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Oct 21st, 2016
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  1. Kaizo Trap Ending Guide:
  3. Ending #1: In the original animation, when the heroine looks at the manual, one image you see in the manual is of a mouse cursor clicking the key block. Click the key block yourself (after she inserts the key), and you'll find an annotation which takes you to the first ending. This is at 7:01 in the video.
  5. Ending #2: The key block appears again in the video for Ending #1, at the 2:14 mark. Click it again to access the second ending.
  7. Ending #3: At 6:10 of the Ending #2 video, there is an annotation on the right side of the screen. Click it to access the third ending.
  9. Maze: At 0:17 of the Ending #3 video, you'll see a series of numbers and letters on screen that begins with "48 65 61 76". Write down all of these numbers and letters. Then, find an online tool to convert HEX to ASCII and put the numbers into it. You'll get a code for Heaven, Earth, Fire, and Water. Write this down. You'll also get a series of 11 characters. Input these characters into a YouTube URL (after the "watch?v=" part), and that will take you to the first maze section.
  11. Ending #4: To solve the maze, it's mostly trial-and-error with finding the right doors. In the first maze video, click the top-right door at 0:06. In the fifth maze, the bottom-right at 0:09. In the second maze, the bottom-left at 0:08. In the fourth maze, the top-left at 0:03. In the third maze, the single annotation link at 0:03. This will take you to the fourth ending.
  13. Ending #5: Write down ALL of the code that appears in the Ending #4 video. If you can't be bothered, don't worry. One of the YouTube comments of the Ending #4 video has it down already, and you can just copy it. Specifically, you first need the block of code from the intro that begins with "206f6e65". Use your HEX to ASCII converter and you'll see that it is literally just the word "one" and "zero" repeated over and over again. Substitute in for numerals (i.e. Replace "one" with "1", and replace "zero" with "0"), and then you'll find that it links to various "trap" videos, as well as one link that is the real ending. Find it (it's labeled as "real ending"), and enter that URL into your browser. This will take you to the fifth and final ending.
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