Chester Washburn - DoC Application

Jan 31st, 2016
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  4. Hiring and Recruiting Office
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  6. (((Requirements link:)))
  9. (((Application System link:)))
  12. First Name: Chester
  14. Last Name: Washburn
  16. ((Current Location (Real Life))): United States, New York
  18. ((How old are you?)): 20
  20. Why do you want to achieve this position? (100 Words): I would like to achieve a position as a doc officer as I have urged to get this position for months now or so but never really went and tried to get it until now. I feel this would be great opportunity to start something new in the town of Lakeside and do stuff for good rather then dealing with criminals day to day without having anything to do about it. Becoming part of the DOC would make a new life for me and focus on a lot more and keep me very busy throughout the week as I would always be there to help out.
  22. Why do you feel you deserve this position? (50 Words): I think I deserve this position because I am very dedicated and can easily listen to higher command as to what they need done of me. I think I will be able to stand out to other doc officers as I am very laid back and have good work ethic as some others may not have.
  24. What makes you more qualified over other applicants? (50 Words): I believe I am qualified over other applicants because I have had experience with EMS as well but resigned as I wanted to pursue things with the Lakeside DOC / Police Department. With the training I got from there I think I can become a great aspect / addition to DOC and can learn very fast the things that I need to within the department. 
  26. Do you possess any experience with another law enforcement department? (Rank/Commanding Officer): No I do not.
  28. Who are the current Wardens, and Head Lieutenants?: Bruce Bain / Warden McHogan & N/A ?
  30. Do you have the ability to communicate properly within the English language?: Yes
  32. ((Give us a brief description about yourself (100 words))): My real name is Codi Bezouka-Smith and I'm from the upstate NY area (2 hours or so away from the city). Grew up around baseball loving the St. Louis Cardinals and hating any New York team. I graduated high school in the year of 2014 and have only taken one semester at college this past year and plan on going back sometime. Not sure when as I am a bit focused on minimum wage work at the moment but hope to become a registered nurse some day. My grandfather has been a nurse ever since I could remember and wanted to follow in his footsteps for a while as I have grown up with my grandparents ever since i was born. 
  34. Give us a brief description about yourself (100 words): My name is Chester Washburn and I have come to Lakeside months ago (August 5th, 2015) to pursue a new life as I was living in poverty with my single mother as I never really met my father throughout my youth as he passed away when I was the age of 3. Coming to Lakeside I have hopes of becoming a bit more wealthy and being able to take care of myself and my mother / family here in Lakeside. I told myself when I moved here I had a good feeling about the place and what is about to come, I have come a long way but still have much more to succeed here.
  36. Are you a patient person?: Yes
  38. Are you able to work under stressful situations?: Yes
  40. Do you intend to eventually pursue a career in the Lakeside Sheriff's Office: Yes
  43. Declaration of Agreement
  45. By submitting this application to the LAKESIDE VALLEY DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS I, Chester Washburn, declare that all information contained herein is true and correct. I understand that a background check will be performed. I agree not to inquire about my application either accepted or denied unless instructed to do so. I have provided this information myself, under consent of my own. I agree to ALL terms and conditions as set out in any policy or manual and understand that I may be discharged at any time should command feel it is necessary. I also agree that my house(s) can be searched at anytime. I also agree that i will not sue law enforcement (or officials of law enforcement) while being in law enforcement myself.
  47. Signed - Chester Washburn
  49. Once you join the LAKESIDE VALLEY DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, you are considered to be part of a legal faction. At any time the Command Unit reserves the right to terminate your employment, as can you resign your position, as we are a legal faction. By submitting this application you agree that if you are ever no longer a member of the LAKESIDE VALLEY DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, you cannot use any information you obtained during your employment, either In-game ((or Out of Character)). ((You are required to follow all server rules and regulations (i.e Forums/Teamspeak/and In Game) disregarding such rules and regulations can result to harsh punishment by the Command Unit.))
  51. Do you agree to adhere and understand the above declaration?: Yes
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