Harvester Spiders

Aug 22nd, 2012
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  1. 7:43 PM - Mikel: Dat anticipation!
  2. 7:44 PM - Rarity_: last night we were discussing with some friends on why the brown recluse was named the brown recluse, which brought up the discussion of how many *dangerous* venomous spiders there are in America (two). How many in Scotland?
  3. 7:45 PM - Mikel: I'm sure theres actua quite a lot but due to there small size there pincers cannot pierce out skin so therefore are of no danger to humans but still carry many lethal toxins.
  4. 7:45 PM - Mikel: I think if i remember right haha
  5. 7:45 PM - Rarity_: sounds like Harvester spiders, we have those too
  6. 7:46 PM - Mikel: Cant get rid of image of a spider on a combine harvester with a straw hat on smoking a pipe now
  7. 7:46 PM - Rarity_: XD
  8. 7:47 PM - Mikel: No idea y hes harvesting corn but oh well harvester spiders gotta do what harvester spiders gotta do
  9. 7:47 PM - Mikel: He also has a rocking chair a wife and 2 kids
  10. 7:47 PM - Rarity_: and overalls
  11. 7:48 PM - Mikel: Yeah hes wearing blue overalls 8 black wellies and a checkerd shirt
  12. 7:48 PM - Mikel: His wife is wearing classic pink dress that wifes of cowboys would wear
  13. 7:49 PM - Mikel: One of his kids is wearing a baseball cap and chewing on some wheat
  14. 7:49 PM - Rarity_: his oldest son has a mouth full of chewing tobacco
  15. 7:49 PM - Mikel: Yeah thats it chewing tobacco
  16. 7:49 PM - Mikel: His daughter has a classic giant bow on her head
  17. 7:49 PM - Rarity_: his youngest is to be arranged married to a black widow..............OH FUCK.
  18. 7:50 PM - Mikel: Oh black widow the rival farmer who owns the other 10 acres next to Harvester spider
  19. 7:50 PM - Rarity_: haha
  20. 7:50 PM - Mikel: Theyve had a bitter rivalry for years
  21. 7:51 PM - Rarity_: who was also married four previous times and their spouse mysteriously died every time
  22. 7:52 PM - Mikel: Yeah everyone suspects she killed her four spouses but theres never been any evidence found
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