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Universe, Black Hole Paradox, Multiverse

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Feb 7th, 2021
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  1. Universe Black Hole Paradox, Multiverse.
  3. I have the first few things possibly wrong
  5. Because the expansion of space is faster than light. Some light created during the big bang will take longer to arrive to the eye than the rest of the light that was created during the big bang. The big bang itself will blind us from seeing the rest.
  7. Some light will take longer than the age of the universe to get here.
  9. Or Longer than the perceived age of the universe. The light is farther away and the light hasn't reached our eye yet because of expansion.
  11. The light is farther away than it takes the light to arrive from the big bang to our eye for even sometime after.
  13. Some light is travelling away from us that we will never see.
  15. We are in a black hole. Scientist believe black holes stretch space faster than light and because of that the light can never escape. Light can never achieve escape velocity. The farthest light from within a black hole point of reference will never reach the eye yet assuming we are inside of it. And outside of it we never will. One other thing. The area of sky farthest away still has new stars that are being created and formed and we cannot see the light from them until longer than the age of the universe. Or until the current age of the universe has passed again.
  17. Light can never escape the single point itself. Light is bound to it and mirrored and reflected to infinity from every possible angle and position.. It makes a perfect ring and a perfect sphere inside the black hole it creates.
  19. When the light makes a perfect ring it is a physical mirror of itself. Look at the photo of light slowed down in a trap many billions of times. How it makes a perfect ring around a perfect sphere from a point of reference. Just like particles including the atom.
  21. A singularity is driving expansion. A black hole created by a Sun. Infinite from a point of reference. It is everywhere and in super position.
  23. The single point of everything is in every possible position and existing in every possible state at the same time. Light can't escape and there is no other point of reference outside it's own so it is everywhere and in every position. Existing in every possible state including spin and charge. Spin is a state of rotation. Direction of spin and charge is a state. Positive and Negative is Charge or lack of charge and a state. Electromagnetic North and South poles for example.
  25. This includes spin and charge and having no other point of reference means it is also every size from the smallest to the largest.
  27. There is no outside of the single point of everything because it is infinite. In super position. It is all point of reference and scale.
  29. Light wants to go straight and is wrapped up in a perfect ring to be a perfect mirror of itself. The fabric of space wraps perfectly around the inside sphere. It is mirrored and reflected from every possible angle. The single point is mirrored and reflected to infinity in every direction. The fabric is one piece. This is why light and sound and particles create waves. When a particle is trapped it vibrates and creates a wave. It wants to go straight. Round is the result of being in a black hole.
  31. Points of references. At one point it is pure light infinite in scope and at another the surface of a Sun or a lake of fire that is infinite. From an inverted point of reference a hypernova implosion looks like an explosion from within and will look like a big bang. Imagine yourself at this point of reference.
  33. First if you imploded with it and you were facing it you will see the most tremendous explosion followed by inflation because the explosion is so big. Then after that the pressure and density reach infinity causing expansion as entropy reaches maximum because of superposition. Mass must also reach infinity as it is infinite from a point of reference. Entropy is caused by the single point being in superposition. There is a big bang every instance in time. Some will happen infinitely long later. It is infinite and the core of a Sun is everywhere. Point of reference. A black hole is finite from one point of reference and infinite in another. All the space is removed and it is the Tiniest from one point of reference and the largest from another point of reference.
  35. The fabric of space is like an equilibrium created by a Star or Sun in a black hole. When you gain mass you flex and bend down the fabric of space closer to a Star or Sun that is in superposition. The fabric of space wraps around you and everything in your existence with any mass at all, for example this is includes particles. A point of reference from the other side will be the brightest light.
  37. Light is everywhere. It doesn't only think it is. Super position doesn't think it is in every position. It is in every position.
  39. Every single place and every point in time is all right here right now right where you are. Every single place at every point in time is right here right now right where you are at this time. That is the nature of a single point paradox. A singularity.
  41. At your point of reference you will always appear to be the same size no matter what even if you are travelling fast or near a massive object or both. Your brain always has to think this. For your brain always knows what size you are.
  43. Entanglement. I already explained a lot about it online.
  45. First Neutrinos, Neutrinos are lightly interacting particles that oscillate and have 3 flavors. Highly energy neutrinos seem to pass right through the earth.
  47. The neutrinos are so energetic and lightly interacting that when the fabric of space flexes under an object with mass, the neutrino oscillates or flips and rotates and then comes out the other side. It is simply not here at the same time. This is why it is lightly interacting.
  49. There would be many more detection's and interactions or a lot less if different.
  51. The neutrino floats in free space while not on the fabric and the neutrino oscillates to the other side of the fabric and back as it has freedom of movement and rotation to oscillate when not on the fabric or in other words it is off of the fabric for a short time. Everything else is stretched along with the fabric including light. The fabric also has two sides.
  53. Antimatter is Matter from a different time in our timeline. When the fabric of space wraps or folds around a single point the timelines are basically rubbing against each other. The Past and the Future and the right now. Don't forget about the other side where a sun exist. That is infinite in size and a single point in size. A fabric has two sides. Maybe stretched into a thin string in a black hole. A Big bang every instance creates another point of light that gets wrapped up into a perfect sphere and a perfect ring. Another string of light. Superposition causes it to wrap up.
  56. The perfect order is a single point. It is all back in perfect order. A single point of everything.
  58. There is nothing outside of it!
  60. Even the creation of a new universe or multiverse all happens inside of it.
  62. There are many you's and many me's. There are an infinite number of universes and an infinite number of timelines created from an infinite number of big bangs one each instance in time. The big bang took an infinite amount of time to happen and also only a single instance in time to happen including every amount of time in between to happen and because of superposition it did and didn't happen for it is in every possible state including big bang.
  64. I will be writing more in here. Not finished but i have the rest in my brain and mind.
  67. Planck length. The smallest available space a particle can fit in. Light takes the shortest amount of time to travel across a planck length. The universe is filled with them. Even empty space is something. No two things can occupy the same space in the universe. Same with the neutrino. I explained this above. For any object to move something else has to move at the same time for no two things can occupy the same space and empty space is something for i have a space to exist. Now the empty space had to move instantly just like any object for me to be there.
  70. Now entanglement. When we entangle particles and measure each one it is like the information didn't go through space and time and we already know the result. This is because it didn't. Entangled strings in the single point. In other words they are tangled up.
  72. Everything in your world is more or less entangled. Either strongly or weakly. This includes objects and people and everything else your world. You are entangled with everything else .You notice this more in particles because they are tiny and are effected more. You are made of particles.
  74. When you interact more with people and objects and things in your world you are more strongly entangled with them. When you interact less you are less strongly entangled with them. This is why two loved ones can both feel mutually close even when far away and they had no interaction with each other. This explains some coincidences. I am not going to say all. May explain some superstitious too. Weird phenomena.
  76. Free will still exist for this reason. Timelines. There is an infinite number of timelines created by a big bang every instance in time. When you make a choice such as move any body part any amount of space or direction and variation in between it splits the timelines and everything happens. Any action splits the timelines. Time moves forward from your point of reference always. The timelines splits when you make a choice. This does include sit on your butt or move, jog, or walk around things to.
  78. Next, how it relates to the brain and mind and how we think.
  80. Everything you would ever know, everything you would ever think. Everything you would ever hear, Everything you would ever feel and everything you see or notice from any sense that you have was all created in the single point of everything and exploded into existence. This includes your imagination.
  82. Another thing i thought recently. If something is in super position it is every time. It is in every position with every possible state at the same time. It has to be in a state of every time for super position to function. Motion takes time. Spin, rotation, charge. It is in every time. Time is variable across the universe depending on mass and velocity.
  84. Every single point in time is right now and every place is right here. Every time and place is right here right now.
  86. Super position could never exist and quantum computers could never work if this wasn't true.
  88. This is completely unfinished. Just some thoughts that may get your imagination going. I wrote this previously.
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