the plumed helmeted warrior. Only a single bolt makes it through to strike an Eldar warrior dead.
  167. [22:28] <Sinbad> "HAHA!  Good work, my friend!"
  168. [22:29] <antoine> The men Bellerophon was training charge into the room to form a rough battle line and add to the fire but it is off target and undisciplined.
  169. 10[22:31] * Bellerophon scowls at his useless scrubs
  170. [22:32] <antoine> Another strange Eldar emerges from cover, he carries a long blade and wears a robe, long enough to somehow summon a group of howling female warriors, they charge head-long into combat with Captain Oeris with the plumed helmeted warrior with the shield joining their charge.
  171. [22:35] <antoine> They slim yet sharp powerblades cut deep into Oeris armour, eliciting a grunt from the ultramarine.
  172. 10[22:37] * Sinbad roars with his screeching armor, and charges into the fray hands making quick, stabbing motions
  173. 10[22:42] * Bellerophon hunkers down with his heavy bolter, allowing his motion predictor to coordinate with his autosenses to ensure maximum killing potential as he fires at the new group attacking Oeris in melee
  174. [22:49] <antoine> Bellerophon manages to cut down a quarter of both the melee troops with their howling voxcasters dying to gurgles of pain and the ranged troops whose paper thin armour is quickly overcome.
  175. 10[22:50] * Anselm leaps once more, prioritizing for the Captain's sake, and lands howling in fury.
  176. [22:53] <antoine> Anselm cuts down two more of the melee experts, their slender bodies dropping to the ground at his feet.
  177. 10[23:04] * Cadmus changes his target to the leader that summoned the group of robed Eldar and lets fly.
  178. 03[23:06] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58_driving
  179. [23:12] <antoine> The female melee experts move with unnatural grace, their swords flitting from side to side. Only Anselm manages to keep them at bay with his finely trained sword-work Decimus and Oeris take several hits from the warrior women as the ranged warriors in combat withdraw from the fight to a safer distance. The Watch Captain is being worn down quickly by the multitude of strikes.
  180. 10[23:14] * Sinbad says a short phrase in a matter of fact tone
  181. 10[23:15] * Anselm dives before a flurry of blows, taking them for his honored Battle-Brother, and simply shrugs the resultant damage off.
  182. [23:16] <antoine> The two battle brothers take the blows the plumed helmeted warrior was going to land on Oeris, the finely crafted blade's gemstone flaring as it his sinbad.
  183. 10[23:17] * Sinbad crosses his arms in defiance at the xenos, and looks down in contempt and derision
  184. [23:17] <antoine> hits*
  185. [23:18] <antoine> The warp jumpers vanish leaving balmung in the open
  186. 10[23:19] * Balmung charges at the next group and starts attacking them
  187. [23:21] <antoine> Oeris drops Sinbads weapon to the ground and begins hacking with his powersword, killing two of the female warriors as he roars in laughter.
  188. 10[23:21] * Sinbad stares back, aghast
  189. [23:22] <Balmung> ++That's new++
  190. [23:22] <Sinbad> "W...w...what the hell?!"
  191. [23:22] <antoine> Decimus joins him, finishing off most of the female Eldar so only 2 remain to support the plumed helmeted warrior in blue and white.
  192. 10[23:22] * Sinbad says in an odd break in vernacular
  193. [23:24] <antoine> Patriclus charges forward, drawing bolt pistol and chainsword to assist balmung, applying further pressure to those warriors.
  194. [23:27] <antoine> The men that look like stormtroopers but tarnish that good name continue their atrocious shooting record.
  195. 10[23:29] * Sinbad yells something incomprehensible in any language, and attempts to grab a xenos
  196. [23:29] <antoine> The remaining warrior women flee from the marauding spacemarines.
  197. [23:29] <Balmung> "HA YOU FLEE LIKE THE WOMEN YOU ARE!"
  198. [23:29] <antoine> The plumed helmeted warrior gives a flourish with his weapon and prepares for his impending doom.
  199. 10[23:35] * Anselm cuts away into the warrior-priest's body with a fury unmatched, rending his body asunder and then some.
  200. [23:36] <Anselm> "Know me and know death! See the glorious black-white cross of the Knights Teutonic! I am Anselm, Lord of Silen, past-Squire to Falkner, Guard Master under the mighty Heront Klavier! I am death!"
  201. [23:37] <antoine> As the warriors broken body falls to the ground a shriek of "Ceiba-ny-shak" is heard "Foolish Mon-keigh!" comes from the robed warrior standing with the ranged warriors
  202. [23:37] <Balmung> "I AM NO MON-KEIGH WENCH!"
  203. [23:43] <antoine> Suddenly one of the warp jumpers appears next to the body of the fallen Exarch, he reaches for the Eldar's body...
  204. [23:45] <antoine> and takes a two gem stones from the warrior's body before vanishing once more in a flash of blue.
  205. [23:45] <Sinbad> "Nooooooooooooooo!"
  206. 10[23:45] * Balmung growls
  207. [23:46] <antoine> The robed warrior picks some stones or other detrius from the floor and casts her hands up in front of her before suddenly shrieking, "Shea nudh Asuryanish ereintha Asuryanat!"
  208. [23:48] <antoine> The symbols on her body flare brightly before she collapses to the ground, her fellows falling back to defend her fallen body.
  209. [23:52] <antoine> The ship shudders under the fire of the enemy ship, vox warning blare ++Roll to Port. Damn you! MY GUNS SHOULD HAVE FINISHED THAT BLASTED FLIMSY SHIP WITH THE FIRST SALVO!++
  210. 10[23:54] * Sinbad yells something to the Eldar
  211. [23:57] <antoine> "Kilithikadya!", one of the normal fighters shouts while pointing to Oeris.
  212. [23:57] <antoine> "Sha'eil!"
  213. Session Time: Sun Aug 07 00:00:00 2011
  214. [00:00] <antoine> Oeris stalks forward a low growl escaping his external vox. "Die Alien!"
  215. 03[00:00] * Derek58_driving is now known as Cadmus
  216. [00:00] <antoine> The ever silent Decimus follows in the charge
  217. [00:02] <antoine> They smash into the reformed Eldar lines, cutting down the helpless blue and white civilian warriors.
  218. [00:03] <antoine> Patriclus brings up his bolter firing into the lithe aliens.
  219. [00:03] <antoine> cutting one of them down with a crash.
  220. [00:05] <antoine> The apparently poorly trained guardsmen finally get a bead on the aliens now they are out of cover, dropping two more Eldar.
  221. 03[00:05] * Scoops is now known as Omniel
  222. [00:06] <antoine> The two reaming warrior women throw something at the wall behind the Eldar.
  223. [00:07] <antoine> two bright blue light flare before a fair portion of the wall is blown away
  224. 10[00:08] * Sinbad takes up his sword on the floor, pulls it from its scabbard, and flies into the reformed lines in a crash
  225. 10[00:12] * Sinbad lowers his sword as a two-handed lance, drops into a sprinter's position, and unleashes all possible power from his jump pack at level with the bulk of the Eldar column
  226. [00:12] <Sinbad> "AL-MALIK, GUIDE MY HATE, AND ALL MY LOVE!"
  227. [00:18] <antoine> Sinbad smashes into the re-formed enemy lines, breaking necks and snapping bones while he ends up with an Eldar body slid up half the length of his blade.
  228. 10[00:22] * Anselm emulates the Crusader in his brute-attack, and fires his jump pack forward, crashing into the Eldar.
  229. [00:25] <antoine> Close on his heels Anselm bowls over several more of the capricious aliens dying as his helm suddenly crashes into an exceptionally hard Eldar version of a breastplate, ringing the warriors ears inside his helm.
  230. [00:26] <antoine> The Eldar fallback through the gap blown behind them, taking their wounded and dead when possible, a few toss grenades at you as they retreat from cargo hold B.
  231. [00:31] <antoine> The same gossamer web explodes and catches Anselm as Sinbad dives to the side.
  232. 10[00:33] * Cadmus takes aim at the running xenos and riddles them with bolt shells.
  233. [00:33] <antoine> Cadmus manages to cut down more of the dying species' men and women while they flee.
  234. [00:35] <antoine> The ship shakes as macrocannon batteries finally begin to fire back at the no doubt agile enemy ship.
  235. 10[00:40] * Balmung snarls and launches himself at the fleeing xenos
  236. [00:41] <antoine> The harassment continues unabated, the space wolf pitching two more Eldar to the ground, their armour deeply rented by his power axe.
  237. [00:44] <antoine> Oeris pulls a frag grenade from his belt and tosses it at the breach
  238. [00:44] <antoine> He laughs as more of the flimsy eldar die from shrapnel. They bleed out on the deck floor.
  239. [00:45] <antoine> Decimus takes a defensive posture by the Watch Captain, expecting more Eldar tricks.
  240. 10[00:45] * Sinbad looks back with uncertainty at the Captain, as well as the Eldar scattered about
  241. [00:46] <antoine> Patriclus runs to catch up with Sinbad "My Lord they flee!" followed by the guardsmen whose natural impulse to follow Commissars and Officers kicks in.
  242. [00:48] <Sinbad> "Patriclus, we shall press chase!  Be wary of their devil-technology, these djinn-fey!  Reform and aid the other afflicted parts of the ship!"
  243. [00:48] <antoine> Patriclus stops for a moment before replying "No reports of Eldar anywhere else on the ship Sir."
  244. [00:49] <Sinbad> "Then provide fire support!  Throne bless!"
  245. 10[00:49] * Sinbad charges into a straggler Eldar
  246. 10[00:51] * Anselm growls, returns to his feet, and charges off in the direction the Eldar have taken.
  247. [00:55] <antoine> Anselm unshackles his rage upon the most hated enemy of the Knights Teutonic, slaying one after another of the blue and white devils.
  248. [00:56] <antoine> The Eldar run down the corridor to the right, they split up into lines on either side of the corridor, running behind one another and leaving a space between them in the middle of the corridor.
  249. 10[00:59] * Cadmus moves towards Captain Oeris as quickly as he can.
  250. [01:01] <Balmung> ++uh... Brothers....++
  251. [01:02] <Sinbad> ++Unf--y--hold sti--yes?!++
  252. [01:03] <Balmung> ++What?++
  253. [01:04] <antoine> Oeris turns as his quarry leaves his sight, "Ah, yes Apothecary, I am fine, a few applications of synthskin on my arm and I will recover in now time."
  254. [01:04] <antoine> no*
  255. [01:04] <Cadmus> "Let me be the judge of that, sir."
  256. [01:05] <Balmung> ++Sinbad what did you say you cut out and I found where the xenos came from++
  257. [01:05] <antoine> You hear a slightly higher pitch of weapons fire beyond the corridor.
  258. [01:05] <Cadmus> ++You should go after him, Balmung.++
  259. [01:06] <Balmung> ++I'm under heavy fire and pinned down++
  260. [01:07] <antoine> Patriclus continues his run and eventually meets up with Sinbad, his shorter legs propelling him forward at a much slower pace than what the jet pack equipped marines are able to pull off.
  261. [01:07] <Balmung> ++I'll try and do what I can++
  262. 10[01:12] * Anselm grunts in impatience and goes for the closest path.
  263. 10[01:15] * Cadmus moves to Oeris and gives him a quick scan before moving on to treating his wounds.
  264. [01:17] <antoine> Anselm's powerblade cuts through the barrel of the priceless xenos weapon before he cleaves its gunners in twain.
  265. [01:17] <Cadmus> "You are all set sir. Do you need treatment, Decimus?"
  266. [01:18] <antoine> The sound of tapping feet on the corridors to the left and right suddenly stop
  267. [01:18] <antoine> "I am fine apothecary" responds the laconic Decimus.
  268. 10[01:19] * Cadmus nods in understanding.
  269. [01:20] <antoine> ++Haha, score a glancing blow, she is falling back. Cowardly dogs.++ you heat the Captain announce on the vox.
  270. 10[01:20] * Sinbad stands up, and presents the xenos to Patriclus to examine the bonds as a second opinoin
  271. 10[01:21] * Anselm grumbles irritably as he walks the way back to the others.
  272. [01:22] <antoine> The Eldar struggles as Sinbad hold him in place.
  273. 10[01:23] * Balmung joins the others ++It seems they had a portal they used to board the ship++
  274. [01:23] <Cadmus> ++How did they force this ship out of the warp?++
  275. [01:24] <Balmung> ++Good question maybe we could ask Omniel when we arrives++
  276. [01:24] <antoine> The Cargo hold is littered with dead Eldar, their weapons lie broken or abandoned.
  277. 10[01:25] * Anselm reappears, with only his power sword in hand, fixated on the surviving Eldar.
  278. 10[01:26] * Anselm glances over to the dropped sword of Sinbad's forging, then back at the living alien.
  279. [01:27] <Anselm> "I think I know a more fitting fate for this one," he says.
  280. [01:28] <Sinbad> "Hold, Brother.  Begrudge me my prisoner."
  281. [01:28] <Cadmus> "I garuantee that the xenos will meet that fate, once it divulges it's secrets."
  282. [01:28] <Sinbad> "It shall meet its end sometime in the future, but should you value my honor against yours, hold for now."
  283. [01:28] <Anselm> "He is a disgusting alien. Not only that, he is of the very sworn foe!"
  284. 10[01:28] * Sinbad stands before Anselm, hands holding his elbows
  285. [01:28] <antoine> Patriclus takes the Eldars shackles while the jumpy 'stormtroopers' cover it with their hellguns.
  286. 10[01:29] * Anselm sheathes his power sword, and then removes his helmet and narrows his eyes at Sinbad.
  287. 10[01:29] * Anselm gnashes his teeth and then nods.
  288. [01:29] <Anselm> "I want to be the one to kill him, though."
  289. [01:29] <Sinbad> "I mean no disrespect, Brother, but begrudge me this for now.  I shall make due penance for association with it's...kind."
  290. [01:29] <Cadmus> "And you shall, Brother."
  291. 10[01:30] * Sinbad is silent, as he gathers up the bodies, placing weapons into two piles (functioning and non-functioning), and bodies in its own
  292. 10[01:30] * Cadmus lends sinbad a hand.
  293. 10[01:31] * Anselm crosses his arms, and steps over to the Captain and kneels.
  294. [01:31] <Anselm> "Are you alright, Brother-Captain?"
  295. [01:32] <antoine> "Fine Anselm" he motions towards the bodies, "A good distraction from all the Tyranid corpses I have been wading through recently."
  296. [01:33] <Cadmus> "Variation in the xenos one kills is good. Keeps one from getting borned."
  297. [01:33] <Sinbad> "Any dead Eldar is a good one.  ...And quite a bit here.  I've never seen so many in force before."
  298. [01:33] <Anselm> "No better foe to quench my blade than the sworn foe."
  299. [01:34] <Sinbad> "Brother Captain, you must truly be a force to them, for them to target you so!  You shall slay many of them, I wager!  It shall be glorious."
  300. [01:35] <antoine> "They don't make training servitors anywhere near as fast as these aliens it was a good extension of my combat training." He points to some training servitors that he was fighting before the eldar arrive, their bodies now leaking from shuriken puncture wounds.
  301. [01:35] <antoine> arrived*
  302. [01:36] <Balmung> "Indeed Captain"
  303. [01:37] <antoine> The Rogue Trader makes another announcement, ++5 hours for repairs and then re-entry to the warp. The Navigator tells me the currents are favorable and I do not wish to miss them.++
  304. [01:38] <Balmung> "Will you be assisting with the repairs Omniel?"
  305. 10[01:39] * Omniel pops onto the vox briefly. ++Of course, Brother. It is my regret that I could not assist in repelling the boarders.++
  306. [01:41] <Cadmus> ++WOuld you like my assistance Omniel? I've learned a decent amount about appeasing machine spirits, though not as much as you, of course.++
  307. 01[01:44] <Omniel> ++I appreciate the offer, but it will not be necessary, Brother. The damage is a mere trifle, and the ship's maintenance servitors are well-equipped for the task. It would be most helpful if any Xenos tech could be recovered intact, however.++
  308. 10[01:45] * Cadmus beings checking the bodies of the slain eldar once he and sinbad are done piline them together, scanning each one carefully as he attempts to uncover any interesting features or traits of their make up that would aid in combating them in the future.
  309. [01:50] <antoine> The Watch Captain head back to his Quarters "I have to re-sanctify my armour and apologize for its violation, you have my leave to be about your business Brothers."
  310. [01:50] <antoine> heads*
  311. [01:50] <Cadmus> ++Interesting, these Eldar have recently been in the Calixis Sector. There are chemicals on their armor home to only a specific world, but its name eludes me.++
  312. 10[01:50] * Sinbad does a short bow, and gathers the Eldar prisoner, and walks off with Patriclus
  313. [01:51] <Anselm> "Of course they've been in the Calixis Sector.
  314. [01:51] <Anselm> "Their craftworld is in the Halo Stars."
  315. [01:52] <Anselm> "Taunting my Chapter, menacing it... ruining what they can and mocking us..."
  316. [01:53] <Cadmus> "Well, we've certianly shown them up today."
  317. [01:56] <Balmung> "Yes "WE"
  318. 10[01:57] * Balmung returns to his quarters to clean his weapons
  319. 03[01:59] * Cadmus is now known as Derek58
  320. 02[02:02] * Balmung (Cromwell@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) Quit (Quit: Balmung)
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