Walnut-Indifference Part I

Jan 22nd, 2014
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  1. >Hexferry didn't understand her. Looking over at Amata from across her seat at their dinner table, Hexferry didn't understand why such a beautiful and talented moth pony like her would lower herself to have the occupation of a maid.
  2. >Amata raising up her hoof to pick up her cup of coffee, and take a sip looked a little concerned as Hexferry continued to glare at her without end.
  3. >Setting down the coffee cup Amata then asked Hexferry with concerned in her voice "What is wrong?", and Hexferry responding in a clear voice to Amata question asked "Why do you choose to be a asked when your so talented Amata?".
  4. >Putting on a smile and laughing Amata then responded saying "Its a long story Hexy. Do you want to hear it?", and Hexferry nodding her head yes.
  5. >Then opening her mouth Hexferry said "Well it all begun when I was a filly..."
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